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PSY 368 Topic 5 History & Organization of Sport

History & Organization of Sport

Sport has the capability to produce important and positive change in the world in numerous aspects of social life. One of the major goods sports has on society is the development and concinnity of communities. Sports sociology is the study of the impact and places in varying societies. As a part of this field of exploration, the functionalist, conflict, interactions, and feminist propositions have been developed (Group 2020). Each idea is concentrated on the donation of sport to social construction, dependent on the individualities involved.

Michael Jordan

A major donation to sports history has been shaped by former professional basketball player Michael Jordan. Not only did he change the world of sports, but he continues to have a frequency in the business and development aspect as well. As far as a shift in culture, one of the utmost observable exemplifications can be seen with the advancements and evolvement girding the Jordan brand. Beginning in 1997, the Jordan brand, in collaboration with Nike, was incontinently backed by other elite basketball players, Vin Baker, Derek Anderson, Eddie Jones, Michael Finley, and Ray Allen (Crawford, 1999).

PSY 368 Topic 5 History & Organization of Sport

During this time, wearing Jordans was a way to find similarities between people and establish new connections on and off the court. As the brand grew, it came current in the football and baseball world, starting with Randy Moss and Derek Jeter. This created an advanced position of exposure and came indeed more influential in society. The heritage of the Jordan totem still holds value moment and creates a sense of family and “loot” in numerous individuals that love and wear the brand. The part of the sport in society is clear- establish physically fit communities in a healthy and competitive way.

Still, politics and high-profile business numbers have seen their way into the world of sports, leading to an increase in corruption, felonious acts, lack of ethics, demarcation, and fiscal mismanagement (Wagstaff, 2018). Specifically, organizational culture has had a major influence on the Olympic Games in relation to gift development and organizational functioning. Within organizational sport psychology, there are four focuses- feelings and stations, stress and good, organizational gests, and high-performance surroundings (Fletcher & Arnold, 2011).

PSY 368 Topic 5 History & Organization of Sport

These factors have been the focus of recent exploration girding artistic sports psychology and aim to promote mindfulness around the sins within sports society on a global position. In a study fastening on ideal features demanded an athlete’s autonomy and success, the following was supposed to be necessary inclusive openings in a probative training community, part models, coherent organizational culture, outside factor integration( academy, family, etc.), long-term development focus, and thing support (Henriksen et al., 2015).

Sport Governance

Sports governance is classified as hierarchical tone- governance due to the traits of autonomy and scale involved (Houlihan & Malcolm, 2015). This is important to have enforced as it gives an association a clear purpose and separation of state and sport. The principles and programs set help to identify the vision and platoon approach, like a training plan. This conception also assists in the recognition of areas of weakness so advancements can be made in response. By having proper sports governance in place, opinions can be made effective and in the stylish interest of the platoon and individualities involved.


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