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Paper on Burberry Fashion Company

Nowadays, the most prominent challenge to the advertisement industry is the evolution of new advertisement platforms such as mobile advertisement. Due to the increased numbers in mobile users and rapid advancement in mobile technology, consumers are more inclined towards mobile applications as compared to their laptops or desktops.

Paper on Burberry Fashion Company


So the businesses are looking for the new opportunities for product publicity considering the fast growing technology trends (BII, 2015). Almost a decade ago, the brand Burberry was suffering in sales of its products and its performance was significantly low as compared to other competitor brands, which caused a lot of stress on the management and advertising team, to tackle this great loss, then CEO Adriana Ahrendts took a step forward and called for a meeting with other members of the team to figure a way out on how can they change their marketing strategies to bring the Burberry brand back on its feet. As internet and technology was advancing back then in 2006, the managers took a decision after mutual consideration that the brand should go all digital, making it a large social enterprise (Na, 2016).

Paper on Burberry Fashion Company

With their concrete social media strategy using platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, the company will manage to provide more information and interact with customers for answering their queries about the products (Na, 2016). Burberry has invested a lot of time and energy to focus on new mobile marketing strategies which focuses on the fact that it is the new platform to interact with customers for selling products. The purpose of this memo is to shed light on this new strategy which will significantly replace the existing marketing tools and bring change in the marketing industry (BII, 2015).

Paper on Burberry Fashion Company

The mastermind behind the skyrocketing success of Burberry was during the period of CEO Adriana Ahrendts, who effectively used the communication and decision making skills, to take the company out of loss and put it on the road of success.

Paper on Burberry Fashion Company

The company transformed into an extra ordinary luxury brand, before that it only sold trench coats etc. now it is a leading brand in the fashion industry. In 2014 it was regarded as the 4th fastest growing brand and in 2015 it was the fasted growing luxury brand, in Interband’s index. Burberry has managed to be the most sophisticated and digitally innovate company over these years and has maintained its product quality to improve customer satisfaction and has designed its campaigns to add ease in shopping experience, minus the hassle and added the output. With the help of this social media popularity, Burberry has 17 million likes, 6.7 and 7 million followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram respectively (Na, 2016).

Consumer Behavior

The target groups have changed, as the elderly people have a lot of responsibilities on them alongside their retirement, so there purchasing decisions depend on these factors as compared to the younger people, who do not have any such responsibility, so they spend more time and money in catching up with the latest fashion and technological trends around the world. Millennials are prominently the maximum users of mobile phones, that is why Burberry has designed its advertisement strategy in such a manner that it reaches the right audience i.e. youngsters and have significant input and output ratio of consumers and products, respectively.

The marketing advisors and strategy developers of Burberry are utilizing platforms of social media in comparison of the conventional marketing approaches because the millennials as well as the middle class people have plenty of access and inclination towards the technological devices and social platforms.

Paper on Burberry Fashion Company

Burberry strategists, understand the concept and are fully aware of the fact that in this advance time, mobile marketing is the most effective way to attract customers, because everything is available on the tip of their thumb on their mobiles, so the use of social platforms, mobile apps, paid ads on pages are playing a strong game in promoting the brand name (Kirkham, 2015). According to the Chief Executive, Angela Ahrednts, of Burberry, because of the mobile marketing and social media advertisement campaigns a 12% increase in their sales during the festive periods has been observed, this increase in performance depicts the fact that the brand momentum is strengthened (Chapman, 2014).

Paper on Burberry Fashion Company

The customer brand evaluation depends on the efficiency of access to its products and features, alongside, if they have any query or require any insight about the product how easily they can get it. Mobile marketing has altered the way how customers perceive a specific product and their desire to have it in their life as compared to the traditional ways of marketing because it enables the consumers to participate in the product developing process. The traditional ways of marketing are sometimes unable to convey the promotional objectives of the product, however, the mobile marketing has overcome this phenomena, and has reduced the gap between consumer and produce and Burberry is taking maximum advantage of this perspective and is improving its services every day (Beltrone, 2012).

The traditional methods of marketing and campaigning, waste a lot of resources because the producer is unsure if the consumer is receiving the right message or not, but, in mobile marketing campaigns, such as one used by Burberry, a lot of resources can be saved by only targeting the interested customers (Chapman, 2014).


There is no doubt that Burberry is one of its kind, kind of a brand, which has competed with its rivalries with mobile marketing and has taken maximum advantage of it. Their mobile marketing strategy has displayed that they are fully sophisticated across all social media platforms and that they understand their customer needs, and how to present the product they are selling. But there is one drawback in its mobile marketing strategy, as it looks like it is a one way conversation due to the computer generated answers to customer queries. Customers will feel important when there is a human instead of a computer software to answer their questions. It will be a good suggestion to the mobile marketing campaign to build customer trust and satisfaction.

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