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PCN 158 Topic 3 Counseling Native American Populations

Comforting Native American Populations

Native Americans, Indigenous Americans, American Indians, and First Americans are just some names used to define America’s original occupants. A population that was prevaricated to, ravished, beaten, slaughtered, and got their land stolen by Western Europeans. The Native Americans that lived through that butchery and the generations after them have faced a history of trauma. This paper will bandy the different types of lines that live in America along with their dissonances. It will bandy the internal health issues they face and what treatment approaches are stylish for them, as well as the community coffers them and why community treatment is most salutary for Native Americans.

According to McAuliffe (2019), “There are now 5.2 million Alaskan Natives and Native Americans in the U.S.” (p. 363). “There are also 567 federally conceded lines, the largest among them are the Navajo, Cherokee, Choctaw, Sioux, Chippewa, Apache, Blackfeet, Iroquois, and Pueblo” (McAuliffe, 2019.p. 363). A counselor should in no way assume that all Native Americans or Alaskan Natives are the same. Making that supposition might offend your customer and keep them from returning to see you or ever seeking help again. Native American lines were and are each different; they use different languages and interact else with their terrain. For illustration, “the Navajo of the Southwest and Cherokees of the Southeast speak unconnected languages” (U.S. History, 2022).

PCN 158 Topic 3 Counseling Native American Populations

Their cultures also vary significantly; utmost were ruled by men except for the Iroquois that have women leaders (U.S. History, 2022). “Some reckoned on stalking and fishing while others cultivated crops” (U.S. History, 2022). No matter the lineage, make sure to always ask questions and get to know your customer before making any hypotheticals. Numerous Native Americans struggle with a history of trauma, demarcation, self-murder, alcohol and medicine abuse, and serious internal health issues. “In 2009, John Barrasso, the vice president of the U.S. Senate Committee of Indian Affairs, revealed the disturbing internal health requirements of Native Americans and Alaska Natives” “Among the Wind River Tribe ethnical youth, a lineage of a population of 6,000 people, they had nine self-murders and 88 self-murder attempts, ranging from periods 15- 25 in just one time” (Gone & Trimble, 2011). That’s just one lineage issue among the hundreds.

“A study done by Whitbeck in 2008 showed that 651 enrolled ethnical youth from 8 reservations stated that they or their caregivers suffered from at least one complaint, a chance that increased from25.6 to44.8” ( Gone & Trimble, 2011). “Substance use diseases went from3.2 to27.2, cannabis dependence rose from1.4 to12.4, and alcohol dependence went from a0.5 to 7.2 in just a twelve-month period” (Gone & Trimble, 2011). These are just some issues that numerous Native Americans and Alaskan Natives face, so how do we, as counselors, help them?

PCN 158 Topic 3 Counseling Native American Populations

We should produce connections with original Native communities, integrate the church into comforting, and drop any complications for offering care (Thomason, 2011). Creating relationships within the communities will help make trust with our clientele; it’ll demonstrate our interest and responsibility. Speaking to the elders will show respect. Integrating the church will demonstrate our care for their beliefs. And removing any obstacles to care will help them to see that we’re there to help and not produce any further issues or mistrust.

According to the (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration SAMHSA, 2022), “they work diligently with the Office of Tribal Affairs and Policy (OTAP) to ensure that effective coffers and services are delivered to Native Americans and Alaska Natives, services like forestallment, treatment, and recovery support.” “SAMHSA also supports an advanced medication and technical support design that helps ethnical groups develop and apply community-grounded forestallment strategies to reduce violence, bullying, and self-murder” ( SAMHSA). “There are also Technology Transfer Centers which emphasize dependence forestallment, treatment of substance abuse, and treatment of internal ails” (SAMHSA, 2011).

PCN 158 Topic 3 Counseling Native American Populations

Community treatment approaches have proved to work effectively among Native Americans and Alaska Natives. According to the American Psychological Association (APA, 2018), “history and artistic heritage is an effective force when combating public health extremity.” It’s necessary to understand that when treating a Native American or Alaskan Native, members of their family or lineage may be invited to their sessions. They don’t believe in individualism as others do; they appreciate the sense of community and support.

“Network remedy has also been positive with Native guests its workshop with the existent in a family and community arrangement, where family and community actors are included into the comforting process” (McAuliffe, 2019.p. 425) to conclude no matter what name, we use to describe America’s original occupants, what is important is how to efficiently counsel them. A population that was tricked and slaughtered and suffered from a history of trauma. This paper bandied the different types of lines that live in America along with their dissonances. It bandied the internal health issues they face and what treatment approaches are stylish for them. Incipiently, it bandied community coffers offered to them and why community treatment is most salutary for them.


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