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SOC 100 Week 4 Uncovering Betrayal and Inequality in Fertility Clinics

Uncovering Betrayal and Inequality in Fertility Clinics

Include a summary of the plot and the setting of the show or movie you chose to describe.

The Netflix film titled “Our Father” compelled me to write about the show. The main characters in the story are the children of Dr. Donald Cline, an Indianapolis fertility specialist who used artificial insemination to conceive dozens of women between the 1970s and 1980s secretly. Is it not sick? There are those who would disagree that it was the Lord’s work!

An Indiana lady, Jacoba Ballard, was provoked to take a 23 and Me DNA test in the wake of making a frightening disclosure was interested in why she appeared to be unique from her kin, so she led an at-home DNA test. She initially discovered, to her surprise, at least seven of her siblings who lived within 25 miles of her. Donald Cline, a fertility specialist who had been artificially inseminating his patients with his own sperm without their consent or knowledge, was their biological father. Until Donald Cline’s children with his wife confirmed some details, jokes about it were quickly dismissed before it was discovered that it was the fertility specialist the siblings found.

Give at least two specific instances of social inequality that you have observed. Which social norms or structures might have been to blame for these disparities?

Patients of Cline were informed that they were receiving donor sperm, and the doctor was known for giving women “fresh” sperm rather than frozen sperm. Cline counseled his patients not to reveal their method of birth to their children. A portion of the women that went to Cline had their accomplice/companion sperm, and he disposed of it and utilized his own. When this mystery was out, it devasted the ladies. However, much more so the accomplice/spouse that accepted they fathered their own kid/youngsters.

SOC 100 Week 4 Uncovering Betrayal and Inequality in Fertility Clinics

When Cline used his own sperm to conceive his patients, he thought he was doing something miraculous. He told Jacoba, the daughter who discovered the secret, not to reveal it to the public in order to damage his marriage and reputation, and he had no remorse once he was caught. The nerve of him.

Social Inequality in the Media Paper Describes the theoretical perspective you used to explain social inequalities, such as functionalism, conflict theory, or symbolic interactionism. Please explain why you chose this point of view.

Jacoba carried this misbehavior to the state and news station, yet no one would explore this. Her story was reported on by one news station. At the time, there was no such law against this in Indiana. He was accused of lying to the state that he used his sperm to conceive his patients rather than impregnating his own patients. Over one hundred siblings of Cline have been born since the story was first published.

Netflix is currently being sued by some of the siblings for disclosing their secrets. They wanted to remain anonymous, but due to the film’s production, they were compelled to reveal this filthy secret to others. Since I would prefer to avoid incest, I would hope they would want this secret shared with over one hundred siblings. One sibling had Cline as her obstetrician and father. Imagine exploring parts of your restricted area while knowing that your father was your OBGYN. That betrayal never left me, and he was aware of it!

Depict the associations between the social definition of class, race, and orientation you saw in the show or film and the manners in which it addresses the disparity in our general public.

Because he was a white male and people in the community praised him and believed he did the works of God, Cline was able to get away with this. I call it a white supremacist committing a heinous crime that gets away with it. I can guarantee that the outcomes would be different if he were of a different color. Patients were taken advantage of by a fertility specialist. But how could it not be sexual, he argued? He discharged in a cup while his patients lay in an office hanging tight with their legs spread for a giver example, which was his. To obtain a specimen, he had to sexually assault his patients. An unadulterated beast, “Our Dad.” SOC 100 Week 4 Uncovering Betrayal and Inequality in Fertility Clinics.

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