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SOC 315 Week 4 Function of the EEOC

The Function of the EEOC

The EEOC’s primary capability is to maintain government regulations that make it unlawful for bosses to victimize work competitors and representatives because of their sex, race, age, inability, or identity. The more itemized capabilities inside the EEOC incorporate deterrent measures, for example, giving effort through authority direction, giving specialized help to organizations dealing with EEOC grievances, and schooling on EEOC consistency by making instructive assets and preparation phases. The EEOC is able to look into allegations of discrimination against an employer. In these circumstances, the EEOC should explore the charges and decide whether they have legitimacy. They will try to reach an agreement with the employer outside of court if they believe discrimination occurred. The EEOC has the option of suing in the event that a settlement cannot be reached. The EEOC chooses cases that can be strongly supported, and that will also have a significant impact on advancing its message to end workplace discrimination. As a result, the agency does not proceed with litigation in every case.

The story in the article concerns two male African Americans who were subjected to racial harassment at their place of employment. The racial slurs came from coworkers and a supervisor. The racial harassment also included graffiti and the public display of the Confederate flag to mock African American employees. Although the employees presented evidence of the harassment to upper management, the outcome was not as expected. The two African American employees were informed by human resources that their evidence was insufficient and the case would not be closed without further investigation. The two employees decided to contact the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) because they were dissatisfied with the decision made by human resources. Formerly the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has been made aware of the racial harassment, and they have taken over the case because it is against the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Across the nation, racial harassment is a serious crime. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) took over the case, and it became a legal matter. The absolute claim granted the African American workers $385 thousand in lost wages and the psychological and profound experience they needed to persevere.

SOC 315 Week 4 Function of the EEOC

This claim advances social change since it perfectly shows how much cash a business can lose by victimizing a specific race. This ought to be the first and only illustration for businesses that there are numerous individuals who might be waiting for a company to make a mistake and display racism. People will take advantage of anything that resembles a potential lawsuit because America is the land of opportunity. Additionally, this lawsuit will serve as a wake-up call for some businesses to demonstrate to their employees that they are covered by a group willing to assist them in their fight against discrimination. Additionally, this will provide those who were unaware of the EEOC with the opportunity to have someone to turn to in the event of a dispute like this one. I think that every lawsuit has the potential to alter society; Nevertheless, the change would not last long. Everyone pays attention and tries to act in the right way after something serious happens. However, once the issue is resolved, everything returns to normal, and no one remembers why they made the minor adjustment.

If I were a senior manager at this company, I would put all of my resentment aside to improve my company. I would ensure whoever is recruiting foundations checks, yet in addition, ensure that the orientation and race proportion is fair so everybody can be agreeable inside the organization and there’s a fair opportunity for everybody at advancement if conceivable. Additionally, I would ensure that I am treating everyone fairly by promoting a pay rate based on qualifications rather than race, and I would ensure that each employee will have the same amount of personal time off (PTO). In order to promote inclusion, I would ensure that every employee reads the policy before starting work and is aware that if a complaint of racial discrimination is made, the employee will be fired and may face legal action. Additionally, I’d check to see that customers entering the building aren’t racially profiling employees and vice versa. I would likewise advocate for this issue and show that my business was a great representation of racially oppressing another gathering, and we lost business and deals. If someone feels they are being racially profiled, I would also implement a budget that shows other employees how much money can be lost in a year. I would encourage others to consider everyone as a normal human being, regardless of race or color. The prevention of racial discrimination and the promotion of inclusion in the workplace should be topics of discussion among all parties. SOC 315 Week 4 Function of the EEOC.


Sacramento Paper Plant to Pay $385,000 to Settle EEOC Race Harassment Lawsuit. (2022). 


Sacramento Paper Plant to Pay $385,000 to Settle EEOC Race Harassment Lawsuit. (2022). 


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