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PSY 352 Topic 5 Biomedical vs. Biomedical Model Essay


The understanding of health and heartiness enterprises has evolved and bettered dramatically in the last 300 times. As suppositions regarding the development of pain and illness circulated, the biomedical system began to gain traction amongst croakers and healthcare providers likewise. Although the model has been employed in drugs for a long time, a new model has been offered that may be a superior approach to current norms. This essay will further bandy these models, including their hypothetical how effective they’re in exploration and their strengths and failings.

The Biomedical Model

The biomedical model is considered the dominant view of healthcare providers 300 times. It assumes that health is on a continuum and diseases are the derivations of a disturbance in physiological processes. Also, the model assumes the mind and body are separate realities (Sarafino & Smith, 2017). This model embraces reductionism, assuming complaint stems from a divagation from an existent’s natural/ physical morals. The biomedical model is applicable in the environment of complaint-grounded illness and is most effective in the treatment of predictable acute ails( i.e., bacterial infections)( Engel, 1977).

PSY 352 Topic 5 Biomedical vs. Biomedical Model Essay

Before the biomedical model was suitable to address infection conditions, the leading causes of death were tuberculosis, pneumonia, and influenza (Luensmann, 2004). Despite the successful treatment of said affections, the model acts downsides. One problem is that it can’t explain why pain might persist indeed after towel damage is no longer present (habitual pain) or clinical marvels like phantom pain. Likewise, it doesn’t take into account symptoms that have no beginning natural explanation, largely banning them( Engel, 1977).

The Biopsychosocial Model

George Engel argued that in order to adequately help cases, clinicians must regard the natural, cerebral, and social confines of illness contemporaneously (Engel, 1977). His model would come to be known as the biopsychosocial model, which extensively differed from the biomedical model. In discrepancy with the biomedical model, it aims for a further holistic approach by admitting that each case has its own ideas, feelings, and background. Any one factor is not sufficient; rather, the interplay between an existent’s biology, psychology, and social/ artistic environment determines the course of health-related issues (Sarafino & Smith).

PSY 352 Topic 5 Biomedical vs. Biomedical Model Essay

It proposes a dynamic and interactional collective influence of mind and body. Hourly, what affects the mind will also affect the body, and vice versa. According to this model, an existent’s physical state isn’t determined by their situations of heartiness or illness but rather an admixture of natural, physiological, and social influences. ( Engel, 1977). Under this model, the leading causes of death are habitual conditions directly related to life choices, similar to heart complaints, cancer, and lung complaint (Luensmann, 2004).


The natural influences on an existent’s health may relate to their inheritable makeup, in addition to characteristics passed down from their parents. Also, it accounts for oneness in the structure and function of an existent’s physiology (Sarafino & Smith, 2017). It isn’t uncommon for a complaint to be passed down if an existent is biologically fitted due to genetics. Likewise, the terrain in which an individual resides significantly impacts how their inheritable makeup is expressed. Anyhow of predilection, if the body’s systems are operating efficiently, also the complaint may not indeed present itself (Sarafino & Smith, 2017).


This element seeks to explain a particular symptom, or a cluster of symptoms, in the environment of cerebral influences. There is a wide range of possible cerebral influences. The main bones include cognition, emotion, and provocation (Sarafino & Smith, 2017). Cognition encompasses anything related to an existent’s internal processes, similar to perception, literacy, and memory. The manner in which an individual perceives their health in the environment of life could drastically alter their actions and habits. Albeit private, emotion refers to passions that affect an existent’s studies, gests, and physiology, and vice versa. Feelings and health-related ails are directly identified with each other.

PSY 352 Topic 5 Biomedical vs. Biomedical Model Essay

For case, an individual who stays fairly positive is lower complaint prone, likely because they’re more inclined to take care of themselves (Sarafino & Smith, 2017). They’ve also been set up to recover more snappily from illness compared to those that tend to be more negative. Feelings might also quicken or detention an individual from seeking treatment (Sarafino & Smith, 2017). Eventually, provocation refers to an existent’s will to formulate a plan and persist at it for their own particular benefit. A largely motivated existent might integrate certain health-affiliated practices into their life in order to attain optimal health( Sarafino & Smith, 2017).


The closest and most immediate relationship for any existence is the family unit. Members of a family don’t have to partake in the same genetics. Still, they do partake in a strong emotional bond. As an individual develops, their families impact their health by setting good exemplifications (Sarafino & Smith, 2017). Although diurnal relations with family members and musketeers are clearly predictors of unborn health, the influence of social provocation stems important further than close connections. Society influences an existent’s health in a broad position using the mass media, prompting them to look a certain way and make healthy choices.

Occasionally the media equally promotes noxious gests, similar to through the use of announcements that promote unhealthy foods and drinks (Sarafino & Smith, 2017). An existent’s community, whom they live near, can also motivate them to exercise certain health-related actions. For illustration, the environmental characteristics of the community might be salutary to certain healthy actions similar to exercise. They might also be mischievous about an existent’s health, similar to when neighborhoods come overcrowded or unsafe( Sarafino & Smith, 2017).

Treatment of Illness

PSY 352 Topic 5 Biomedical vs. Biomedical Model Essay

What separates the biopsychosocial model from the biomedical model in the treatment of cases is its capability to prop in the recovery of habitual pain. Rather than grounding health on a singular continuum, the biopsychosocial model puts an existent’s health on a multitude of continuums that all impact each other. This frequently reflects in a case’s treatment plan, which is acclimatized according to their specific requirements. Rather than taking an unresisting part in their recovery, cases are encouraged to take charge of their health and manage their complaint consequently. Case commission has been shown to ameliorate the rate of recovery for those with habitual, long-term ails (Bevers et., 2016)


The biomedical model was pivotal in the creation of vaccinations that helped to annihilate contagious ails similar to polio and measles (Sarafino & Smith, 2017). Anyhow of its donation, the model fails to take into account the significance of social and cerebral influences on an existent’s health. Also, it failed to change an effective treatment plan for cases with habitual pain. In response to this problem, the biopsychosocial model developed a system that included cerebral and social rudiments on a continuum that affects an existent’s health. As a result, healthcare providers have had some luck in chancing acclimatized treatment plans for cases with habitual diseases.


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