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NURS FPX 4030 Assessment1 Locating Credible Databases and Research JJ

NURS FPX 4030 Assessment1 Locating Credible Databases and Research JJ


Nurses in healthcare settings have to deal with depression and anxiety patients every day. Evidence-based practices (EBP) are essential patient care tools that help practitioners to make savvy diagnoses and treatment decisions. Psychiatric and mental health issues such as depression are increasing in the United States. According to Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), this mental illness is affecting over 40 million people above 18 years (Kilcrease, 2021). The fact remains that someone feeling anxiety also faces a depression problem. Anxiety and depression treatment requires nurses to provide a high-quality and accurate treatment to effectively deal with this disease. Therefore, nurses’ competence and decision-making can be enhanced using EBPs that help them to perform effectively. 

This assessment is related to a new staff nurse assigned to a patient suffering from anxiety and depression for several years. Since this is the first major patient nurse is handling in these settings, she needs assistance in handling evidence-based practices to improve her diagnosis. The goal of this report is to identify the best communication strategies that senior nurses can use to research the patient’s diagnosis with confidence and solid evidence (Berg, 2017). The purpose is saved by researching and selecting the five best scholarly sources to facilitate the research process with credible data and information related to depression diagnosis. This report will help the new and experienced nurses to identify the best evidence-based resources and will explain why these sources are the most appropriate for handling this type of issue. 

Communication Strategies for Nurses 

Senior nurses can teach communication and interaction skills to new nurses. Sadly, many nurses in the United States complain that their overall practice is affected adversely by lack of communication that causes stress in the office (Kilcrease, 2021). This means that experienced nurses must identify their personal strength and weaknesses and help them communicate openly. New teaching methods should be considered by leaders and old nurses to encourage new nurses speak effectively. According to Berg et al (2021), nurses must be trained to improve non-verbal communication, active listening, developing compassion, and empathy with patients and their seniors. Since every patient is unique in the hospital, nurses must also be taught cultural awareness to effectively communicate with patients with different backgrounds and countries. Mentors should demonstrate strong leadership skills and respectfulness. Moreover, nurses must be providing proper feedback to enhance their learning process. This means that nurses can learn significantly from online video trainings and educational websites to improve their overall communication. 

NURS FPX 4030 Assessment1 Locating Credible Databases and Research JJ

The Best Online Resources for this Research 

Using an unverified or less credible source can be tempting for mentors because all the information is not credible. The online environment is full of false information; which is why, this report uses CRAAP Test method that provides a checklist to effectively evaluate any online resources. For instance, CRAAP Test provides a comprehensive list of questions to prove the reliability of a source. It is a highly-praised and commonly used method for online content evaluation. CRAAP stands for currency, relevance, authority, accuracy, and purpose (Ashman, 2021). Moreover, nurses should also consult the hospital library and other policy manuals to get guidelines to complete their research. 

The Five Credible Resources for Effective Diagnosis

The CRAAP test is applied by the nurses to identify the best relevant resources to diagnose depression and anxiety in the patient. The test allowed nurses to identify the five best credible resources. These resources include “The American Journal of Psychiatry”, “Wiley Online Library- Depression and Anxiety publications”, “Journal of Depression and Anxiety”, “ClinMed International Library”, “Open Journal of Depression and Anxiety”. These resources are based on their usefulness to the nurses and patients. Out of these five sources, three will be selected that will accurately help to address the issue of depression and anxiety in the patient. 

Why The Five Sources Selected Offer the Best Evidence? 

These five sources are selected because they successfully provide the best access and knowledge related to the issue of anxiety, depression, and mental stress. These journals and websites contain many scholarly articles, fully-research papers, and peer-reviewed publications to help healthcare leaders, nurses, and other scholars (Kilcrease, 2021). This means that selecting these journals will enable mentors and nurses to conduct evident-based research on the selected disease to find the best diagnosis and treatment. Backed by strong data and evidence, the best thing about these sources is that they are regularly updated with new articles and present latest findings of researchers. Moreover, three most relevant resources out of the five include “The American Journal of Psychiatry”, “Open Journal of Depression and Anxiety”, and “ClinMed International Library. Most of the relevant information in these sources is available free and help nurses adopt the best evidence based practices in their research.

NURS FPX 4030 Assessment1 Locating Credible Databases and Research JJ

  1. “The American Journal of Psychiatry” contains many evidence-based practices and guidelines for treatment of adults’ depression. 
  2. Wiley Online Library- Depression and Anxiety publications provide researchers to have access of extensive collection of online multidisciplinary resources to promote knowledge about different subjects. Discovering depression is easy using several latest publications. 
  3. Journal of Depression and Anxiety is an open access peer-reviewed resource for researchers and mentors for patients having depression, panic attacks, and anxiety disorders with EBPs explained. 
  4. ClinMed International Library is a credible and well-known publisher to more than 50 journals. It covers all major disciplines of medicine and mental illness. It is the best resources for medical healthcare professionals and students. 
  5. Open Journal of Depression and Anxiety is another peer-reviewed and open access journal that offers researchers, teachers, and students’ information on psychopathology and explains treatment using evidence-based researches. 


Mentoring and coaching are vital in healthcare settings that are conducted by senior medical officers or experienced nurses to empower their subordinates to access the best research resources. The Evidence-Based practices help researchers and nurses to find the most suitable and credible information to help diagnose a problem. The humble support by leaders and other experience nurses helped the new nurse to make an informed patient diagnosis. Using the CRAAP test, this essay proves that the best online resources selected to diagnose depression and anxiety is legitimate and well mentioning.

NURS FPX 4030 Assessment1 Locating Credible Databases and Research JJ


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NURS FPX 4030 Assessment1 Locating Credible Databases and Research JJ

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