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NURS FPX 4060 Assessment 2 Community Resources CG

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

NURS FPX 4060 Assessment 2 Community Resources CG

 The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is a U.S. human health organization and a vital component of the health and human services department. The core missions of the CDC are to prevent, promote and enhance preparedness for fighting diseases by the United States. However, the CDC also seeks partnerships with other health organizations worldwide to achieve this. For instance, to promote health, the CDC engaged in different programs that educate the public about different diseases and the measures that should be taken to prevent them. The CDC also engages in scientific studies of diseases to prevent spread by identifying the causes and preventive measures. The CDC collaborates with other health organizations to conduct scientific research about dangerous health threats and initiate measures to protect the public against their health impacts. Some of the approaches that the CDC takes to protect the public against health threats are the promotion of vaccination of the U.S. population initiating management and preventive measures of chronic diseases, among other health risks. In general, CDC’s primary role is to improve overall public health, save lives and protect the public from health threats. 

  The CDC’s vision is to ensure public safety and protection against health threats. The association achieves this through collaboration with other health organizations to conduct scientific research and lab analysis to identify the causes of the diseases and other health threats and find solutions and preventive measures. The organization also conducts studies to detect new germs and diseases, causes, and preventive measures. CDC also studies diseases, their origin, and causes and identifies preventive measures to protect the public against the health threats and impacts of search diseases. Through elaborate scientific studies and collaboration with other health organizations, CDC presents a new approach to community health and healthcare, in general, reducing waste and protecting and saving the lives of the public. The organisation’s goal is to design a different approach to public health through scientific research of diseases and to encourage collaboration with a different health organization. The aim is to protect Americans against different health threats. 

NURS FPX 4060 Assessment 2 Community Resources CG

The Associations Ability to Promote Equal Opportunity and Improve Life Quality

  In 2015, the CDC introduced the Community Health Improvement Navigator, a tool for assessing community health needs to determine the effective approaches to address the identified needs. The goals of this invention were to develop a tool to assist healthcare organizations in collaboration with the community partners with a device that can identify health threats and interventions that can be adopted to protect the communities. The Community Health Improvement Navigator focus are the seven health risk factors in the United States. However, to make the system more effective, it can be modified based on the varying health issues experienced by the communities. The interventions identified by the Community Health Improvement Navigator can also be filtered to conform to the health issues of a specific community. For instance, since every community has different factors contributing to the health threats, the Community Health Improvement Navigator is modifiable to conform to clinical care, health behaviours, physical environment, social and economic factors that contribute to health threats in a particular community. 

  The CDC has also developed the 6|18 Initiative to enable it to partner with the relevant healthcare organizations to prevent common health threats to the U.S. population. The 6|18 Initiative provides 18 evidence-based interventions to the six common health conditions among the U.S. population. Apart from providing interventions for the six common health threats to the U.S. population, the 6|18 Initiative provide information about different other approaches that can be adopted for healthy treats. 6|18 Initiative focuses on the prevention interventions, quality care and coverage of certain health conditions. The 6|18 Initiative also encourages collaboration and partnership between CDC and other healthcare organization to protect the public against health threats from six identified health conditions. Through the 6|18 Initiative, CDC also provides information about health risks to the U.S. population to partners such as healthcare organizations and other players in public health, including non-governmental organizations to public health. 

NURS FPX 4060 Assessment 2 Community Resources CG

Impact of Funding Sources, Policy, and Legislation on the Organization’s Service Provision 

  The CDC public health policies enhance community protection against health risks. The CDC achieves this by formulating policies that enable it to work with the relevant health partners to identify opportunities to work together towards the well-being of the community by protecting the public against health risks. The CDC also complies with the public health laws to promote quality and safer care for the communities. The benefit is the improvement of care safety, and quality by ensuring the healthcare providers comply with Public Health Laws in providing care to the public. The CDC also influences the federal and state laws by recommending the matters that affect public health in different communities. Since different public health laws affect the communities in different ways, CDCs ensures that they promote protection against health risks. The CDC also advises states and federal government on the impact of public health laws on the community and recommend the changes that can be made to enhance their effectiveness and legality in public health. The CDC also partners with both the federal and state governments in responding to health emergencies. Based on the nature of the public health emergencies, the CDC facilitates the coordination of responses and partnerships with the relevant bodies to protect the public and prevent the negative impacts of health emergencies. Through the President’s Budget request, the CDC can provide basic and vital health services and support to the communities domestically and internationally. The President’s Budget request enables the CDC to purchase vaccines and contract different healthcare organizations to protect the public against health risks. Some of the functions of the CDC enabled by the President’s Budget request are the acquisition of I.T. infrastructures for community public health and vaccination of the specific population. 

Impacts on the Local Community Health and Safety Needs 

 Through its (HI-5) five-year impact policy, the CDC focuses on identifying the social determinants of health to make a lasting health outcome. The HI-5) policy promotes community protection against health risks and health promotion interventions and strategies. This policy focuses on health conditions in different communities that emerge due to social or economic factors. Through this policy, CDC has partnered with other healthcare officials such as nurses to make a difference in the communities. For instance, through this program, the nurses can provide their services to the community in partnership with other healthcare providers. The nurses can also involve the stakeholders such as the youths to create awareness or eradicate health risks such as drug and substance abuse. The nurses can also work with the government or the political class to intervene in the health risks in the community.


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NURS FPX 4060 Assessment 2 Community Resources CG

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