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NURS FPX 4060 Assessment 1 Practicing in the Community to Improve Population Health

Community Health Concern of Tobacco Use: The Analysis

NURS FPX 4060 Assessment 1 Practicing in the Community to Improve Population Health

 The role of public health nurses in Vila Health Hospital is not limited to boosting patients’ well-being; they also have to focus on the education of lung cancer patients which requires thinking about their strategy in terms of an actionable plan to prevent further health complications. The increasing number of lung cancer patients in the hospital call for desperate measures for the management to prepare a vital plan. The management has considered several factors such as racial, demographic, and cultural factors of lung cancer patients. The patients have been using tobacco products like Hookah and cigarettes heavily and this healthcare plan aims to help cancer patients in Vila Hospital according to the given case scenario. 

Researchers believe that there is a strong relationship exists between the quality of life of lung cancer patients and the right interventions provided by the nurses. This calls for a robust healthcare plan to help these patients thrive.  These patients involved in consuming e-cigarettes had damaging smoking habits; which is why community health nurses will interact face-to-face with two particular patients and analyze their current situation to apply the intervention plan to reduce their sufferings. According to Salehiniya (2022), the cause of lung cancer is mainly due to pulmonary disease (COPD) which also causes breathing problems and starts deteriorating breathing. These patients had been severely abusive in their spouse relationships and they need a lifestyle and mindset change in order to overcome smoking addiction. These two patients had slowly increased their tobacco consumption over the course of fifteen years and their blood samples show proof that tobacco has been causing lung cancer and weight loss. Moreover, the signs of influenza were also found in these patients.

Why Addressing This Concern is Vital to Create a Plan?  

NURS FPX 4060 Assessment 1 Practicing in the Community to Improve Population Health

The creation of this healthcare plan is vital because of the severity of this community health concern in the United States. Our public health nurses are qualified to tackle difficult situations, however, in the absence of a clear roadmap of guidelines to follow; their role becomes less effective for treating patients with lung cancer and avoiding re-admissions (Salehiniya, 2022). Since the patient population is suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), the American population is slowly drowning in the addiction to tobacco with more than 14% of people smoking various types of harmful products containing tobacco in 2019 (Rivera et al., 2020). Such patients cause serious problems for doctors and nurses because their conditions (mental well-being and physical problems) sometimes overwhelm nurses to take appropriate actions and they show signs of lung cancer, influenza, red eyes, dizziness, heart complications, and dementia. Therefore, this particular issue is vital to solve for the management of Vila Health Hospital. Moreover, researchers also argue that the harmful and adverse lifestyle of these patients is also a menace to their well-being (Jeon, 2018). This tobacco addiction issue must be solved as soon as possible because any delay in such conditions could be disastrous for public health to solve the health problems of lung cancer patients.  Moreover, the behavior of such patients also demonstrates adverse consequences and ramifications on their bodies. Vila Health Centre must propose a good plan to help nurses directly involved with effective communication to help these patients overcome their issues.  

Patient Demographics

    According to a patient study, these individuals are between the ages of 42 and 48. Belonging to the white race, Mr. Michael is 42 years who was a former chef in a Chinese restaurant; he has been a drinker and smoker for thirty years. Dominic is the other patient who is 48 and belongs to a middle-class family whose parents died when he was 17 and he had to quit his school to work low-paid jobs.  Both patients made no efforts to reduce their smoking habits which lead to negative outcomes related to their health. Both patients also had bad relationships with their spouses. 

Social, Economic, and Lifestyle Behaviours of Patients 

    The analysis of these patients shows that psychological conflicts with their spouses caused social unrest which led to heavy consumption of cigarettes. Smoking beamed the risk factor for spreading cancer in their lungs. This is backed by the evidence by Henley (2018) that smoking habits can be a direct result of failure in relationships and socioeconomic issues. This requires creating SMART goals for helping these individuals.  

SMART Health Goals   

Creating SMART health goals requires nurses to work closely with these patients and make them friends. These goals must be specific, realistic, measurable, timely, and attainable (Chow et al., 2020). This is the reason why nurses should identify the needs of these patients and educate them about their health problems and adverse habits to decide the best treatments and medications. This requires a good plan to educate other nurses to follow the educational programs to improve the immature behaviors of patients. The following SMART goals will help nurses to improve the health of these patients.     

  1. Prepare a patient survey and gather the right information to identify their addiction patterns and behavior to educate nurses.  
  2. Improve collaboration with patients and treat them with respect to know their feelings.
  3. Plan and research various treatment choices available.
  4. Help patients with motivational techniques to quit smoking.
  5.  Identify barriers in meeting these goals 


        The discussion concludes that nurses must increase their education and knowledge in order to use evidence-based techniques for improving lung cancer patients’ health. The creation of a robust action plan based on SMART goals is indispensable to reducing the smoking addiction of patients. The negative behaviors and lifestyle patterns of patients can improve if nurses focus on meeting their goals and work effortlessly on this health promotional plan.

NURS FPX 4060 Assessment 1 Practicing in the Community to Improve Population Health


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NURS FPX 4060 Assessment 1 Practicing in the Community to Improve Population Health

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