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PCN 100 Topic 4 FINAL Roles And Competencies Paper


The struggle of substance abuse has been a real problem in this world for a veritably long times. Some would say that since the first medicine was discovered there has always been nearly there to abuse it. Indeed though medicines began as commodity to help people in a medicinal purpose there are always acceptations to this idea. Suffering from substance abuse can be nearly crippling on the person suffering as well as those people close to him her. Because of the immense challenge it’s to overcome a dependence there are people known as dependence counselors who can give the support and help for those who ask for it when trying to overcome an dependence .

Per Howatt, dependence counselors should have professional aptitudes that are essential in enhancing their occupational performance as well as meeting the health grounded requirements of every customer. (Howatt, 2012) The colorful places and capabilities of dependence counselors is what make them successful in their work. Without the knowledge chops and stations the counselor won’t be suitable to fulfill their places and capabilities in their work, and won’t be suitable to fulfill their customer’s health- grounded requirements.

PCN 100 Topic 4 FINAL Roles And Competencies Paper

Description of 10 capabilities

Before being suitable to understand the capabilities of a dependence counselor, one must understand the “Trans disciplinary Foundations” or described as “the knowledge and chops demanded by all disciplines that deal directly with substance abuse” (valve 21 HHS) which are comprised of four sections. Understanding dependence, treatment knowledge, operation to practice, and professional readiness.( HHS) These four structure blocks will be the foundation of all the capabilities of each profession in the dependence counselor field.

PCN 100 Topic 4 FINAL Roles And Competencies Paper

Places and Capabilities 1

The part of a dependence counselor is to give a safe space for each customer to feel like they will be suitable to par-take their deepest and darkest struggles in order for the counselor to find the root of the problem. This is done by the “webbing” process. This is the first faculty that must take place, in the veritably first meeting with a new customer. Webbing will help the counselor estimate the customer’s cerebral statues allowing them to determine the different cerebral opinion. This is also where “faculty 2” from valve 21 comes into play. This faculty countries “Fete the social, political, profitable, and artistic environment within which dependence and substance abuse live, including threat and resiliency factors that characterize individualities and groups and their living surroundings ”( valve 21).

After the opinion are assessed by the dependence counselor, he she will be suitable to run a treatment assessment and eventually determine the stylish treatment plan for this case so that they will be suitable to get health as soon as possible. After a treatment plan is perfected, the counselor will have to validate the opinion and treatment plan and submit it to the customer’s sanctioned medical records so that’s can be penetrated by the cases Primary Care Croaker. The process of the original attestation and submission of opinion and treatment plans is known as the “input” process, which would be the alternate thing done by the counselor.

The third step in the original meeting of a new customer as a dependence counselor would be to expose your prospects of the customer and to explain to them the reasons behind your treatment place, and what they will see as their results if they misbehave to what you’re suggesting to them. Keeping the case apprehensive of the situation, as well as telling their treatment plan will limit any surprises to the customer which may be mischievous, and will also allow the case an advanced chance of success and lowering the chance of relapse. However, it If the case learns your treatment plan. May also help them when they complete the sessions with the counselor, that if they begin to feel.

PCN 100 Topic 4 FINAL Roles And Competencies Paper

Places and Capabilities 2

 A advanced temptation than normal to be suitable to control it with some of the remedial ways tutored to them by their dependences counselor during their sessions. This will also allow the customer to know exactly what their problems are, the causes behind the problems, and it’ll allow them the freedom to debate the treatment plan with their counselor. Comforting is the occasion for safety and freedom for the customer’s and it they feel they won’t be successful in a treatment plan the counselor should misbehave and change the plan consequently. Following the first visit, there will be numerous posterior visits, depending on the inflexibility of the problem as well as the case’s preference. One of the more important capabilities a dependence counselor must do is validate each session, make reports from each session and track the records as well as the way the case is healing and complying with the treatment plan.

This is the fourth faculty that a counselor must exercise.( valve 21) Without proper attestation, the clinician won’t be suitable to duly mokes the progression of mending of the customer. Staying organized and keeping an streamlined record on each customer is one of the fundamentals of being an active clinician. The fifth faculty that a rehearsing Dependence counselor must have it the capability to be suitable to relate guests when they don’t feel like they’re suitable to give the stylish care for a customer. This comes from faculty 23 from the valve 21 HHS document that states a counselor must “Understand and apply setting-specific programs and procedures for handling dangerous situations, including safety measures for guests and staff ”( valve 21) This is nothing against the counselors capability to exercise, but it’s solely grounded off of the customer’s requirements.

Some floundering with dependence will begin to witness more serious medical issues beyond the cerebral struggles of stopping a current substance abuse problem. In this case, a clinician should be suitable to give.

PCN 100 Topic 4 FINAL Roles And Competencies Paper

Places and Capabilities 3

Customer with a referral to a rehearsing medical croaker who may be suitable to define the specifics necessary to keep the cases health as the first precedence in practice. The sixth faculty of a dependence counselor is an preceptor. The clinician should be suitable to give education to the “ customer, Family and the community ”( valve 21). This is important to do because it isn’t only the customer who’s suffering but their family as well. And if the customer is suitable to give concurrence, it’s important to bandy the customer’s recovery process and treatment plan with their family who’ll be an fresh support system. This falls in place with the seventh faculty of “ Professional and Ethical liabilities ”( Tap 21). There’s a law of ethics that all counselors must follow, and one of the most important of these is customer confidentiality.

Before being suitable to speak to anyone besides the customer about said customer, the customer must subscribe a disclaimer stating they know who the counselor will talk to and what they will speak to the third part about. Keeping an ethical practice will exclude a lot of problems for the counselor in the day to day. The eighth faculty is comforting. This is one of the more egregious capabilities but the significance of the clinicians capability to counsel and help the customer will make a huge different in the mending process. A counselor able of using a multidisciplinary approach will have important further successes in the treatments of their guests. That’s why this is like the faculty 1 in the valve 21 HHS document, which states “understand a variety of models and propositions of dependence and other problems related to substance use ”( valve 21). The ninth and tenth faculty goes together which are patient care rates and capability to treat the cases in an immorally applicable manner. A counselor must be suitable to treat each customer with quality and respect while being understanding, having compassion while maintaining the professional boundaries of the relationship. It’s also veritably important for dependence counselors must be suitable to have medical.

PCN 100 Topic 4 FINAL Roles And Competencies Paper

Places and Capabilities 4

Knowledge that will enable the appreciation of different health requirements and to be suitable to reassess the treatment plan and conduct being taken as the customer progresses ”( Addiction Technology Transfer Centers, 2012). Being suitable to be a professional counselor, while still being suitable to give quality care for the customer is an essential two capabilities of an dependence counselor. Knowledge, Chops, and stations of the Counselor

An dependence counselor not only needs the numerous times of advanced education, licensing examinations and instruments but “ The counselor also needs to be knowledgeable about the differing propositions of dependence and treatment and have a positive station toward training and the objectification of new empirically validated treatments ”( Lundgren etal., 2011)( Haley & Golden,) and well as the way to hold a professional station in order to invite guests into a “ safe space ” that the counselor creates for each and every customer. Also a clinician must be suitable to make rational opinions regarding each customer and be suitable to consult of rehearsing clinicians in order to admit advice with the more delicate guests.

The positive station a clinician should have, will ameliorate the cases way of mending and the way the case responds to the treatment plan of the counselor. Having a positive station as a professional will allow you to perform better, more efficiently and more effectively eventually barring the numerous dilemmas that may come up in this field of work.


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