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POLI 330N Week 2 Assignment: The Role of Media in Influencing Government and the Public

POLI 330N Week 2 Assignment: The Role of Media in Influencing Government and the Public

The Roles of the Media in Influencing
Government and its Citizens.

March, 2021

Characteristics of the media

  • Widespread communication through different channels.
  • Owned by government or for-profit organizations.
  • Influencing citizens and the government.
  • Entails public broadcasting, fairness doctrine, low-power broadcasting, and frequency allocation. 

Expectations From the Media

  •  Knowledge on decision-making processes in the government.
  • Attending parliament sitting and asking questions.
  • Debating parliamentary decisions.
  • Defending the stance of parliamentary decision-makers.

Education Role of the media

  • The creation and development of an educated citizenry.
  • Provision of independent information and news regarding the development of government functions.
  • Teaching of knowledge about governmental structure and operations.

Media, Citizens, and the Government

The Media as a Watchdog

  • The media serves a function of the government watchdog.
  • The actions of the government may be detrimental to citizens of a country and should therefore be checked by the media (Whitman Cobb, 2020).
  • Harmful government actions are brought to light by the media so that citizens may offer their opinions regarding the government.
  • Corruption in the government can only be exposed to the public by the media since it is more effective as opposed to when it is done by an individual.

Media as the Fourth Arm of Government

Socialization Role of the Media

  • The media helps in communicating beliefs, values, and ideals in society.
  • In general, media is more encomapssing more than just websites, new channels, newspapers,magazines, or books. 
  • The media helps in bringing different communities closer as it plays a reconsiliatory role.

Media and Democracy

  • The media promotes the idea of democracy.
  • The media educates and offers information to voters on the importance of voting for their desired candidates.
  • Through the provision of democratic ideas and attitudes, the media stands out as a primary promoter of justice and freedom in society.


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POLI 330N Week 2 Assignment: The Role of Media in Influencing Government and the Public

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