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What is the best app for online classes?

Online classes have become a regular part of education since the arrival of Covid-19. When almost everything got shut down during the pandemic, students needed a platform to study at. That is when almost all institutes started using different apps for online classes. There are many applications that can help you take your online classes. But what is the best app for online classes? Choosing the best one can be a hefty task. In this blog post, we will talk about some of the best apps for online classes?

Why do we take online classes?

When the Covid-19 struck the world, almost everything got shut down. Schools, restaurants, even some businesses had to stop working. At that time, students needed a platform to learn. They could not go out to take classes, that is when institutes started online classes. They proved to be a success as you can stay at your home and study all your courses. It is great for those who had to travel long distances to study at their institute. Online classes offered lots of pros and cons. They are a great solution for those who can not or do not want to travel. 

What are the advantages of online classes?

Online classes proved to be a great opportunity for many people around the world. People took great advantage of it and even started their jobs and businesses. Online classes have a lot of advantages. Some of the most common one’s are:

  • Better flexibility 
  • Lower costs
  • New skills
  • Pacing options
  • Easy learning environment 

What are the disadvantages of online classes?

Online classes do not just offer pros, they have some cons as well. Some of the most common one’s are:

  • Time taking
  • Need proper management 
  • Can make you lazy

Where can we take online classes?

In physical classes, we had to go to our respective institutes to study. We had to get ready for school, travel some distance, go to school, learn, and come back home. But in the case of online classes, you do not even have to wash your face. You can be anywhere and take your class. But, where do you take online classes? Online classes are generally held on various applications according to the institute’s desire. There are lots of apps for taking online classes. What is the best app for online classes? Let’s take some of the best apps into account and see which one proves to be the best.


YouTube is one of the most used platforms in the whole world. It is one of the biggest video streaming platforms on the internet. It can be a very effective way of taking online classes. YouTube is free, has live streaming abilities, and you can even search for videos to learn on it. You can host a live call on YouTube using a laptop. There is no limit to a maximum number of students. The only con of this app is that you can not see the faces of your students nor talk to them. They can only use the live chat box to send messages.


Skype is a frequently used software that was developed by Microsoft and offers virtual online tutoring. It is completely free yet, it has a premium app that has some unique features. On the Skype app, you can chat, video call, and audio call with anyone around the world who has Skype. It is a great platform to take online classes. You can send a meeting link to your students, see their faces, share your screen, and talk to them without any issue. It is a great app for online learning.

Microsoft teams

Probably the most used application for online classes, Microsoft Teams is a virtual, cloud-based, online group chatting software that was developed by Microsoft company. During the Covid pandemic, most of the educational institutes choose Microsoft teams software for online classes. It was previously used for job meetings or other online meetings, but after the start of Corona, its audience increased. Covid 19 has helped lots of software companies especially online class-taking software companies touch heights. Microsoft Teams offers tons of different settings, features, and functionalities. You can share your screen, schedule different meetings, do audio or video calls, and many other functions. 

Zoom Cloud Meeting

The Zoom Cloud Meeting app might have had the best time in the pandemic. Before the pandemic, Zoom was not even among popular applications, but since the arrival of Covid, it got millions of new users from around the world. It lets you offer audio and video conferencing, live chats, webinars, and a very popular remote conferencing service. You can create your Zoom account, hold meetings, schedule them for later, or do other advanced settings in no time. Its easability has made it one of the best apps for online classes. One of the most unique features of Zoom is that it allows you to record your screen. You can record your online class and save it for later use. 

Team Viewer

Team Viewer is remote software that is free for Windows 10. It is a great application that lets you share Windows screen on mac OS and iOS screen on Windows. It is also compatible with Chrome OS. You can also use it for Android mobile phones. Team Viewer is a very safe and secure platform as it requires a meeting code and password to keep it confidential.

Conclusion: What is the best app for online classes?

There are many apps that you can use to take online classes and it is very hard to choose only one. Every single app is good in its own way and completes its purpose. You can use any of the above-mentioned apps for taking online classes as all of them are great apps. You should not search for: What is the best app for online classes? Just choose the one that suits you more. If you want someone to take your online class, then we can help you with that. Hire Writink services to take your online classes.

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