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NURS 6050 Week 2 Policy & Advocacy for improving population health


The purpose of this paper is to describe the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic in the United States, compare the approaches of two presidents in handling the issue, and present a fact sheet for communicating with policymakers/legislators. This paper also highlights the importance of including COVID-19 in the agenda for legislation and discusses the role of nurses in agenda-setting for healthcare issues.

COVID-19 as a Population Health Concern:

The COVID-19 pandemic, caused by the novel coronavirus, has had a profound impact on public health, social life, and the economy. It spreads rapidly and poses significant challenges to the healthcare industry worldwide (Miller, et al., 2021). NURS 6050 Week 2 Policy & Advocacy for improving population health 

Approaches of Previous and Current Presidents:

President Trump, during his administration, implemented measures such as closing borders, shutting down the economy, and collaborating with the CDC and FDA to develop guidelines and vaccines. President Biden, after taking office, acted swiftly by listening to scientific experts, enforcing social distancing and mask mandates, providing stimulus checks, and ensuring the availability and distribution of vaccines (The White House, 2019; The White House, 2020).

Allocation of Resources:

Both President Trump and President Biden allocated resources to address the COVID-19 issue. They provided stimulus checks to the American people, invested in vaccine manufacturing and distribution, and focused on ensuring healthcare workers were adequately equipped and compensated (The White House, 2020). NURS 6050 Week 2 Policy & Advocacy for improving population health 

Agenda Comparison Grid Analysis:

The CDC and FDA are the key administrative agencies responsible for addressing the COVID-19 pandemic due to their expertise in disease control, identification, and vaccine development (Quinn, et al., 2021). These agencies are essential in making recommendations and speeding up the production and approval of drugs and vaccines.

Presidential Agenda and COVID-19:

COVID-19 has gained prominence on the presidential agenda due to its global impact and the continuous discovery of new variants by the CDC. As long as the virus remains a significant public health concern, it will continue to receive attention from policymakers (The White House, 2020).


Chris Rock, who experienced COVID-19 himself and advocated for vaccination, could be an effective entrepreneur/champion for the COVID-19 healthcare issue (The White House, 2020). NURS 6050 Week 2 Policy & Advocacy for improving population health 

Fact Sheet for Policymakers/Legislators:

The fact sheet emphasizes the impact of COVID-19 on healthcare workers, the need for adequate resources and equipment, the importance of telehealth, and the challenge of vaccine hesitancy. It highlights the significant loss of lives and the need for legislative action to ensure the CDC and FDA work together to combat the virus (Malaquias, et al., 2021; Chen et al., 2020a).

Role of Nurses in Agenda-Setting:

Nurses play a vital role in agenda-setting for healthcare issues as they advocate for patients and witness firsthand the gaps in healthcare systems. Their expertise, skills, and understanding of patient needs make them effective communicators with policymakers (Okuyan & Begen, 2021).


The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact globally and in the United States. The response of both President Trump and President Biden has been crucial in addressing the issue. It is essential to include COVID-19 in the legislative agenda and recognize the role of nurses in advocating for improved healthcare.

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