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POLI 330 Wk 2 discussion political Science

POLI 330 Wk 2 discussion political Science

Experts commonly view the media as biased and leaning more towards infotainment. As a result, many people have turned to social networks as a source of news, instead of traditional news stations like CBS, NBC, FOX, CNN, and others. What are your thoughts on this? Do you perceive the news as being biased or unbiased? Should news stations have stricter regulations?

I concur with the experts’ opinion that the media is biased and leans more towards infotainment. “The power of the news media has increased dramatically,” according to Chamberlain (2021). I cannot always rely on news stations to provide me with genuine and accurate information. As we know, the media acts as a watchdog, presenting society with emerging problems, policy debates, and any issues that arise (Greenberg and Page, 2018). The news media has become an issue, especially during Donald Trump’s presidency. He had something to say about the media all the time. According to Greenberg (2018), Donald Trump referred to CNN news as “fake news” and tweeted that any negative coverage of him was inherently “fake.” Social media platforms like Twitter are places where people give their opinions on specific topics and subjects they want to discuss.

POLI 330 Wk 2 discussion political Science

Before social media, most people would turn to news stations on television, radio, or even newspapers to find out what was going on in the world around them. During that time, the news was trusted, and citizens relied on it for information. However, after some time, with all the new social media outlets providing their opinions and people getting more information about a topic, people turned off their TVs and turned to social media news. I do not consider this to be an issue because social media networks are what everyone uses every day. However, people should also verify the information they receive with multiple different resources before agreeing or believing it.

Facebook, which ranks first, and YouTube, which ranks second, are two of the most popular media sites from which Americans regularly get their news (Tankovska, 2021). Social media plays a significant role in politics, and it is more influential than getting information from a news channel. Most Americans believe that news organizations fail to distinguish between fact and opinion and tend to put news that will generate more views for profit on air, indicating that news media is biased.

POLI 330 Wk 2 discussion political Science

This is why I believe news stations should have restrictions on what they air and should verify information with different resources. If they are wrong, they should admit their mistake instead of lying. News stations should also inform their viewers where they got their information in case their supporters want to look at the information for themselves.


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