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NURS FPX 6021 Assessment 3 Quality Improvement Presentation Poster KG


NURS FPX 6021 Assessment 3 Quality Improvement Presentation Poster KG
The under diagnosis and the undertreatment of hypertension and COPD are vital issues. Typically, primary care involves addressing physical health disparities hypertension, depression and COPD. These problems have been impacting the lives of patients significantly and adversely. The problem of anxiety and hypertension is treatable and fully curable by using the quality initiatives Qi models we used in this scenario. The proper solution of this healthcare issue that is spreading is to offer the patients an adequate access to mental health facilities. This is a great way for us to devise and propose the change management models such as PDSA and strategies and tools to offer solutions like cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) to patients affected by mental disorders. The hospitals must also follow the educational strategies to train more nurses to conduct remote and collaborative CBT. The framework followed such as the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle can be a viable solution for growing patients that is the part of our change strategy in the organization to improve patients’ quality of life (Khan, 2019).

Quality Improvement Presentation Poster Kimberly Capella University Biopsychosocial Concepts for Advanced Nursing Practice I Quality Improvement Presentation Poster May, 2022
Quality Improvement Methods

NURS FPX 6021 Assessment 3 Quality Improvement Presentation Poster KG

Using the principles of change management, the QI methods are applied which form the desired outcomes of the current systems. Applying the Qi requires professionals to grasp earlier processes and for the management of anxiety, hypertension, and depression (Kyrou & Karteris, 2020).
For the improving of Polycystic ovarian syndrome PCOS treatment and outcomes, an action is devised to enhance the outcomes in that area. In addition to medications and physical symptoms, the professionals also solve problems to prevent under diagnosed of PCOS patients by using CBT Cognitive Behavioral Theory. This has helped to improve impaired glucose or metabolic imbalance.
Once the plan of action is proposed, the concept map was created to improve of interprofessional collaborations between professionals and patients and their families to raise satisfaction (Khan, 2019).
Through using judgments and non-discriminatory settings to improve the quality outcomes, it is possible to implement change to positively impact the hypertension patients’ conditions.
This cycle is reputed until the desired outcomes of care are achieved by integrating pharmacological interventions and with evidence-based practices (Sookoian & Pirola, 2019).
The Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) method is used to implement change for nurses. Going through the prescribed four steps guides, this model makes the thinking process easier by breaking tasks into steps (Donnelly, 2021).
Evidence Supporting QI Methods
Many scholars believe that in CBT therapy, the quality improvement comprises continuous, combined efforts of nurses and clients and many other stakeholders such as R& D professionals and surgeons to enhance the overall quality of patient care (Khan, 2019).
The Use of Benzodiazepines should be carefully done carefully and successfully to reduce headaches and tremors in hypertension patients (Kyrou 2020)
Patient-focused strategies better help the stakeholders to meet the particular needs of patients.
The success of the proposed strategies is vital and depending on the collaboration and communication and sharing capabilities of nurses and stakeholders.

NURS FPX 6021 Assessment 3 Quality Improvement Presentation Poster KG

Communication Quality Enhancement
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Overall Project Benefits

The change strategy proposes that there is a dire need for nurses to collaborate to introduce and integrate pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions (Borsches, 2019).
The teams of professionals can work closely and make bonds and groups to focus on a common organizational goal to improve patient care quality and safety through consistent communication.
The role of interprofessional collaboration is vital to identify gaps in patient safety and quality initiatives.
According to the study published by Lim (2014), the communication process is effective when it can enhance the level of pateints’ experience.

Communication quality can also help the professionals to reduce patients’ complaints and increases the confidence and self-knowledge in nurses.

It helps nurses to improve their professional standings.

It helps healthcare professionals to improve their career prospects and improve job satisfaction through using videoconferencing and remote collaboration tools.
Interprofessional Team Benefits
The evidence and the research suggest that the interprofessional approach that caters to PCOD and hypertension is vital for meeting the psychological and physiological needs of patients..
Using telehealth and automated tools and pharmacological methods, the professionals can benefit their organization as well as their clients.
Moreover, nurses and professionals should receive the training related to diabetes type 2 and hypertension to help pateints change behaviors and lifestyles.
These strategies will help the patients to improve exercise routines and will allow them to meet wellbeing goals. Moreover, nurses will also be able to control PCOD re-admissions and provide systematic visualizations of psychological interventions to build better relationships with the stakeholders.
The gaps in knowledge and financial resources’ utilization will also reduce due to the overall project implementation and technology adoption.
How Teamwork Will Improve the Efficiency of QI
Teamwork allows team members to incorporate their own thoughts and ideas and opinions to explore and discuss different opportunities and possibilities.

NURS FPX 6021 Assessment 3 Quality Improvement Presentation Poster KG

For fulfilling the team objectives, teamwork among stakeholders such as surgeons, nurses, patients, and pharmacists can help to raise their knowledge about change management and take necessary steps to form cohesion in teems to achieve targets.

Teamwork among team stakeholders can therefore allow everyone to “own” a part of the product or service in the healthcare industry to achieve the goals of patient safety and security.
Knowledge Gaps and Unknowns
Some nurses and leaders often arrive at wrong conclusions if the data received from the check phase is misinterpreted.

Researchers also observed that nurses having low knowledge of change management and its importance often show resistance to change and oppose measuring the success of these interventions and outcomes.


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