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PHI FPX 1200 Assessment 2 Reflecting on Your Skills, Goals, and Accomplishments

Reflecting on Your Skills, Goals, and Accomplishments

Reflecting on our skills, ambitions, and achievements is essential to improve our lives and take steps accordingly. In this assessment, I will discuss my goals, my strength, and the improvements which need to be made. Moreover, I will shed light on my various accomplishments. Also, a reflection on the experiences will be discussed at the end.

PHI FPX 1200 Assessment 2 Reflecting on Your Skills, Goals, and Accomplishments

Part 1: About Me 


One of the quotes by Anna Freud always rejuvenates my inner soul towards my values, aspirations, and motivations, which I aim to achieve in my life. It says, “I was always looking outside myself for strength and confidence, but it comes from within. It is there all the time”. This quote makes me realize that things I am looking forward to can only be achieved if I make efforts for them. 

My Goal

My goal in this life is to achieve success in every field of my life. In my personal life, I want to have a good living that meets my needs. Also, I want a peaceful personal life where I can spend time with my family and loved ones. Academically, I want to gain as much knowledge that is helpful in my professional well-being and polish my practical skills. In addition, professionally, I want to succeed in my career and have a financially stable lifestyle. 

My areas of Strength 

My strengths include my good oratory skills and enthusiasm for leading and managing change. In my prior role as a nursing manager, I had the task of mediating staff disagreements, communicating with a diverse group of stakeholders about the full details of the healthcare plan, and identifying measures of success. I am easy to talk to and good at striking a middle ground between the front lines and the executive suite. Among the many examples of how I adapted to new circumstances during the outset of the pandemic is how I managed our information technology infrastructure.

Areas of Growth and Improvement 

One of the areas of growth and improvement that should be of concern for me is striking a balance and stability between my personal and professional life. I may better use my time at work and personal life by planning and setting realistic objectives and expectations. Creating and sticking to a schedule has helped tremendously to overcome stress and bring maximum outcomes. I have started cutting back on my hours already. I want to utilize a scheduling application to assist me in organizing times for work and self-improvement.

Solving Problems 

Having a balance between our personal and professional life is essential and can help to resolve various problems in our life. It can help me look into the matters of my personal and professional life with more attention and dedication. It will help me overcome the confusion and fuss created when there is no balance between our professional and personal life, which deteriorates our problem-solving ability and fails us to think critically about problems. 

PHI FPX 1200 Assessment 2 Reflecting on Your Skills, Goals, and Accomplishments

Part 2: Accomplishment Statements

  1. Accomplishment: 1


Training the junior staff in patient care management in a timely fashion.


I made a timetable incorporating what to do according to a specific time duration.


Because of this, I sorted my work on time and gave time to other tasks related to my personal life. My healthcare company did better because my patients were satisfied.


Before taking action, the training was extended for 2-3 because no planned strategy was acquired. After implementing the timetable, the training session took 1.5 hours, and I was not required to work overtime due to mismanagement in tasks. 

  1.   Accomplishment: 2


I am looking to transfer to the surgical management department. 


I have dedicated my time and energy to furthering my education and experience through various training in the field of surgery.


I was able to be a part of the surgical department. 


Being able to assist the junior department anytime they wanted, usually once a week, I decided to switch to the surgical department.

  • Story 1


In my duties, I must determine which training would improve results, put up with excessive changes made by patients, and keep my sense of self intact.


Verifying records electronically, with a focus on the individual needs of each patient, and conducting thorough checks are all essential.


Minimize the possibility of experiencing any problems while undergoing treatment.


Learning from my former position is essential to advance in the healthcare sector.

PHI FPX 1200 Assessment 2 Reflecting on Your Skills, Goals, and Accomplishments

  • Story 2


My prior job did not provide me with positive work experience. I was not able to do better since I didn’t know enough.


Since I want to maintain my high standards in this position, I have put additional time and effort into my preparation.


Now that I know what I need to improve my performance, I can make the necessary adjustments to my job.


Because I saw no grey areas in my work, I believed I had little chance of progress in that organization.

Accomplishment Story 1

            When I was employed at a local healthcare center, I specialized in the field known as nursing care. In this part of the hospital, I oversaw the use of best practices in patient care that enhanced both clinical efficiency and safety. By completing all of my tasks before 10 a.m., I could assess their quality before beginning work with patients. I had to make a schedule and give myself deadlines to have everything done by 10 a.m. For this reason, I devised a plan to ensure that I would succeed. Before tackling my more challenging responsibilities, I would review patients’ treatment details and health with a senior doctor and create an electronic health record. Because of that, I could cut my work time in half and complete the task by 10 a.m. I was prepared for my annual evaluation because I had finished the task ahead of schedule. After that, I requested my transfer to the surgical department. 


Accomplishment Story 2

            When I initially decided to work in a healthcare setting in 2020, one of my objectives was to advance to the position of surgery manager. Since the surgical department needed help during surgeries, and because my hospital team knew of my extensive experience and desire to work there, they promoted me. I was relieved to have been able to make a move to the surgical department. They were impressed with my training and how well I learned things.


Part 3: Reflect on Your Experiences

Making a list of my accomplishments, areas for improvement, objectives, and talents have been conducive. As a result of considering what has to be altered in my professional life and ambitions, I will make an effort required to realize the goals that I am aiming for. I can boost my self-assurance and professional accomplishment as a nurse by developing my critical thinking capacity. I plan to read this and provide detailed summaries of challenging scenarios. I may need help or am now experiencing problems with the healthcare organization. Working well with people is crucial to achieving my objectives in Part 2.

Working together is essential. A collaboration of healthcare providers had a role in noticing a change in patient satisfaction surveys. So that the hospital’s surgical unit can evaluate the standard of my previous work, I have opted to detail my achievements on my resume. I welcome speaking with surgical teams from different companies about my experience and success.

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