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NR 361 Week 6 Assignment Course Project Milestone 3 Poster Template

The Mindfulness App:

NR 361 Week 6 Assignment Course Project Milestone 3 Poster Template

“Daily guided mindfulness medication sessions for better sleep, relax, and focus” (Mindfulness, 2020).  It is designed for ages 4 and older who suffer from stress, anxiety, and depression.  It gives relaxation through meditation, calming sounds and music to help regain your focus and improve your mood.

The app is available for every platform {iPhone and Androids}

Included in the app is the following is a “5-day guided introduction to Mindfulness, guided and silent timed session from 3 to 30 minutes, reminders and statistics to stay focused on your practice, and a library filled with premium meditations” (Mindfulness, 2020).

There is a free version which gives you access to the above-mentioned features and there is a premium version that ranges from $4.99-$299.99 per item.  You can customize the app to your own needs.  It can be downloaded at google play and the apple store.

NR 361 Week 6 Assignment Course Project Milestone 3 Poster Template

NR 361 Week 6 Assignment Course Project Milestone 3 Poster Template

Evaluation #1: 

Interview patient on stress levels, “How are you feeling?”, “Do you feel more relaxed?”

Evaluation #2

Monitor blood pressure

Evaluation #3: 

 Review app log to see what patient has been doing


Varvogili, L., & Darvir, C. (2011). Stress Management Techniques: evidence-based procedures that 

reduce stress and promote health. Health Science Journal, 5(2), 74–89.


Stress Management 

mHealth Application



Name Kimberly Morton

Course NR361-10234

Session January 2020


Patient Joe Smith is 40 years old and is slightly overweight. 

diagnosed with pre-HTN at his last visit with it being 140/90

No comorbidities and no significant family history

Was told to start monitoring diet and exercise

Has a very stressful job

Recommended to begin stress management program  to reduce stress and lower blood pressure


 1. Information about the mHealth application: 

 helps remind you to take time out of your day to breathe and relax

“The app uses guided visual, audio, and physical exercises to help reduce stress” (The mindfulness app).

Helps user to sleep better, reduce stress, build resilience, and relax the body and mind

2. Safety guidelines for mHealth application: 

Not intended to replace professional care

Be sure to contact your healthcare provider if you are having thoughts of hurting yourself

Make sure to consult with a provider before starting exercise program

3. How to interpret and act on the information in the mHealth application:  

Review activity log

Identify what form of meditation is useful for the patient, increase activity

Has patient developed better copping skills when meet with stressful situations “All the techniques are not to lead a stress-free life, but to lead a stressful live with happiness and fun!-That even though life gives us stress, we need to look beyond it and what we can do to get ourselves to a state wherein we can continue to live in bliss in spite of the stress.” (Turaga, 2019).


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