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SOC 100 Topic 3 The Effects of Global Stratification

The Goods of Global Position

The goods of global position are plain to perceive in ultramodern life. We see it every day, from Chinese social media operations collecting data from the United States to Russian advertisements impacting choices in the United States. The ramifications of global position were on full display in the 2016 election, which was one of the most nearly queried in American history. When the vulnerabilities and difference in a country’s requests are exposed due to global position, it might have the effect of dissolving the country’s unique culture.Cultural and population divisions have passed in utmost countries as a result of global position.

Paul Chan, Hong Kong’s fiscal clerk, reportedly remarked that if” Hong Kong sneezes,” the United States will feel the goods on our original interests( Global Times, 2020). This is an illustration of global position because any change in Hong Kong will have impacts in the United States. Microsoft is an illustration of an association whose culture has been affected by global position. During Microsoft’s antitrust disagreement in 2001, the U.S. request suffered as enterprise grew that the company would no longer support third- party desktop icons (Fixmer,). Due to the obsession of numerous Americans with fiscal requests, the antitrust case had a ruinous effect on the stock request, which didn’t begin to recover until 2015.

SOC 100 Topic 3 The Effects of Global Stratification

While this script exemplifies the downsides of global position, it’s important to note that it’s not without its benefits. China has achieved some of the world’s most positive exemplifications of social position. Global position and foreign influence have helped China’s massive millennial population bring Chinese society, culture, and technology into the contemporary period. China’s millennial population has surpassed that of the United States and Canada put together.This has allowed China to not only” update” itself and its culture, but also to catch some of the world’s most advanced countries within the last two decades.

According to Duan, the rapid-fire development of China’s frugality and society has rebounded in a deluge of data, but there’s still important space for enhancement in China’s policymaking and business operations in terms of making good use of data, securing data, esteeming data sequestration, and balancing interests and ethics, as a result of this formative kind of global position, the current generation of Chinese has been suitable to catch up to the norms set by their forbearers (2022). China and the United States give another illustration of the dangerous goods of global position. Because of the current COVID- 19 outbreak, there has been a lot of counter reaction and enmity directed at China. This was backed by rumors that the Chinese government was snooping in American politics.

SOC 100 Topic 3 The Effects of Global Stratification

Some of these effects have been done, but the wide counter reaction against the Chinese has led to further overt acts of partisanship and stereotyping against people of Asian appearance. It’s delicate to identify a clear winner when comparing the” winners” and” disasters” of global stratification. However, also everyone benefits from the If the position is constructive. Improve relations between the two groups. Like a cutter with two blades, this works both ways. No bone benefits from negative position because any action that harms one group’s character contemporaneously damages the character of the other group. There’s no final victor and no real clunker.


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