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SOC 102 Topic 1 Theoretical Perspectives in Sociology

Theoretical Perspectives in Sociology

Sociology is the study of mortal groups gests. The way different groups act and bear is frequently seen from the sociological perspective. The sociological perspective can be seen as the reason why humans carry themselves else in a group setting rather than an individual setting. Sociological perspectives relate to many propositions; structural functionalism, conflict proposition, and emblematic interactions. The wisdom of sociology uses numerous propositions, including structural functionalism. Structural functionalism is a proposition that “society is a complex system whose corridors work together to promote solidarity and stability” (LibreText, 2020).

Principally, structural functionalism is the proposition that views society as a complete unit; there are different corridors that generally makeup one society. This is the proposition that I sociologically view the world in. A great illustration is the political structure of the nation. The government is made up of numerous places specifically legislated to profit its citizens. In addition, the government may pass laws that also force them to interact with the education or profitable structure. All by each, society is erected upon the recreating conduct of others. Through particular experiences, like grocery shopping or indeed dining at cafes, workers tend to move as one.

SOC 102 Topic 1 Theoretical Perspectives in Sociology

In my day-to-day life, I depend on others, eventually bringing me structure. When out grocery shopping, I calculate on other citizens to keep their masks on and for the store workers to directly check me out. In a simpler way, the citizens I encounter in society help run the system easily. Another sociological proposition is the conflict proposition. Conflict proposition is tone-explicatory; it’s a proposition that sees society as a no way ending battle between colorful groups; there’s the constant change between groups fighting for power. In conflict proposition, these groups suffer a “competition over scarce coffers” (Marx, 1975).

This proposition is deduced from the ideas of Karl Marx, who believed that “society is a dynamic reality constantly witnessing change driven by class conflict” 1975). An illustration is the Black Lives Matter movement; political activists are constantly protesting for the innocent lives taken by police brutality. Contrary to structural functionalism, conflict proposition doesn’t have societal stability. The reason why I don’t see society from a conflict proposition perspective is that I don’t suppose the nation is under constant change. Yes, groups are always in competition within who has the most power, like white racialists vs. Black Lives Matter. Still, there hasn’t been any change.

SOC 102 Topic 1 Theoretical Perspectives in Sociology

The battles going on against the nation have been in place for times. For illustration, the civil rights movement has been going on for centuries, with veritably little change. Rather than change, citizens have learned to manage certain situations. Rather than justice for police brutality victims, numerous citizens have accommodated factors that may help it. Formerly again falling into structural functionalism, if everyone does their part, society is as stabilized as it can be. Unlike structural functionalism, emblematic interaction looks at society as being erected on a collection of connections that eventually creates harmony (LibreText, 2020).

This proposition is eventually what separates humans from creatures. Creatures have relations analogous to humans; of course, still, humans have the capability of responding in different ways. The crucial word is a symbol; through symbols, humans are suitable to communicate. In 1902, Charles Horton Cooley developed the looking-glass tone. The looking-glass tone is the term Cooley associated with the capability to suppose how other people will perceive us (1902). The capability to be suitable to understand what others are allowing is a simpler description.

SOC 102 Topic 1 Theoretical Perspectives in Sociology

For illustration, being suitable to hear a word like ‘auto’ and having the capability to picture exactly what the speaker is pertaining to. Not only does this proposition allow people to perceive others, but for them to perceive themselves. Unlike structural functionalism and conflict proposition, emblematic interaction is grounded on individualities rather than society as a whole. I’m wedged between seeing society from a structural-functionalism perspective and an emblematic interaction perspective. For illustration, some may see police colophons as a symbol and suppose authority; still others may see police colophons and suppose the contrary.

The people that see police colophons and suppose authority are more likely to follow whatever the law enforcement officer says. Still, the people who suppose the contrary and warrant combined delineations will throw off societal harmony. This is exactly what I see passing in society; numerous citizens have different opinions and don’t see eye to eye, which leads to conflict. A perfect illustration was Trump’s administration. Numerous people agreed and dissented with Trump being chairman.

SOC 102 Topic 1 Theoretical Perspectives in Sociology

Still, when Trump lost the presidential election, numerous of his sympathizers caused annihilation and broke into the statehouse structure, and threw off societal harmony. As expressed, mortal commerce is what makes sociology. Humans have the capability to change their actions grounded on their surroundings. Sociologically, there are different ways to view the world. I’ve come to the consummation that I view society from a structural performing and emblematic commerce perspective.


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