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PCN 404 Topic 2 State Requirements and Scope of Practice

State Conditions and Compass of Practice in Texas

To come a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor in Texas, there are conditions that Bone must meet. These may include education, training, supervised experience, and application. Once one receives their license, they must be apprehensive of their chops and capability to give guests the most stylish services possible. A professional counselor’s compass of Practice determines whom they can work with and what interventions they may use, grounded on their skill set. Knowing and understanding state conditions and the compass of Practice ensures counselors are furnishing their guests with immorally sound and effective services.

Texas State Conditions

In the state of Texas, an existent who’s interested in getting a counselor must first apply for the Counselor Intern Registration. According to 25 Tex. Admin. Law.§140.405 2008), aspirants must be 18 times of age or aged, have a high academy parchment or GED, complete 270 classroom hours of affiliated classes, 300 hours of supervised experience, pass a background check, and subscribe to an agreement to follow ethical norms. Still, if the aspirant has at least a bachelor’s degree in chemical reliance comforting or any other approved major, they can be pure from the 270 education hours and the 300 hours of supervised experience. If they submit their council paraphrase with their operation and it’s approved by the board, they may admit their Counselor Intern Registration.

PCN 404 Topic 2 State Requirements and Scope of Practice

After entering their enrollment and meeting all the necessary conditions, the Counselor Intern can apply to come a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor. 25Tex. Admin. law.§140.408( 2008) requires aspirants to be a registered counselor intern at the time of operation and have an associate degree or advanced, 4,000 hours of supervised experience working directly with chemically dependent guests, pass the written examination, submit a written case donation, submit two letters of recommendation from other Licensed Chemical reliance Counselors, and pay the freights needed to admit licensure. Still, if the aspirant has a master’s degree or a doctoral degree in an approved major and has completed 48 hours of graduate-position courses, the 4,000 hours of supervised experience could be waived by the board with the submission of their council paraphrase.

Certified Chemical Dependency Counselor Scope of Practice

A counselor’s compass of Practice refers to their area of capability (Welfel, 2015). Specifically, it’s the limit of their knowledge, chops, and experience and determines whom they can work with as well as what interventions they may use (HCPC, 2021). In Texas, certified Chemical reliance Counselors would fall out of their compass of Practice if they were to attempt to treat someone with an internal health complaint or give services to individuals or families who aren’t passing problems with substance use (Texas Health and Human Services, 2022). If a counselor is presented with a customer whose problems are outside their skill set, they’re needed by their ethical law to relate them to a professional with lesser moxie in that area (DeAngelis, 2018).

PCN 404 Topic 2 State Requirements and Scope of Practice

Working within one’s compass of Practice ensures that services are safely, lawfully, and effectively being handed to guests (HCPC, 2021). If a counselor fails to remain within their compass of Practice, the customer will be the one to suffer as a result. They will not admit the stylish services suited to their requirements they could, eventually leaving the customer floundering with the same issues they were seeking help for and conceivably distrusting professional help. To avoid this, counselors must be suitable to determine their capability and understand whether they have the necessary education, training, and experience demanded to help their guests.

Also, speaking with associates when one is doubtful can help them find clarity and make ethical opinions related to what’s stylish for the customer. Still, counselors should in no way abandon their customers. As healthcare professionals, it’s their job to ensure that guests are entering the most stylish services possible. Rather, professionals should take the time to arrange an easy transition for the customer by explaining why they’re unfit to continue remedy due to faculty issues but also find them someone who can give them effective services (DeAngelis, 2018). Conditions for licensure can vary from state to state. Thus, counselors have an obligation to know and understand the conditions of the state they wish to exercise.

PCN 404 Topic 2 State Requirements and Scope of Practice

This knowledge will help them plan so that they may work in the field they wish to. Also, knowing what areas they are competent in will help them cover their guests and give them immorally sound and effective services. Counselors should noway feel shame when asking for help from other professionals. Going the redundant afar to ensure that the customer’s well-being is put over all different and they are defended from implicit detriment gives an advanced chance of successful issues of treatment.


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