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Week 6 Assignment Professional Paper YH

Week 6 Assignment Professional Paper YH

Professional Paper 

This paper is a summary of the assigned article, REST: Break through to resilience. It has a huge impact on my future professional life as I will be performing my duties in the Emergency department and OPD. This will help me to  break my resilience habit which will hinder my work efficiency as as a nurse in OPD and Emergency department, there is a high need of getting rid of this behavior.

Assigned Article Summary 

The article highlights the need of a well-balanced sleep pattern for nurses and students in order to improve resilience and minimize burnout. Given that 40% of nurses suffer from burnout, which has an impact on patient care outcomes, evidence shows that improving sleep quality and utilizing the REST mnemonic as a strategy to balance sleep might help develop resilience. Resilient nurses and students may cope with adversity through good internal coping mechanisms. Friendships, exercise, soul, and transformational thought that leads to constructive action are all represented by the acronym REST (Rajamohan, Davis & Ader, 2020,p.55) . Incorporating a practical formula, such as REST, into the nursing curriculum can assist students in remembering the critical components of resilience. When contemplating REST deployment in a nursing program, collaboration is essential.

Rajamohan, Davis & Ader (2020) noted that “It is vital for nurses to recognize the emotions they feel when they face stressful situations in school, home, or work. Being aware of one’s true emotions is the first step to department building resilience” (p. 54). 

Week 6 Assignment Professional Paper YH

Maintaining a balanced sleeping schedule is essential for achieving high academic results; nevertheless, some sleeping habits might have a negative impact on sleep quality (Rajamohan, Davis & Ader, 2020, p.54). 

Impact of Assigned Article Content on Future Practice 

We can get a great help by applying the principles in this article,especially the REST theory. This will help us to break through the resilience cycle, which will be faced by ourselves in our duty in Outpatient war and we will be handling the emergency situations mostly. This type of duty demands a higher level of work-sleep hours balance as it will influence our work efficiency. We will be required to work continuously without any break in our working hours and there will be very short off-duty time between consecutive working hours. The method explained in the article i.e. REST is a great way to maintain sleep schedules ultimately leading to higher work efficiency and more energetic work hours resulting in positive patient outcomes.It can help us to achieve a greater ability to do day to day tasks and manage the outpatients department.


The article focuses on implementing REST for students by recommending that educators collaborate with counselors to improve students’ achievement. It addresses how nurses and students may utilize the REST mnemonic as a tool to build the resilience they will need to face difficulties throughout their nursing careers. Sleep is an essential component of mental performance, and sleep quality has been proven to influence. Learning to create a balanced sleeping schedule is essential for achieving high academic results; nevertheless, some sleeping habits might have a negative impact on sleep quality.


Rajamohan, S., Davis, C. R., & Ader, M. (2020). REST: Break through to resilience. Nursing50(8), 53–56. https://doi.org/10.1097/01.NURSE.0000684196.97792.03

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