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PCN 150 Topic 2 Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography

National Institute on Drug Abuse shows the different aspects of medicines and how they affect people. This source on medicine abuse has a section that works with opioids. This source will allow the paper to understand what opioids are clearly. This composition explains in detail the issue with opioids. All opioids are chemically related and interact with opioid receptors on whim-whams cells in the body and the brain. This composition addresses what an overdose is and the introductory use of opioids. This composition describes what can be done in the event of an opioid overdose to reverse it. The source explains an effective way of treating opioid dependence. This is a scholarly source that has proof backing it up.

The composition of History of the Opioid Epidemic addresses the in-depth history of Opioids and how they came about. It explains how it comes detector for people to become addicted to the substance allowing them to give further people with information on the substance. At the launch, Opioids were treated for dogfaces during the civil war. This was around the time of 1860. It was explained when the U.S. Government declared the opioid epidemic in October 2017. This source gives detailed information about medicine overdoses related to traditional opioids and immorally manufactured anodynes. The website is full of scholarly information, allowing the paper to have factual information.

PCN 150 Topic 2 Annotated Bibliography

Trends in Opioid Use, Harms, and Treatment papers show different information on the issues opioids take worldwide. Opioid dependence grows daily and will continue when there is no help. This composition discusses the health problems and the current extremity when dealing with opioid abuse. The composition talks about the trends in the conventions of opioid use and abuse that opioid addicts have. This expands the knowledge of the pain operation along with the opioid epidemic. This is a scholarly source to use for the paper on the current trends of opioids and the related issues that are taking place. When counselors deal with opioids and how they take effect with cases, numerous questions go through their heads.

Opioids are a considerable extremity that numerous people struggle with, leading some to have a connection with a counselor. Still, this composition explains the common issues taking place along with different data. It explains who is affected and why it continues growing and expanding. The composition pining in Opioid Use Disorder from Neurobiology to clinical practice explains the differences in opioids. During the opioid extremity, counselors are increasingly in high demand. The rate of opioid dependence is taking a lesser jump, rising further and further, and will continue to grow without the help of counselors.

PCN 150 Topic 2 Annotated Bibliography

This composition explains different nervous system studies and how the brain works when dealing with opioid use. It elaborates on why there is a pining in opioid dependence and the range of propositions that go with dependence and this content. There is a considerable difference when some opioid influences the brain and the nervous system. Still, stress and dependence occasionally go together and will spark each other. This produces trauma in the brain, making it want to continue a commodity that is not inescapably good for one.


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This is a valuable source to grow in the paper.

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