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NURS FPX 6109 Assessment 3 Educational Technologies Comparison

Educational Technologies Comparison

Comparing the two educational technologies and evaluating their suitability for particular teaching and learning situations is crucial for improving the knowledge and quality of services. The comparison can help managers to decide how nurse educators will use the technology in the future to improve their tasks and how well it can suit the organization and its current nursing education strategy. This report aims to discuss the successful integration of the new technology into the nursing education environment. 

Comparing the Features, Capabilities, and Benefits of Similar Educational Technologies

Nurses and practitioners must understand the role of technology first to improve their daily outcomes. Adobe Connect and GoToMeeting are the two technologies that the hospital uses for better nursing education and training. The adoption of e-learning technologies is crucial to improve students’ skills in classes (Silva, 2019). One of these e-leering tools This E-learning technologies would be vital to incorporate in the model of learning currently which involves the operation of computers and computer-based learning. These technologies are vital to enhance evidence-based research skills of nursing students and practitioners. 

NURS FPX 6109 Assessment 3 Educational Technologies Comparison

Adobe Connect is online meetings software that is a web-based video conferencing solution for hospitals and business organizations to meet their educational needs. The tool has two tiers of meeting plans and annual payments; however, unlike GoToMeeting, Adobe Connect provides no free tier offer to organizations (Sandelin, 2019). Both of these tools GoToMeeting and the Adobe Connect ensure paid plans which also include services such as voice over IP VoIP or call-in audio options for users. Both of these tools offer personal meeting rooms to users and also offer free mobile applications. Using the Adobe Connect makes it obvious that it offers more options to educators and learners compared to GoToMeeting. These include polls, whiteboard and up to 100 webcams. Here are some major differences between the tools. Finally, there are some cost assumptions as well as ease-of-use and benefits of technologies when they are compared to find the best fit for the organization. It is assumed that both of these technologies are beneficial for nursing education with flaws and limitations. 

Ease of Use

In order to use the Adobe Connect, users must install Flash or download it first. Moreover, a third party provider is needed to buy Adobe Connect which is not without pitfalls.  


Using the Adobe Connect is beneficial; however, the attendees in a meeting can only use the microphone and webcam when they are granted access. This can become depressing for attendee and also cumbersome task for meeting organizers (Sandelin, 2019).


Of course, when software is purchased through a third party provider, Adobe customers will not receive support directly from the corporate Adobe. The immediate relying on the third party to make support requests can be frustrating.

The Benefits and Limitations of Comparing Similar Educational Technologies

Generally, the role of using and incorporating new and improved d-learning technologies and tools in essential in improving the quality of education and teaching. The technology chosen can help the organization to improve information skills classes and can also benefit others to boost the rate of attendance in such classes. Moreover, there are other benefits of comparing the best technology to promote the convenience of d-learning offers. 

This technology comparison will help professionals to better understand e-Learning technology and would help them boost the quality of learning in the medical institution. For example, these tools can enhance language, physical presence, and information access. Students can learn through these technologies and contextualize the use of particular issues in the use of these technologies. Moreover, technology incorporation also helps to provide resources which can result in declining tuition fees and purchasing books at a higher price. Technologies allow e-meetings and e-books for low-income families and also assist nurses to release financial pressure on their parents. 

NURS FPX 6109 Assessment 3 Educational Technologies Comparison

However, technology incorporation in a classroom can be distracting. When technology proponents are used in nursing education, some people may forget that nurses can use their smartphones and gadgets throughout the day even after they have finished their classes (Silva et al., 2019). They can waste time with social media sites and short-term content that can hamper cognitive development. Technology also reduces direct teacher-student and peer-peer interactions. 

Teaching and Learning Educational Technology 

A side-by-side comparison of both technologies is beneficial to some extent for learning purposes and collaboration online. However, the incorporation of GoTo Meeting better helps the organization to meet its education and training needs compared to Adobe Connect. This is because the quality of ongoing product support is better with the incorporation of GoTo Meeting compared to the other technology option. Moreover, GoTo Meeting is also a preferred option for the firm because of its product direction and its widespread use in the American hospitals. . The study by Kowitlawakul et al. (2022) shows that chats and video meetings (84%) are the most commonly used tools by nursing students and trainers due to their relevancy with learning outcomes.

How a Selected Technology Can Be Incorporated Into a Specific Nursing Education Program

A major benefit of video conferencing is that it helps students better collaborate to perform group work or projects easily in a nursing educational setting. GoTo Meeting can also make their nursing lessons more interesting and engaging. It allows opportunities to help nurses students work together and not make them lose interest in their learning (Kerr 2020). 

Since there is a great responsibility of nurse educators, they can enhance their effectiveness of education by using GoTo Meeting technology that helps them adopt a student-centered classroom approach. This helps to build strong relationships and partnerships between academic and practice settings. This digital technology will help to form an interactive environment in the organization that helps to improve students’ engagement and their overall motivation. The assessment of technology shows that instant messages video meetings, chats, research, and social meetings software are considered as the best learning tools for nurses (Kerr 2020). 

The professionals can incorporate this technology by installing GoTo Meetings on every computer and allow nurses to install it on their laptops and gadgets to access it openly anywhere. A simple installation manual can be provided to students to create a more interactive environment in classroom and outside. 

NURS FPX 6109 Assessment 3 Educational Technologies Comparison


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