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NURS FPX 4060 Assessment 2 Community Resources EN

Community Resources- World Health Organization

NURS FPX 4060 Assessment 2 Community Resources EN

The World Health Organization (WHO) is a famous specialized Agency of UNO which was established in 1948. World Health Organization is headquartered in Geneva of Switzerland and it works for the whole world. The WHO is mainly concerned with the public health of the globe because it is purely an international organization (World Health Organization, 2019). Like all other agencies of UNO and UN itself provide technical support to different organizations and countries in the world, in the same way UNO cooperate with the health sectors of different countries to provide support. WHO coordinate the response of world to the emergencies of the health and promote healthier lives and outline the most ambitious goal for the glob to acquire good health for each and every individual on the earth. The WHO provides technical assistance to entities worldwide, for this purpose it convenes consultative meetings and scientific groups. The WHO conducts technical conferences training sessions with the health personals of different countries in the world.  WHO also provides fellowships for the member countries of UNIO and make them trained in public health. The WHO is an international Organization that’s why it tries its level best to perform fully in the area of public health in the whole world (WHO, 2021).

WHO performs myriad number of functions in the world but the most specific and special functions it performs in the world include the assistance and guidance of the health systems of different countries in the world. The major objective of WHO is to achieve the highest level of public health in the world. This organization makes relations with health administrations in different countries and other specialized agencies of UN. It also maintains good working relations with private national and International nonprofit Organizations. 

WHO also help national governments to strengthen their public health sectors. WHO is working hard for the eradication of diseases and promotes Child and maternal health. WHO is an international Organization which works for the mental health and medical research. This organization has the ability to develop standards related to food and other items especially pharmaceutical things in the International Level. WHO is working for the improvement of environmental health, nutrition and sanitation in the world. WHO has the power to propose agreements, regulations, conventions and recommendations about the public health of the world. It has also the power to consider the global nomenclature of illnesses causes of death and other public health services.

NURS FPX 4060 Assessment 2 Community Resources EN

The Mission and Vision of The Organization

The mission of WHO is to make the world a safe place for all human beings by promoting health in the world and its vision is a world of sound and healthy human beings. According to the mission and vision of WHO is the well-wisher of all the human beings on the earth. This mission and vision no doubt contribute for the betterment and development of public health and safety improvements in the world. Although the organization is a global one but the vision of the organization is also globalized one. The globalized vision of WHO contributes greatly for the betterment of public health in the whole world and it improve the safety measures in the world. A national Organization can think for a nation and a national government can only target his country but WHO has a greater mission for the whole world. The vision and mission of WHO is ideal to counter global pandemics in the world(World Health Organization, 2021) 

In the current Pandemic of COVID 19 it was clearly seen that the vision and mission of WHO contributed well in countering the menace of pandemic in the world. The overall approach of WHO towards Corona virus pandemic truly represented the broader vision and wide mission of WHO. Each country addressed the menace of corona virus in her own unique way but the WHO truly showed their leadership role during the years of Pandemic which was direly needed in the whole world. A global leadership and vision were absolutely required in the whole world which was performed by the WHO. 

Evaluation of Organization’s Ability to Promote Equal Opportunity

WHO is the representative of all the members of UNO in the world and it is playing its due role in the world in highly successful manner despite having many cultural, social and economic barriers of low economy countries of the world. The majority of world population lives in the low economy countries and majority of the human beings on the earth are facing poverty and scarcity of resources. WHO is trying to reach in the backward countries of the South pole and it also reaches in South America and Asia. Its cooperation with the health systems of poor countries like Pakistan Nepal India and other Asian countries is unprecedented in nature. The WHO is also trying to provide equal opportunities for all the human beings on the Earth. It is also working with developed countries like Japan (Fujita et al., 2020).  

NURS FPX 4060 Assessment 2 Community Resources EN

In the higher capacities of the Organizational structure mostly it has been witnessed that citizens of poor countries are performing their duties. WHO is one of the superior organizations as for as the promotion of equal opportunities to its member countries. Its work for the eradication of AIDs and HIV, its efforts for the eradication of POLIO and other viral disease from poor and backward regions of the world. Rich countries are not the bigger challenge for WHO while the citizens of poor and backward countries are great challenges for the WHO. WHO Provide assistance and guidance to those people who are living in an abject poverty. The vision of WHO is required to eradicate viral diseases from the poor countries of the world because viral diseases can be threat for any person in the world. The public health system of South African region and in many countries of Asia is very week and these countries need aid help and guidance from WHO which is provided by the world Health Organization.

Assessment on the Impact of Funding Sources

In the international Organizations and in the specialized agencies of UNO major powers of the world provide funding to these organizations. Higher economies like USA and European countries provide huge funding for the WHO. The major focus of WHO sometimes becomes less developed or least developed countries. Least developed economies provide less funding to the world international organizations. Those countries which provide much of the funding of these organization sometime dominate the decision-making process of these organization. This idea is noted by many developing countries of the world. 

The importance of funding in organization cannot be ignored because funds are the major sources which run the organizations, funds are the major source which act as the blood of the Organization. Those countries like US which provide much of the funding of WHO and other agencies of the UNO influence the decision-making process of the WHO. In the case of WHO, many rich countries where the health system is up top dated do not need further support and aid of WHO but those countries where abject poverty is rampant always need findings from international Organizations. WHO has the power to realize that diseases in any country can be threat for the whole humanity that’s why it is working on the eradication of disease in all kinds of countries in the world (Impouma et al., 2021). 

NURS FPX 4060 Assessment 2 Community Resources EN

Impact of the Organization’s Work

The work of WHO impacts the health and safety needs of the global community. first of all, the existence of WHO itself creates an impact in the world that there is an organization which aims to work for all the human beings. The vision and mission for all human beings create a best impact in the minds of each individual in this world. In the present era of social media WHO has reached to almost billions of people on the earth. This Organization is acting as a health inspector of the world which was witnessed in the pandemic of Corona Virus. WHO is providing information to almost all the human beings on the social media and it indirectly serve all the human beings through training sessions, seminars and courses of personals related to health sectors of different countries of the world. Diseases like typhoid and other diseases are also the major concern of WHO in different regions of the world (World Health Organization, 2019). All the nurses in the world should act as a representative of WHO because it belongs to all the humans of the earth. It is working for the development of health system of the world. Nurses should follow the works of WHO through online sessions and through social media. Nurses can also join the fellowship programs of WHO. The online existence of WHO is giving more than thousand chances for the nurses to get involved in the programs of the WHO. WHO is the Organization which is propagating the dignity of the practitioners of medical field and nurses in the world (Zhang, 2021). 


Thus, WHO is an international organization which has a globalized vision for the health system of the world. It is assisting the health sectors of different countries of the world and working for the betterment of health of each individual in the planet earth. WHO has improved the public health system of the world and it is creating an impact in the whole world regarding safety improvements.


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