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NURS FPX 4010 Assessment 3 Interdisciplinary Plan Proposal NB

NURS FPX 4010 Assessment 3 Interdisciplinary Plan Proposal NB

Assessment 3: Interdisciplinary Plan Proposal

Objectives of Interdisciplinary Plan

The following plan is based on the conducted interview that helped to identify an organizational issue and aims to present a goal or an objective for designing the right interdisciplinary intervention to resolve the issue and to achieve specific patient outcomes. The plan incorporates and builds on change, leadership, and collaboration literature and theories to achieve the desired outcomes for the organization. The current plan will explore the literature based on these aspects of organizational performance to determine the success of the plan. since the hospital’s need for emergency services often exceed available resources for patient treatment, the issue of crowding is creating a problem or hurdle for practitioners. The emergency departments (EDs) are often found overcrowded with patients that leads to delayed response and more doctor visits (Hsu, 2019). Moreover, the literature states that hospital must not exceed 85% of its bed limits; hence, this issue must be mitigated. This issue also results in ambulance delays and medical mistakes. 

Issue Identification

A great threat for the safety of patients and overall community health in the US is surely growing crowd in hospitals. Especially, emergency department (ED) overcrowding is spreading so quickly that it is becoming a menace for the society in need of public health facilities. Since emergency departments often play a crucial role in saving lives of cancer and other serious patients, unavailability of EDs can surely jeopardize the safety of patients (Lindner, 2020). The main reason identified for this phenomenon is the inadequate patient population in emergency departments; this means that patients with severe cancer issues are often have to wait till they are placed in the ED that is already full to its current capacity. 

NURS FPX 4010 Assessment 3 Interdisciplinary Plan Proposal NB

Change Theory to Help Interdisciplinary Team Succeed

Many internal and external factors contribute to optimizing the performance of EDs that suffer from patient overflows. Using the right change theory, a guideline can be provided to nurses as a framework for implementing change in the emergency departments to reduce their populations. It helps health care organizations to enact change successfully. For example, considering Planned Change Theory by Watson and Westley explains the importance of a change agent and their responsibilities and roles compared to the process of change (Velt, 2018). This change model has several steps such as problem diagnosis, assessment of change agent’s motivation, formulating change goals and reasons, and maintains the implemented change in the future. This model is useful in the case of the hospital in the report berceuse it helps to focus on those who are most affected by the required change. The Theory also lays emphasis on leadership and effective communication to solving the issue of overcrowding with management’s ability to implement change and solve problems. This change theory is vital and effective in multidiscipline practices because it lays emphasis on long-term goals of the organization. Lewis explains that change should be implemented later and identified first. This helps nurses and healthar reorganizations to progress towards the achievement of desired outcomes (Wang, 2018). Therefore, Lewin’s concept of nursing change cans significant impact the organization to overcome resistance to change. 

Leadership Strategies

The improvement of health outcomes can start with developing the right leadership strategies to proactively focusing on the current problems. Many factors can be considered before devising a leadership strategy such as self-awareness, strategic planning and management, interpersonal communication skills, integrity, and vision (Velt, 2018). Leaders should develop change by demonstrating their interdisciplinary leadership skills that involve making a plan that is supported in the light of evidence-based practices and transparently allows assessment of overcrowding issue after implementing the plan. For example, this should include doing data-driven leadership and promoting accountability to form an organization and strong system across the emergency department to enhance the situation. Moreover, hospital administrators and nursing leaders should share their ideas for reducing the patient burden on ED beds. Therefore, a shift in mindset and attitude of the staff managing the ED department will help to reduce overcrowding issue. 

Team Collaboration Strategy

  A healthy collaboration environment is difficult to create at a workplace, but this goal can be achieved using the following strategies: 

NURS FPX 4010 Assessment 3 Interdisciplinary Plan Proposal NB

Rewarding the Employees 

Recognizing the job performance of the best and well-rounded employees who achieve the set goals is vital to improve teamwork and collaboration (Lindner, 2020). These employees can work with shared accolades. For example, some employees can spend some money and purchase an extra bed to donate to the hospital for coping the needs of the emergency department. Or, some employees can generate positive interactions between team members by appreciating them no matter how they perform. 

Incorporating Collaboration in Daily Assignments 

When leaders integrate collaboration in daily responsibilities of employees, this improved the culture of sharing knowledge and building strong teams, leading to overall improvement in collaboration, 

Incorporating Actions that Help to Build Teams

A great interdisciplinary strategy is to include activities that forester team-building that does not involve spending huge costs. For example, the challenge of Magazine Story can be created that requires each member of the team to create a robust magazine cover that include images and it shows the accomplishment of business goals. The implications of cooperation’s on interdisciplinary teams can be enhanced knowledge-sharing and better decision-making (Harrou, 2020). 

Organizational Resources 

This step of the plan involves organizational resources of the hospital in a way that a savvy financial budget is created after keeping in mind the requirements and goals of the plan. For example, the employees and nurses should provide complete explanation of costs incurred in the emergency department including keeping the lights on at night. This will help to improve the hospital budget. The management should devise a solution to reduce re-admissions in the emergency department. Due to health insurers, the cost of readmissions can be significant (Harper, 2019). Moreover, the hospital should make agreements with vendors that any wear and tear of furniture or a bed would be paid by the vendor during the warranty period to reduce the maintenance cost. Moreover, cost of emergency rooms and wards should be reduced by following the certain procedures that show resources are managed well. Moreover, the hospital should reduce the cost of treatment of per patient and also discharge them without delay to make way for the next patient. The time spent by each doctor or nurses per patient should be reduced to reduce overall emergency departments’ costs (Chan, 2017). The budget can be as follows: 

NURS FPX 4010 Assessment 3 Interdisciplinary Plan Proposal NB

  • Oxygen budget     4.9%
  • X-Ray budget 3%
  • Food 3%
  • Uniforms and cleaning 2.7%
  • Pharmaceuticals 3.4% 

Questions and Predictions 

The staffing needs for this plan include increasing the number of supervisors in the emergency ward in addition to night time nurses. To implement the plan, the HR must interview new candidates and hire them on the basis of their best qualifications and communication skills. This will decrease the delayed response to patient needs. 

The hospital may need some new office supplies and equipment needed for emergency department to improve the services and reduce the impact of overcrowded ED. The department needs at least five new ventilators, beds, and syringe pumps. The organization does not have these equipment and supplies. The unit cost of each ventilator will be approximately $50,000; each bed would cost $4500 and $450 for each syringe pump. 

The patients and the emergency department will need these equipments in order to reduce the problem of overcrowding. Moreover, the total financial budget allocated for the plan is almost $80,000. There will be no access charges and these costs are associated with resource acquisition.


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NURS FPX 4010 Assessment 3 Interdisciplinary Plan Proposal NB

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