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SOC 102 Topic 3 Bureaucracy Essay

Bureaucracy Essay

At the point that teenagers reach the age of sixteen, it’s common for them to join the pool. Generally, they find themselves in the smallest position in a bureaucracy, as I did. I snappily entered the working world at the well-given association known as Juvenile- fil-a. Juvenile Fil- is a food assiduity most honored for its impeccable client service and Christian values. There I worked as a platoon member, where I worked in the drive-through, took orders at the register, and gutted the eatery’s dining room. It was “a type of formal association constituted to negotiate a specific thing, task, or product outgrowth in the most effective manner,” else known as a bureaucracy (Weber, 1947).

It comported of hierarchical situations, division of labor, written rules and records, and, indeed, in a Christian association, impersonality. Every bureaucracy consists of these characteristics, but it’s easier to see them when on the outside. Every business has situations of power. Hierarchical situations determine ranking within an association. While working at Chick-fil-a, I was in the smallest position on the structure. Since Juvenile- fil-a is a commercial association, there are further situations that I’ve experienced. For the sake of credibility, I’ll only bandy the situations of power within the position I worked at.

SOC 102 Topic 3 Bureaucracy Essay

The situations from bottom to top started with the platoon members. From there, a platoon member could come as a coach to new hires. Also, a coach could work their way up to a shift lead. Once a shift lead, the coming position would be to come a director. Above the directors is the general director, and at the top of the hierarchical situation is the proprietor of the eatery. Each position is important to the functionality of the business. In order for the proprietor to make a plutocrat, the platoon members need to do their part. Each position of the hierarchical aggregate is placed to separate different jobs to work with the most effectiveness.

Division of labor is important in a bureaucracy to produce a more effective and effective way to work. In my experience, while working at Chick-fil-a, I set up this division of labor to make our service brisk and our workload more manageable. Within the drive-thru, for case, work was resolved between a person who takes orders outdoors, someone who makes the drinks, another who bags the food, and a last person who adds gravies to the bag and hands out the food. Each may feel like a small and easy task, but when the line of buses is out of the parking lot, speed becomes precedence. Dividing each task helps each hand work briskly and be more accurate with each order.

SOC 102 Topic 3 Bureaucracy Essay

Just like every business, juvenile-fil-a had rules in place for each hand to follow. In a bureaucracy, hand text is frequently used. Juvenile-fil-a’s hand text is clear on how workers should present themselves. One illustration that some believe to be a myth is it’s a written rule that each hand must say “my pleasure.” As stated ahead, juvenile-fil-a is known for its remarkable client service. While some juvenile-file- workers may be as nice as they feel, others are just following the rules. It easily states in the text that workers must go over and beyond client prospects. Of course, these aren’t the only rules within the association. There are also rules against importunity and violence, like any other business.

While some rules may feel over the top, they’re put in place to give businesses clear guidelines for how they should operate. Juvenile- fil- a used their rules to produce a drinking and serving atmosphere for guests and workers likewise. While a system may work great, it’s still important for clear records to be kept. In my job, we had to subscribe in when we got to work and subscribe out once we were let off our shift. Subscribing in and out was important so each hand could be compensated for the time they worked. Careful records were kept of plutocrats in each register, so if any plutocrat was lost or stolen, it would be recorded.

SOC 102 Topic 3 Bureaucracy Essay

Workers working at the register for their shift had to subscribe to it, so if any miscalculations were made, it could be seen by whom it was made. The worker at the register was also responsible for the plutocrat in it, so if a plutocrat was missing from a register, that hand would be held responsible. Written communication and records are essential because verbal agreements can be forgotten or dismissed. For my job, if days were demanded off, one demanded to request it in the app we had. Having attestation of that agreement made it sanctioned. Indeed in a Christian association, bureaucracy can be impersonal. Rules can make it feel like regulations are more important than the person.

I mentioned ahead of that day, off demanded to be requested, so a director could deny a request. There was a time when I requested a day off for Hop, and my director tried to deny it. In that situation, it felt like they didn’t watch about me as a person. As a teenager, hop seems like a really important event, and missing it would be mischievous, so I was devastated that she wouldn’t work with me to find a result. To add to my former illustration, directors could be short and cold with their workers. A task would be given to us in rude ways rather than being asked politely to do a commodity. There were times when we were treated as inferior people.

SOC 102 Topic 3 Bureaucracy Essay

Although it may not have sounded fair to me, impersonality can help a business make smarter opinions. A bureaucracy consists of numerous different characteristics. It’s a formal association that works to complete a specific task in the most effective way. It’s put together by clear hierarchical situations of authority with the work assignments flowing over, a division of labor, written rules, written dispatches and records, and impersonality. Through my own job, I’ve educated each of these effects. I worked at the bottom of the hierarchical aggregate, which tutored me about bureaucracy in the real world. Although each trait of a bureaucracy is important to the effectiveness of a business, it’s important to find a healthy balance of each characteristic.


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