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The medicine I have chosen to probe is opioids, as I work in an inpatient treatment center, and the most common medicine being abused is anodynes. With the opioid epidemic throughout the United States and in the original communities gaining knowledge would be helpful along with the drug-supported treatment that goes with it. In the United States, Opium became available in 1775. “Opioids were used to treat dogfaces in the 1860s during the civil war, and numerous dogfaces became addicted to them (Foundations Recovery Network, 2020).

PCN 150 Topic 3 Topic Selection

Societies began regulating anodynes when the vacuity and the use of drowsy medicines reached a position that made drowsy dependence a problem in society. In the United States, regulating anodynes was in the morning of the 20th century with the Drug Enforcement Act and the Harrison Act in the US in 1918 (Ballantyne). Medicine dependence is a social problem caused by the continued necessity of taking regular boluses of substances to feel or avoid feeling bad. Opioids have always been and will continue to live and have thrived throughout the last decades. It has become a real social problem due to increased medicine use in more significant amounts and at youngish periods (Benéitez & Gil Alegre, 2017).


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Foundations Recovery Network – DualDiagnosis.org( 2020), History of the Opioid Epidemic


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