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SOC 102 Topic 2 Social Stratification

Social Stratification Analysis

Before jumping in, let’s define the social position. Social position is the way in which a society organizes itself so that individuals know their place or rank, also called their social position in society (Ballantine, J., 2017). In the United States, social position is fluently seen because of different classes. Where in third-world countries, it’s harder to see a social position in society because their classes an astronomically defined. There are six social position orders, commercial or elites, upper-middle-class, lower-middle-class, working class, working poor class, and underclass. An existent can change classes throughout their continuance. This essay will give a relative analysis of three different position systems, the class system, the estate system, and slavery. It’ll go over social mobility, as well as explain how individualities are sorted throughout the three different classes.

Part One

The first system is the class system. The class system is “a system that ranks people by their profitable position” (Ballantine, J., 2017). So basically, in the class system, the class of an existent is grounded on their accomplishments. The class system is known to have further mobility than other systems because it has further defined boundaries. People can move through classes fluently, but it all depends on how important a plutocrat you make. Still, indeed though economics contribute to the sorting of individualities within the system, There are also non-economic ways to put people into these classes as well.

SOC 102 Topic 2 Social Stratification

The alternate system is the estate system. The estate system is more generally known in third-world countries because it’s a positioning system grounded on placement that has been affected by your family’s status (Ballantine, J., 2017). As an illustration, the estate that you’re born into is the bone that you’ll be in ever, no matter how important plutocrats you make. Within this certain system, there are colorful rules. The estate system is also an illustration of poor social mobility because of how strict they’re with your original class. But in the last many times, the estate system has loosened slightly due to modernization within the world and specifically in certain societies.

The third and final system is slavery. Slavery is when an existent is held in a state of thrall. Numerous societies suppose that slavery is behind us. Still, this is untrue. Slavery is a big part of ultramodern- day society, just to name one sex trafficking. Coitus trafficking is a form of ultramodern- day slavery because the individuals are held against their will and forced to perform a certain way, all with their lives on the line. This would be considered inequality since their bodies were being used without concurrence. The slaves are used in any way the proprietor wishes, and the individuals have no chance of escape.

SOC 102 Topic 2 Social Stratification

When it comes to freedom within a social system, slavery is the most grueling class to escape from. In a social position analysis done on the three different classes bandied over, different kinds of social mobility are a commodity you can find in each one. Without social mobility, people would not have an occasion to move through the classes. As mentioned over, the one class system that keeps you from fluently transitioning within society is slavery due to the fact that you are basically possessed by another mortal being. Still, in the utmost of the other classes, social mobility is a commodity that isn’t always assured but can generally be earned.

Part Two

In this section, we will be comparing males and ladies by race, class, and education. The main thing to look at in education differences between manly and ladies is the success rate grounded on the scale. According to the United States Department of Education and the National Center for Education Statistics (2017), “across ethnical/ ethnical groups, ladies admit further undergraduate degrees and instruments than manly scholars in time 2013 – 14”. This statistic shows the scale rate was more advanced for ladies than it was for males. But the pay difference between women and men in the pool has yet to be balanced in American society.

Some women move up in class situations by marrying males in an advanced class. It’s easier for men to move up in classes in society through earned status than it is for women. So indeed though further women graduate from the council, men are statistically proven to have advanced pay and advanced places within the pool. Women are working harder to earn degrees, yet men still have further social power and make further plutocrats. In 2020, median ménage income varied vastly by race and race Race/race of Household Head- 2019 Median Household Income (2020 bones) 2020 Median Household Income (2020 bones) All races $ 69,560-$ 67,521, Asian$ 99,400-$ 94,903, White, not Hispanic$ 77,007-$ 74,912, Hispanic (any race) $ 56,814-$ 55,321, Black$ 46,005-$ 45,870.

SOC 102 Topic 2 Social Stratification

There’s a large quantum of hires made grounded on people’s race or gender. Asians made the loftiest rate of income at$ 94,903. This race has the loftiest stipend, and women are bringing in less, which is as anticipated. After looking at the map in Our Social World, it’s easy to see, when comparing the income rates of Caucasians, African Americans, and Hispanics/ Latinos, that the pay envelope gap between manly and ladies is still substantial. According to the map that was anatomized, Caucasian were making$ 74,912. For African Americans, males brought in about 3,000 further than ladies, and eventually, Hispanic males brought in nearly$ 2,000 further than ladies.

So, although it may feel that men aren’t making that much further plutocrats than women per time, it’s also necessary that the total quantum earned is looked at as well (Peterson Foundation, 2021). The gender/ race order was the bone that this author noticed the largest social position with the Caucasian joker since they have a strong social construct within society. For illustration, if there’s a company looking to fill a position, they frequently will assume a Caucasian joker to fill the position most sufficiently.

SOC 102 Topic 2 Social Stratification

This is because American society has socially constructed the belief that the white joker is what’s stylish for business. Different businesses within different classes of people are looking for certain types of workers. A company that caters to high-class guests is going to look for a worker of the same class because that’s simply the “norm.” More frequently than not, if a man and a woman are applying for the same job, the man will be the first choice for the job because they are generally allowed off as smarter, harder workers and better in business.

In conclusion, social position is what makes up every society. There are different contributing factors in all of the main social position systems that can lead to much further knowledge of how the systems function. To compare men and women, race, social class, and education, we can easily see that there’s a pay envelope gap issue that needs to be fixed within society. Overall, there isn’t enough social mobility for an individual to move comfortably from all the different classes in different societies.



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