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SOC 1150 Assignment 3 Decision Making With the Scientific Method


Conducting sociological research is a vital endeavor that allows us to gain accurate insights into various aspects of society. By developing research questions from diverse perspectives and employing the scientific method, we can obtain valuable information about the human experience and contribute to advancing sociological knowledge. 

The systematic application of the scientific method in sociological research supports existing theories and uncovers new findings in the field (Anderson & Taylor, 2020). In this essay, we will explore two scenarios where sociological research is employed to address pressing issues: workplace productivity in mixed-gender teams and bullying in a local school district. SOC 1150 Assignment 3 Decision Making With The Scientific Method

Scenario 1: Workplace Productivity and Gender Composition

Jessica, a sociologist, is dedicated to studying workplace culture at Company Y. Her research focuses on understanding the differences in productivity between mixed-gender teams and teams composed of members of the same gender.

Research Question: Does team performance differ between same-gender teams and mixed-gender teams?

Jessica’s research question delves into the impact of team composition on company performance, particularly examining whether diverse teams exhibit higher levels of efficiency in the workplace. Jessica must develop a comprehensive research design and review relevant literature to conduct her study. 

She can collect quantitative and qualitative data by distributing surveys and questionnaires among coworkers. These instruments will allow her to gather insights into employees’ perceptions of teamwork, cooperation, and productivity in their respective teams. Additionally, Jessica will analyze past studies on workplace diversity and the influence of gender on team performance. These studies will provide a foundation for her research at Company Y. 

SOC 1150 Assignment 3 Decision Making With The Scientific Method

Once Jessica has collected primary data and reviewed relevant literature, she can analyze the results. By examining the data patterns and identifying consistencies or discrepancies, she will better understand the relationship between gender composition and productivity. 

These findings can then be presented to the company’s supervisors, enabling evidence-based decision-making regarding team organization and collaboration. The information gathered through Jessica’s research can also be utilized to develop training programs to enhance employee efficiency and optimize teamwork.

Scenario 2: Bullying in a Local School District and School Policies

Working in the school administration office, Julius is tasked with designing a research study to investigate the increasing bullying incidents within the local school district. His research identifies if the strict school policies, which some students and parents perceive as unfair, contribute to the rise in bullying cases.

Research Question: What existing school policies, if any, are associated with increased bullying incidents within the district?

Julius’s research question explores the connection between perceived unfair school policies and the prevalence of bullying. By conducting sociological research, he aims to uncover any correlation between these policies and instances of bullying. 

Julius begins his research design by carefully considering the most appropriate data collection methods. Additionally, he conducts a thorough literature review, exploring past research on school policies and their impact on diverse family backgrounds within similar districts. This review helps Julius understand the context of the issue and guides his research approach.

SOC 1150 Assignment 3 Decision Making With The Scientific Method

To gather primary data, Julius develops interview questions and questionnaires for students, families, and faculty members within the school district. These instruments allow him to gain insights into stakeholders’ experiences, perceptions, and opinions regarding school policies and their potential influence on bullying incidents. Furthermore, Julius examines reports of bullying incidents within the district, analyzing their nature, frequency, and any patterns that may emerge.

Once Julius has collected the necessary data, he analyzes the findings. By comparing the qualitative and quantitative data from interviews, questionnaires, and incident reports, he aims to identify any relationships or trends between specific school policies and instances of bullying. 

The analysis enables him to present his findings to the district superintendent and relevant policy decision-makers. If his data reveals problematic policies contributing to bullying, Julius may advocate for changes or removal of such policies. Furthermore, he may choose to present his findings at a board meeting, providing the public with the information necessary to take action through voting if deemed appropriate. SOC 1150 Assignment 3 Decision Making With The Scientific Method

Summary and Conclusion

Conducting sociological research plays a crucial role in providing accurate information about societal issues. By following the steps of the sociological research process, researchers can obtain evidence-based results that facilitate problem-solving and contribute to positive changes in the world around us. 

Through sociological research, we can gain valuable insights that help us understand and improve the dynamics of various social contexts. The scenarios of workplace productivity and bullying in a local school district highlight the significance of sociological research in addressing pressing issues. In both cases, the scientific method allows researchers to gather and analyze data, enabling informed decision-making and potential policy changes to enhance productivity and create safer environments.


Andersen, M. L., & Taylor, H. F. (2020). SociologyThe essentials (10th ed.). Cengage. 

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