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NURS FPX 4060 Assessment 1 Health Promotion Plan EN

Health Promotion Plan

NURS FPX 4060 Assessment 1 Health Promotion Plan EN

Nurses play an important and crucial role in society and community in giving awareness to the population. Public health nurse act as an agent in the fight against diseases in a community and they are called the front-line workers in health disasters and in times of endemics. Tobacco use is one the biggest health concern in the whole world which is sabotaging the health of the smokers and those who are living near smokers and even it provides swear threats to environment where we dwell (Terry, 2018). 

Analysis of the Selected Issue 

Tobacco use is considered the most disastrous for the health of an individual it creates lung cancer, it creates diabetes, blood pressure and heart attack. (Onor et al., 2017). Smokers are not only the victims of tobacco but they are making other healthy persons who live in their vicinity as victims of their smoking. Smokers are inhaling CO2 while non-smokers who live with smokers are inhaling Carbon monoxide. Tobacco use is responsible for early deaths in the society.in many societies smoking a cigarette has become a fashion that’s why many people do not even know the dangers of smoking. It is considered the 4th health hazard and second biggest reason of morbidity in the world (Juranic et al.,2017). Teenagers of many societies follow the movie stars and they use cigarette as a fashion, some youngsters even consider it a new experience and the do it as a fashion in reality tobacco use is neither a fashion nor a good experience but it’s just a habit which is haunting the health of an individual. Nurses of the public health can play a vital role in the cessation of tobacco use in any community by working on a concrete plan but for that purpose public health nurses would require a smart work to be performed in the community. Public health nurses can work with the law-and-order institutions in the cessation of tobacco use in the public places. Through reaches public health nurses can invent new ways and methods to deal with the user of tobacco and addicts of tobacco in the community

NURS FPX 4060 Assessment 1 Health Promotion Plan EN

The Importance of Addressing a Concern to Make a Plan

Addressing a health concern is much needed task before making a plan. The menace of tobacco using is one of the fatal habits of many communities and it is very much important to address this concern before making a health plan. Usage of tobacco is inducing diseases in the society and a good health plan is aimed the minimize disease in community. Before addressing the concern of tobacco use if we make a plan for a population then it would not be a wise decision.  There are various kinds of using tobacco, all kinds of tobacco using are risky for the human life. Use of tobacco is dangerous for the smoker himself; it Is dangerous for the persons who are living in the company of that smoker and it is dangerous for the whole environment which is a common danger for all those living in that environment. Without addressing the issue of smoking in different components of the society it would be a herculean task to achieve good outcomes of a health plan in a community or in a society. (Nida, 2021). If the use of tobacco is not curtailed properly then it would be a threat for health promotion plans and it will create new complexities in a population.

Patient Demographics

The patients’ ages range from 40 to 50, according to the report. Mr. Lee is 42 years old and used to work in a restaurant. He had been a smoker for about 33 years at least. The patient study strongly demonstrated that his increased cigarette intake is due to his conflicts with his family members. Tobacco usage exacerbated his lung cancer and lead to COPD. This really is critical in order to set SMART goals for assisting persons who’ve been consumers of cigarette use. 

NURS FPX 4060 Assessment 1 Health Promotion Plan EN

SMART Agreed upon Health Goals

There are myriad number of goals of the health promotion plan but some goals are much important for this portion plan otherwise the plan would have of no use. Public health nurses can bring revolutions in the area of public health when they achieve the goals of health promotion plans. Public health nurses should closely study the causes and major reasons of the use of tobacco and for this purpose they would have to make good connections with addicted smokers of tobacco in a given area (Christian Swan et al.,2022). The goals and the objectives of the public health nurses should be measure able, attainable, and time bound. Although goals can be comprehensive and long termed but the smart goals are considered ideal goals while making a smart plan or working on a smart plan. The major goals of the strategy include the selected patient and this is important data for a clinician performing study in a community. There ought to be certain SMART agreed upon goals for the selected patient. Patients should be assured that a regular walking of at least twenty minutes is required (Kryzanowski 2019).

  1. To assure the usage of some alternative, such as vape and e cigarettes, until rehabilitation from cigarette habit is achieved.
  2. The use of alcohol increases the use of Tobacco that’s why the use of alcohol should be curtailed in the addicted people of smoking. 
  3. Different habit like the habit of drinking tea and drinking juices can also be an alternate of smoking to some extent and such methods should be taught to the patients.
  4. The relation of a nurse and patient in a community should be very good because the cooperation between these two groups can bring a real change in a community.
  5. Patients should eat a well-balanced diet to get greater resilience and endurance to quit smoking.


In a community the role of a public health nurse cannot be ignored. As for as the health promotion plans in communities, they are much concerned with the public health nurses because they play a vital role in the implementation of such plans. The authenticity of research conducted by the nurses is direly needed for the making and implementations of health promotion plans. The cessation of the use of tobacco no doubt a prerequisite to implement a health promotion plan in a community.


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