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PSYCH 614 Week 2 Social Conditioning Reflection Blog

Social Conditioning Reflection Blog

Middleman, deliverer, zany, goat, and numerous other terms are some places or actions we constantly condition ourselves into because of how others perceive us. At some point in our lives, we’ve heard others describe us in these ways, or we’ve told ourselves like this due to heuristics, particular impulses, actions, and stations we’ve shown throughout our lives. For illustration, people have used terms to describe me as hardworking, perfectionist, middleman, dependable, etc. These markers have led to places like being the illustration in the family or the middleman/ deliverer in the family.

Numerous incidents have led to being the one everyone compares themselves or others to. I believe it started around my teenage times because I was veritably tone-reliant and infrequently made miscalculations in life. I was a great pupil, did as my parents asked, rarely got in trouble, and if I did, was commodity insignificant. These incidents began to label me as a part model in numerous situations. My grandmother would say, “It is like you’re the aged family, though you’re youthful. ” My family and I are only 14 months piecemeal, him being the oldest. I suppose no one incident led to this marker or part they’ve given me, but numerous preconceived sundries have happed leading up to these markers. I’ve always been good at the academy from as early as I can flashback. 

There was a time in fifth grade when I got a D on my report card, which was predicated. My parents had told me they were dissatisfied with me and anticipated this from others but not me. This led to unborn times when I got a bad grade on a test and would freak out. This leads me to be a perfectionist. I couldn’t get anything lower than a B for me to be satisfied so that way I would not be a disappointment or fail prospects. I had taken this part in nearly every aspect of my life. I’m constantly the bone that my mama or grandmother compares others to. I don’t believe there’s any way for me to overcome these situations in the future. I’ve expressed how these titles and places make me burnt out and that the need to be perfect can be too important.

PSYCH 614 Week 2 Social Conditioning Reflection Blog

We’ve learned about heuristics in this class so far, and they’re commodities I feel like I use frequently. Heuristics frequently be when you’re faced with too important information, limited decision-making time, and insignificant opinions, little information is given to make a decision, or when a heuristic comes to mind to make that decision( Schaedig, 2020). In this case, the representativeness heuristic stands out when making opinions. I’m less likely to make opinions if knowing the probability of failure is high. This heuristic has also come from trial and error because when I’ve failed at commodity, I know what to announce and not to do. These effects tend to make me suppose further about my opinions.

These incidents that lead me to the part of the part model also lead me to become the middleman and deliverer in my family. I’ve always made opinions that made me comfortable after watching my family struggle in numerous aspects. My family was diagnosed with bipolar when he was 13, and a lot was going on then. When he and my mama would fight, I would have to be the one to step by and intervene in the discussion. I still get calls to this day asking for advice about life or how to go about situations within the family. I’ve to talk to all parties to intervene in how to go about this situation. This is also a commodity I’ve noticed with musketeers. 

They always come to me for advice about the effects that be on their lives. Last week we talked about schemas, and this can be connected to that conception. People suppose I’m a great listener and I like hearing all points of view. I tend to avoid jumping to conclusions when others need help or advice. These schemas have made heuristics in my mind that make it easy to make these opinions to help and bandy. The heuristics made because of these scripts are anchoring and adaptation, familiarity, and vacuity.

PSYCH 614 Week 2 Social Conditioning Reflection Blog

I’ve also used these heuristics when given the part of the deliverer. When anyone in my family is having an issue, I’ve to be the one to help. Since I was a teenager, fiscal issues have led me to decide to be tone-reliant and financially stable. This has led me to be someone my family meets when having issues with plutocrats. I’ve eventually been suitable to spot when these incidents have started to come about and use these developed heuristics to try and part myself from these scripts. I’ve learned from these incidents when to make opinions when to help or step back. 

This means it takes a lot of work to make. These markers and places have led to numerous preconceived sundries that I’m always going to help, but recently, I’ve been feeling shamefaced when I say I can not help due to putting myself first. Hopefully, as times go on, these gests lead to tone confidence and learning how to make new heuristics and tone- schemas.


Schaedig, D. (2020, August 24). What are heuristics? Heuristics: Definition, Examples, and How They Work | Simply Psychology. Retrieved June 6, 2022, from 


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