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NURS FPX 6008 Assessment 3 Attempt 1 Developing an Implementation Plan EZ

Developing an Implementation Plan

NURS FPX 6008 Assessment 3 Attempt 1 Developing an Implementation Plan EZ

The current report is based on the implementation plan for the initiative we chose in the previous report. The Prime Medical Center PMC recommended the initiative or the establishment of a new healthcare center with the name of SMARTHEALTH that was successfully assessed previously by our senior leaders and me. As a leading nursing professional, my role in this report is to shed more light on the budget for material decisions, staffing needs, and highlighting capital costs over the first five years of the SmartHealth initiative. This report will also talk about the projected earnings of the newly established organization that works for the quality and safety of community members and aims to improve the health of employees of PMC as well. The report will also include a timeline and how this project will impact the health of the community. Moreover, the report will also explain how the effects of environmental changes on the initiative will be presented for better outcomes.

Implementation Plan for a New Economic Opportunity

This economic initiative was presented to the senior management of Prime Medical Center who advised setting an emergency urgent SMARTHEALTH center to improve the immediate care facilities of injured and ill people. In the previous economic analysis, the environment analysis is crucial to determine the feasibility of setting up the new healthcare organization. The seniors have a faith that this new initiative will benefit the organization with the plan of using a 5-year budget plan. 

Budget for the Proposed Urgent Care Center

The organization has prepared a budget with the help of financial experts that helps to see the projected revenue and expenses of the new organization. For a period of five years, the assumption used to formulate the budget is that the project will be completed before 2027. The previous figures also show that almost 350 to 400 new patients will visit the new SmartHealth facility that will allow the organization to earn almost $156 per week. This makes that revenue for the initial year almost around $2,725,000. The revenge of the new hospital is expected to increase by 5.3% per alum. For the operating cost, SmartHealth will have to spend on expenses like utilities, staff salaries, insurance costs, and other operating expenses (NYAMUHUNGURU, 2018). The estimated staff salaries given are $232,000 to full time employees and doctors; nurses will receive almost $112,000 worth of salaries in three years. In the fourth and fifth year, the more staff will be added including practitioners and nurses to meet the needs of growing patients. The utilities expenses are expected to increase by 5% per alum as other operating expenses will also rise by almost 12%.

 The project had a total estimated cost of $350,000 that comprises the PMC reserves in addition to a bank loan. The company is expected to avail financial loan of $175,000 (the 50%) amount of the total costs for a period of 5 years with an interest rate is 7% per annum. That will comprise the payment of $41,580 yearly. Therefore, the total surplus of cash in the five years will be estimated at $7,783,369.30 as given in the Appendix below. 

The Impact of Proposed Initiative on Other Aspects of the Organization 

The rolling out of this important economic initiative will have tremendous impact on the other aspects of the organization.  In the first phase, the plan will be implemented to according to a timeline for rolling out the SmartHealth to the general public. The time that is estimated by the management is around two months for the PMC leaders to finally approve various aspects of this initiative and to obtain a bank loan. The total time period will take an estimated time of 7 months to complete for the SmartHealth project. This process is already being scheduled to start its work in July 2022 and is likely to continue till the year 2027. Moreover, the leaders also discussed with me the are strategies they should consider for the new facility to be fully operational from the first month of 2023. 

NURS FPX 6008 Assessment 3 Attempt 1 Developing an Implementation Plan EZ

This shows that all the stakeholders must take an active participation in this project to make it a huge success and ensure that it provides and produces better clinical outcomes and patient experiences to solve their urgent healthcare needs. The impact of this initiative will be huge on the other aspects of the organization. The physicians, the nurses, the Board of Directors, and administrative staff members will be all responsible for the successful deployment of the initiative. It is also vital for the stakeholders to collaborate and communicate with all internal stakeholders to obtain their inputs and feedbacks. The primary phases of the decision-making will include several online and in-house meetings with senior executives for analyzing the progress of SmartHealth and propose effective methods for improving the health care services (Mohamed et al., 2021).  

The Prime Medical Center has a reputation of focusing on vital areas of healthcare quality as revealed by the Institute of Medicine (IOM). These aspects of the organization are affected by this initiative. For example, the timeliness, safety, patient-focused approach, efficiency, equity, and effectiveness are the most important aspects which are impacted by this viable economic option or the initiative to serve the community. The initiative will help the other staff to accomplish the mission of the organization to meet their short- and long-term goals. Since the vital sources of income are patients in the health care business, if nurses focus on the patient-focused approaches and strategies, this wise move will definitely ensure receive quick and timely care of customers in all departments. Hence, from a standpoint of excellence of services in SmartHealth hospital, the care and quality aspect of the healthcare firm will be positively and significantly benefitted. As a result, the whole staff will be more motivated to remain empathetic vs non-empathetic and compassionate instead of ruthless 9 Kulshrestha et al., 2022).  

The challenge for most of the professionals in a truly ethically and culturally diverse workplace is that their attitude and behavior must possess the characteristics of culturally sensitive practices. This means that the current initiative will also aim to enhance the whole organizational culture in terms of communication and collaboration among stakeholders and customers. The stronger teams will be able to embrace communication for an effective mad prompt information delivery to the relevant people; this culture will encourage patient to improve their happiness, satisfaction and show more loyalty while staying at SmartHealth for their healthcare needs. Nurses will also make sure that there is complete adherence to the treatment plans. All these strategies will help the organization to improve its already increasing patents’ inflow which will be a great sign for raising the company’s goodwill in the market. In this manner, the healthcare initiative will become a successful and a sustainable healthcare business venture in the community of the United States. 

Moreover, the plan for the rollout of the new initiative if done in a holistic and ethical and culturally sensitive manner, the SmartHealth organization will be able to follow the guidelines and standards prescribed by the American Academy of Urgent Care Medicine (AAUCM) (Khaleeq et al., 2022). These standards and rules suggest that in the new organization, there will be no room for inappropriate and discriminatory cultural norms and practices such as discriminating against patients on the basis of their skin color, religion, sexual orientation, gender, age, or religion (Bubalo, 2021). The team of doctors, nurses, and the executive management will comprise a diverse workforce at the SmartHealth premises. They might also have some cultural differences and beliefs and lifestyles, however, familiarizing within appropriate health care delivery mechanisms that are culturally and ethnically diverse can help them relate to their patients’ effectively. By considering the unique socioeconomic, linguistic, and cultural needs of the pateints and other colleagues and stakeholders, the new initiative will contribute towards offering an unbiased service to everybody. Therefore, offering the ethically and culturally sensitive health care by all nurses and doctors will improve and raise the positive feelings in patients for fostering superior and holistic medical outcomes. 

According to Jukka Wala et al. (2019), the scholar argues that unless all the stakeholders in the healthcare organization fully engage in the process of patient care and quality delivery, achieving the center’s vision is hardly manageable. This statement holds true for the situation in which the rollout of the new healthcare initiative is being planned and its success significantly depends on the professional people to help PMC sustain its vision and mission for serving the community. However, it is worth mentioning that despite many positive aspects of this newly planned initiative in the healthcare sector to benefit the community, the implementation plan has some areas of uncertainty. For instance, for successfully carrying out the implementation plan of the new hospital SmartHealth, the organization is greatly relying on the timely disbursements provided by the bank loan money amount. The amount will be utilized to improve the construction of SmartHealth building and in the absence of a robot plan to disburse the amount on time, the rollout will become late. This will require creating and extending the current timeline for the construction phases. As a result, the whole plan will be suffering a delayed situation. 

NURS FPX 6008 Assessment 3 Attempt 1 Developing an Implementation Plan EZ

Furthermore, there lays the uncertainty regarding the actual number of patient visits at the premises of SmartHealth organization to match the volume of patients coming in. This problem will occur because the community may not have proper understanding of the advantages of getting the healthcare at SmartHealth due to the lack of ample and enough information. This may raise the chances of misinformation surrounding nurses and can also contribute towards their misunderstanding (Ghimire et al., 2019). 

The Prime Medical Center has been also facing the challenge of incurring financial losses due to COVID-19 and other economic reasons. The patient turnout has remained low for the past two years that needed a good initiative in the direction of positive revenue enhancements. Moreover, the aging population of patients in the hospital is also increasing that puts extra burden on the nurses who suffer from work-life imbalance and burnout. This new hospital creation will help to reduce the duties of nurses and will also help to improve the overall revenues of the organization with hundreds of new patients coming in for a treatment per week.  Hence, the overall burden on the lives of nurses and physicians will also reduce with more professional people always willing and motivated to facilitate a larger population of patients than it may have anticipated. This is one adverse aspect however that also requires the solution or mitigation upon the expansion of Prime Medical Center. This means that more workers should be hired in order to increase the working capacity of professionals in Prime Medical Center. This can happen by constructing more additional departments or medical centers in the nearby areas such as SmartHealth with the latest and modern facilities and medical equipment. 

Strategies to Deal with Dynamic Environmental Forces

There are several environmental forces such as one retail healthcare center within 3 kilometers of the organization. The management has considered this option of approving the establishment of SmartHealth because it helps significant number of patients to positively impact their urgent care needs by availing their services. However, the retail medical center near SmartHealth is the only average-sized healthcare facility that has some common key characteristics such as easy accessibility and providing services to patients in extended hours (Feng et al., 2019). The aspect of convenience is shared by both organizations in the area to provide affordable healthcare to the patients and employees. This shows that both of the medical centers are positive options for patients; in the long run, the analysis shows that SmartHealth can become more positive and beneficial for the community who aim to get instance and quick healthcare services from professionals with a greater readiness level. 

This ensures that the SmartHealth nurses and physicians are always 24/7 ready to provide the clients cost-effective and prompt emergency medicines while focusing on the vital blood tests compared to the retail clinic that only operates for 12 hours. Therefore, this makes the organization more capable of providing care with high accuracy and acceptability. This means by virtue, the new SmartHealth facility will provide convenient and quality health care services according to the mission of the PMC. Moreover, the personally and professionally, the new staff must keep and check their own biases under control and look through the lens of reality instead of emotions. Becoming aware of their own biases is beneficial for working safely with the stakeholders in a culturally diverse environment to make it truly ethical (Bubalo, 2021). This includes avenging personal questions and only asks questions from nurses related to services being provided. The professionals must avoid sharing personal views and try to allow more mental space for clients to make better decisions. Moreover, inviting more questions directly from the patients will also help them to feel confident and organize and prepare educational materials for the pateints to know their cultures and help them receive treatment in culturally appropriate ways. 

Strategies for Making the Organizational More Viable 

NURS FPX 6008 Assessment 3 Attempt 1 Developing an Implementation Plan EZ

The organization will always be economically viable by following a few strategies. The SmartHealth is an economically viable asset and a powerful initiative started by the Prime Medical Center for improving the revenues and impact of the organization. A major factor that can impact the SmartHealth is the competition that is rising in the area from upcoming medical centers in the vicinity (Bai et al., 2020). The viability of the organization depends on the holistic strategies and policies of care that will help the customers to opt for choosing and trusting SmartHealth over other medical centers in the area. The trust and the loyalty of customers will increase once the organization ensures regular patient checkups and will always help customers to receive the best equipment and diagnosis. Analyzing the patients’ views and beliefs related to healthcare to enhance the outcomes will improve their experiences. This viability strategy will surely increase and improve the patient visits to the medical center and will raise the trust level of stakeholders. Finally, the new medical center SmartHealth can become a strong competitor of the other firms providing the same services in the city and become a more viable asset of PMC in the unpredictable atmosphere by offering value-based payment and delivery methods and models through more innovation. The alliance with homeless shelters and other medical centers and churches will also help the organization to become more viable in terms of partnership and clinical quality enhancement. It will make the healthcare system stronger and well-organized by saving money and hassle. 


The current new SmartHealth proposal requires a significant budget that includes revenues and operating costs for the next five to three years to help the organization become economically viable. The ultimate commitment and cooperation of the nurses and other major stakeholders is the key to success of the new initiative. The professionals can face several dynamic environmental forces and plan collaboration and focus on team-based communication and culturally appropriate trends and practices to improve the care quality and sustainability initiative.  


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NURS FPX 6008 Assessment 3 Attempt 1 Developing an Implementation Plan EZ

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