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NURS FPX 4060 Assessment 2 Community Resources

NURS FPX 4060 Assessment 2 Community Resources

The American Red Cross, ARC, is a humanitarian organization formed in 1881. (American Red Cross, 2020). In addition, the American Red Cross is among the most well-known nongovernmental organizations dedicated to safeguarding health, lives, and all cultural traditions. The American Red Cross’s initial chapter aided military members /personnel and their associated families, as well as disaster relief in the U. S. and across the world. First aid, emergency preparedness, and health care nursing were all part of ARC’s initial agenda. those Individuals who are impacted by disasters in America, support and endorsement for military people and their families, blood collection, storage, and allocation, safety and health training and education (swimming lessons, CPR and the first aid guidance), and global relief and improvement are all sectors where the ARC offers care today (Our History, 2018). ARC also helps with the disasters like earthquakes, wildfires, droughts, floods, and healthcare outbreaks throughout the world, as well as disaster preparedness and ensuring that the child gets the immunizations they need to be healthy (International Services, 2018). Reduced disparities, health promotion, preventing illness, mutual harmony, community involvement, and international collaboration are the key concepts employed by this public health organization (Masic, 2018, p.2).

NURS FPX 4060 Assessment 2 Community Resources

Mission and Vision Statement

The American Red Cross’ objective is to protect and alleviate the human suffering during emergencies by relying on their workers and contributions for financial assistance (American Red Cross, 2020). Their statement of vision claims that a robust network of volunteers, sponsors, and partnerships are always there for their help in the hard times. They aim to put sympathy into intervention so that…all disaster victims seek healthcare, shelter, and satisfaction; communities are prepared in case of any disaster; everybody in the U. S. has direct exposure to secure, lifesaving blood donations; and all military members and their spouses and children obtain protection and encouragement when needed.  The American Red Cross, recognizes its responsibility to be there in times of need. Disaster assistance, assistance for military and their family members, blood donation provision, education, workplace safety training, and worldwide help and development are among the organization’s 5 instrumental functions (American Red Cross 2020). Humanity, providing humanitarian help to the injured, preventing and alleviating human suffering, and promoting shared trust, friendship, collaboration, and peace among everyone are among the core values of the Global Red Cross Network; neutrality, doesn’t really prejudice based on nationality, ethnic, creed, wealth, or political affiliation; same way impartiality, does not engage in political, racial group, or religious debates; It is a self-contained organization that preserves its independence. volunteer service, a volunteer aid effort with no monetary gain in mind; There is just one Red Cross society; universality refers to the fact that it is a global organization (Mission & Principles, 2018).

NURS FPX 4060 Assessment 2 Community Resources

Promotion of Equal Opportunity and Improvement of Quality of Life

The employees, supporters, and providers of the American Red Cross have a varied culture. They recognize the advantages of variety, like the ability to collaborate with locally and globally organizations to provide services suited to the populations they serve. The Supplier Diversity Program (SDP) seeks women, minority, veterans (abled and handicapped), and the business suppliers to reflect the communities serviced in order to enhance the company and community (Corporate Diversity, 2018). This initiative contributes to the economic vitality of the neighborhood, and the organization relies on having additional alternatives for purchasing more reasonably priced services. The American Red Cross makes a significant impact in communities through offering training like CPR, First Aid training, and AED that could save lives in a disaster. These seminars are open to the public as well as care providers. (2020, American Red Cross) The American Red Cross supports the military families by providing programs that help with dealing and reacting to changes for all military branches. The American Red Cross has been tasked with assisting over one million military families around the country by providing the services of the deployment assistance, financial services, emergency communication, community referral services, and working at military base hospitals. One of the ARC’s primary objectives is to improve people’s quality of life. When a crisis occurs, they are there to help with food, clothes, emergency medical treatment, and shelter, among other things. The aid doesn’t really end once the tragedy has occurred. They aid people and communities in order for them to heal from the consequences and recover to their previous way of life. These services are provided without discrimination and are available to anybody who is affected.

NURS FPX 4060 Assessment 2 Community Resources

Impact of Funding Sources, Policy, and Legislation

The American Red Cross is a nonprofit, tax-exempt charity organization having a unique relationship with the federal government, since they are permitted to carry out tasks given by the government owing to its approved charter (Our Federal Charter, 2018). Comply with Geneva Conventions, offer family communications and assistance to the troops, and support a database of domestic and international relief efforts in collaboration with the Federal Emergency Management Agency are just a few of the duties (Our Federal Charter, 2018). As a non-profit organization, the American Red Cross relies on public donations and acquire funds from healthcare services such as donated blood and safety and health training programmed to continue its vision and goal. (2020, American Red Cross) The medical service center receives and analyzes 40% of all blood in the United States, making it the country’s most prolific blood and blood product provider. This service is responsible for more than 90% of the organization’s funding. 2016 (Egan & Pravongviengkham). To keep its goal going ahead and acquire new supporters ready to give financial and blood donations to the organization, the American Red Cross must continually be in the public spotlight to promote awareness about programs and to acknowledge their donors’ contributions. Although working very closely with the federal government, the ARC is not a federal organization and does not get federal money; rather, they rely on public contributions, grants, and recovery costs for services like safety trainings and the blood products

NURS FPX 4060 Assessment 2 Community Resources

Impact on the Health and Safety of the Community

The Red Cross reacts to catastrophes of all kinds and locations around the United States. They help with not just the cleanup, as well as the recuperation, ensuring that victims receive food, housing, clothes, and medical attention. With initiatives like “Sound the Alarm,” they move besides being reactive and become proactive. The American Red Cross has helped to make society safer across the world by assisting with HIV prevention, measles prevention, disaster management, and humanitarian law.  Nurses and volunteers may help by providing free smoke alarm testing and replacement as well as fire prevention and safety education to households. These brief lectures can also be given by nurses to patients or their families. Through training classes, the American Red Cross teaches as well as equips approximately 5.9 million individuals with vital health, security, and preparation skills each year. 90 percent of the people who work for the American Red Cross are volunteers (2020, American Red Cross). These volunteers contribute to the organization’s progress and success toward its objectives. Nurses, on the other hand, have been at the heart of the organization since 1881, promoting health interventions, raise awareness of health issues in localities, and promoting a culture of health in the community. By raising the number of functional smoke alarms in at-risk neighborhoods, the Red Cross Home Fire Campaign hopes to minimize the number of fire injuries and deaths. They also provide a variety of community safety training, including such first aid, CPR, and swimming classes. 


When disasters/catastrophe strikes people or entire communities, the American Red Cross is available to assist in a variety of ways. This nonprofit organization is committed to the communities it serves, and it would not be able to achieve its goals without the help of countless volunteers. The ARC not only aids when it is required, but they also give training in order to better give care when it is needed. This organization has had and will continue to have an indelible local and worldwide influence.

NURS FPX 4060 Assessment 2 Community Resources


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