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PHI FPX3200 Assessment 1 Matrix of Ethical Theories

Ethical Theory Matrix

Decision Criteria
Your Own Example

Actions that promote happiness or pleasure are morally correct, while actions that promote pain or suffering are wrong.

PHI FPX3200 Assessment 1 Matrix of Ethical Theories

When healthcare is in crisis, utilitarian benefits are interpreted as saving as many lives as possible or saving as many life-years as possible by prioritizing patients who are most likely to benefit from treatment and are the youngest.
A utilitarian believes that the purpose of morality is to create a better world by increasing good things and decreasing bad things.
Utilitarian principles are always aimed at maximizing the good.
You can use utilitarian reasoning to make any rational decision, not just moral ones.
The utilitarian view can’t explain why society does not only think about happiness when making choices.
Outcomes are unknown when dealing with the future.
Happiness is a subjective phenomenon.
Utilitarianism ignores the act itself when forming judgments

Kantian Ethics

Human beings should adhere to a set of universal moral principles that are universal and are applicable regardless of context or situation.
For example, in a healthcare system, nurses are responsible for providing sufficient education to all patients equally and reducing their anxiety in a healthcare system, which includes providing guidance and clarifying doubts about the diagnosis and treatment.
This theory helps in taking responsibility for moral decisions.
This theory acknowledges that all human beings have rights because they are human and rational.
This theory supports the idea that anyone who is sensible and has the ability to understand can be an ethical person

PHI FPX3200 Assessment 1 Matrix of Ethical Theories

Kantian Ethics ignores the consequences of actions.
Kantian Ethics contradicts itself and has compatibilist issues.
Because Kant stresses the free will and autonomy of humans and also states that no matter what, we must follow the Categorical Imperative.
Kantian Ethics has a law with moral uncertainty.

Ross’s Ethics

A central moral conviction underlying thoughtful and well-educated people is the foundation of Ross’ ethical framework.
Right actions are those that, in any particular situation, result in as much overall good as possible.
These actions represent the views of ‘thoughtful and well-educated’ behavior that prevent individuals from harming others.
As a matter of ethics in health care, it is important to make the right decisions when dealing with patients on their death bed. It is not desirable to use artificial methods to increase their lives.
This theory considers the consequences of the actions of individuals.
This theory supports the notion of harm prevention and beneficence, since preventing harm is inherently good for people.

This theory is unable to support the fact that every moral action has some element of conflict in it with others.
Moreover, this theory shows no concerns with human familial relationships and their validations.

Natural Law Ethics

 The intrinsic sense of right and wrong is responsible for the reasoning and behavior of human beings.
Natural law is constant over time as it is based on the nature of human

Behavior contrary to the law of nature in nursing may include artificial means of birth control.

Natural law ethics is formed on reasoning.

PHI FPX3200 Assessment 1 Matrix of Ethical Theories

It is universal and relevant.

It allows clear approaches to morality.

It focuses on what’s not to be done rather than what needs to be done.

This theory explains the actions based on right reasoning, which is subjective.

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