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PCN 404 Topic 1 Legal and Ethical Principles and Standards for Professional Practice in Texas

Legal and Ethical Principles and Norms for Professional Practice in Texas

Unethical and unskillful practices within the comforting profession can beget detrimental to both guests and professionals. All counselors must be knowledgeable about the ethical norms and foundational principles of comforting. This paper will bandy the conditions demanded to practice in the state of Texas and go into detail about how the legal and ethical principles and norms of comfort hold the customer’s well-being overall additional and cover both the customer and professionals from detriment.

Licensure and Instrument Conditions in Texas

In the state of Texas, individuals who are seeking a career as a Licensed Chemical Reliance Counselor have several conditions they must meet before they can exercise. First, the aspirant must be at least 18 times of age and have a high academy parchment, and be registered as a counselor intern. They will have two options to come a registered counselor intern. The first option is to complete 270 classroom hours of affiliated courses and get 300 hours of supervised experience (Texas Administrative Code, 2012). The alternate option is to get a bachelor’s degree in chemical reliance comforting or another approved major, which will count for the 270 needed education hours as well as the 300 hours of supervised experience (Texas Administrative Code, 2012).

PCN 404 Topic 1 Legal and Ethical Principles and Standards for Professional Practice in Texas

Still, anyhow of which option they choose, anyone who submits an operation for the counselor intern enrollment must pass a felonious background check and subscribe to a written agreement to follow ethical norms and principles (Texas Administrative Code, 2012). Once one has comes a registered counselor intern, they will again have two options when applying for the chemical reliance counselor license. The first option is to hold an associate’s degree or advanced and complete 4,000 hours of supervised experience working directly with chemically dependent individuals (Texas Administrative Code, 2012).

The alternate option is to hold a master’s or doctoral degree in a comforting-affiliated field and have 48 hours of graduate position courses, in which the 4,000 hours of supervised experience can be waived with the submission of their council paraphrase( Texas Administrative Code, 2012). Still, all aspirants must pass the written chemical reliance counselor examination, submit a written case donation as well as two letters of recommendation from other Licensed Chemical reliance Counselors, give written assurance to pierce an approved peer backing program, and pay the licensure figure( Texas Administrative Code, 2012). Certified Chemical Dependency Counselors are needed to renew their license formerly every two times in the state of Texas.

PCN 404 Topic 1 Legal and Ethical Principles and Standards for Professional Practice in Texas

To meet the conditions for renewal, counselors must have completed a minimum of 24 hours of uninterrupted education within the once two times (Counseling Degree Guide, 2022). I’m working towards completing my Bachelorette of Science in Counseling at Grand Canyon University and should be graduating in 2023. Because I’ll have my bachelor’s degree, I’ll be suitable to apply for the counselor intern registration once I graduate. I plan to complete my master’s degree in chemical reliance comforting so that I may apply for my sanctioned chemical reliance counselor’s license.

Crucial Legal and Ethical Issues in Addicting and Substance Use Disorder Counseling

Two legal issues that may arise during addiction and substance use complaint comforting include confidentiality and commanded reporting of child abuse or neglect. All counselors are needed to cover all nonpublic information relating to their guests and their treatment. They are not allowed to bandy any information about remedy with anyone outside of the counselor-customer relationship or to leave information about their customer out where others have access to it. Violation of confidentiality rights can affect the abolition of licensure by the state licensing board or being sued by their guests( Good Remedy, 2014). Still, there are limitations to confidentiality.

PCN 404 Topic 1 Legal and Ethical Principles and Standards for Professional Practice in Texas

In the case that a counselor feels as though their customer or others are at threat of detriment, also a breach of confidentiality can be justified. This brings us to the alternate legal issue that may arise when working as an addicting and substance use complaint counselor. The state requires numerous health professionals to report any known or suspected circumstance of child abuse or neglect (Child Welfare Information Gateway, 2019). Among those who are needed are Mental Health Professionals. In the case that a counselor has reason to believe that a child has been or is being abused or neglected, they’re needed to file a report.

Utmost countries bear there to be an oral report and a written report including the age and address of the child, the address and name of the parent or guardian, the form of abuse or neglect, and the name of the perpetrator (Center for Substance Abuse Treatment, 2000). Still, they could be If a counselor fails to report abuse. Civilly or criminally liable and conceivably lose their license to exercise (Good Remedy, 2019). Two ethical issues that have the eventuality to impact clinical connections include faculty and treating minors. Capability is a counselor’s position of knowledge and chops that are needed to apply effective treatment while maintaining legal and ethical norms and principles. This means that counselors must have the necessary chops and knowledge not only to give services but also to use treatment approaches effectively (Fairburn & Cooper, 2011).

PCN 404 Topic 1 Legal and Ethical Principles and Standards for Professional Practice in Texas

If a counselor isn’t competent in using a specific intervention or working with a group of individuals, also they should essay to unless they’ve continued their education so that they may do so immorally. Faculty is essential for all comforting fields, which is also true for working with minors. All minors can’t enter treatment without the concurrence of their parent or guardian. Still, if a minor is forced into treatment because of the court or their parents, they may not wish to share. Autonomy is one of the foundational principles of ethical comforting and is a customer’s right to share in their treatment and make their own decision concerning remedy (Logger-Miller & Davis, 2016). Thus, counselors should essay to produce a balance within the counselor-customer relationship that’s considerate of the parent’s enterprises but also the minor’s right to autonomy and confidentiality (Roemer, 2015).

The part of the Counselor in the Development and conservation of Ethical Boundaries

Counselors must understand and communicate boundaries to cover both the counselor-customer relationship and to meet legal and ethical conditions. These boundaries are essential to the Development and conservation of a healthy, comforting relationship. Establishing clear boundaries promotes a relationship erected on a foundation of trust that will help guide remedy. An informed concurrence is a contract that outlines rules and guidelines related to respectable guests and communication. This will ensure that guests are apprehensive about what to anticipate during the remedy (Golden, 2021). Another way counselors can develop and maintain effective boundaries is to set specific session times and limits.

PCN 404 Topic 1 Legal and Ethical Principles and Standards for Professional Practice in Texas

Counselors should give their guests a set schedule for sessions and let them know of any consequences that may do if they arrive late or missed sessions (Golden, 2021). A third boundary that counselors should be apprehensive of is tone- exposure. Although it has been proven to help make trust and show empathy to ameliorate the counselor-customer relationship, it can be dangerous to the client. However, tone exposure can, if erroneously habituated too often, Cause focus to be taken down from the customer. Understanding these boundaries and how to apply them within the counselor-customer relationship is essential to guarding the rights of the customer. Over-passing boundaries can affect the customer’s well-being by causing emotional trauma and performing in guests to feel manipulated, violated, or manhandled (Mental Health America of Boone County, 2019). Unethical practice can beget the comforting relationship to fail and eventually beget the customer to cease treatment and avoid seeking help in the future due to a lack of trust.


To come a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor in the state of Texas, all aspirants must be apprehensive of the conditions as well as the liabilities that come with the profession. Legal and ethical principles and norms of comfort are needed to give effective services. Being apprehensive of possible issues that can arise when working in the field will give counselors the capability to be prepared to address these issues in the future. Effectively communicating and enforcing boundaries within the counselor-customer relationship will promote a healthy relationship and help prevent detriment from being done to both the customer and Counselor.


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