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PSY 110 Week 1 Juggling Responsibilities and Managing Stress


With only a few responsibilities, the average person like me needs to find balance in life. It can be hard to find time for anything with a wife, three kids, and now school. Because I’m a night owl, which is good for me, most of the work I need to do will be done at night when everyone is asleep. If given the chance, I will complete a task sooner rather than later rather than wait until the very last minute. Hence shortening the heap on the plate, which thusly will diminish the pressure at home, work, and school.

After graduating from high school, I have mastered the skill of underlining or highlighting key points. I found this strategy for myself while going to An and C school for the military, and as a result of it, I got ahead of the class two times. But remembering those important points is more than just highlighting them. You are merely highlighting words on a page without memorization. Setting aside time to sit down and remain focused is the first step, and this is where we return to the first paragraph to find balance.

Ok, the stressors in life will generally overpower and try and consume certain individuals. Being in the United States Marine Corps, on the other hand, tends to help me deal with stress. I learned a lot, one of which was how to focus when I was under a lot of stress or pressure. A great deal of stress can be alleviated by simply organizing your responsibilities from those that must be completed immediately to those that can wait a few days. Having a supporting life partner to deal with the stressors of children is generally an or more as well for however long there is strong correspondence among you, he/she will continuously be your ally. The financial burden is always there, but as long as you are responsible with your finances, money shouldn’t be a problem. Particularly assuming you live obligation free.

PSY 110 Week 1 Juggling Responsibilities and Managing Stress

The current week’s Brain Science of Learning video showed how certain individuals might respond under specific stressors, particularly in a jail climate. Every day during WEEK 1 ASSIGNMENT 3, we go through operational conditioning. Human nature includes emotions and behavior, but when you use positive or negative reinforcement, you can teach a lesson. I am absolutely certain that when I was a child, I was instructed not to touch the stove while it was operating or else I would burn myself. I received negative reinforcement a few seconds later, but it taught me never to touch the stove while it was running. It should be consumed in moderation, as with most things, as too much of anything can be harmful. You can accomplish everything in your daily life by striking a balance and effectively managing your time. At the same time, you can still give yourself some positive reinforcement for doing so.

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