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Here is the sample “NURS 6030 Assessment 1 Conference Call Scheduling and Notes“.

NURS 6030 Assessment 1 Conference Call Scheduling and Notes

I had a comprehensive discussion regarding several topics of both my practicum and capstone project with my instructor [Instructor’s Name], my preceptor [Preceptor’s Name], and myself on the conference call that happened on [insert date]. My practicum updates mentioned the beneficial tactics I followed as well as the favorable feedback I received from patients and coworkers. However, I also mentioned the challenges experienced, such as time constraints and a lack of resources. In our group, we discussed alternative answers and techniques to effectively deal with the aforementioned issues.

NURS 6030 Assessment 1 Conference Call Scheduling and Notes

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Aside from investigating the present situation of my practicum, I delved into the progress made toward achieving my practicum goals. The methodologies for tracking progress and aligning with the project’s objectives were assessed, and an obvious roadout was determined. The next stage was to work on the specifics of my MSN Capstone Project Plan Proposal, such as the fall prevention and education strategy for the surgical telemetry orthopedic unit. We evaluated the strategy together, identifying potential changes and refinements that can enhance its effectiveness.

NURS 6030 Assessment 1 Conference Call Scheduling and Notes

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In addition, we tackled ongoing initiatives at NYU Langone Long Island, such as modernizing and upgrading the Nursing Assistant Orientation, Nurse Preceptor, and Nurse Residency programs. The notion of how these programs can assist me achieve my capstone project goals provided important ideas and leads for collaborations. Finally, the conference call provided a crucial opportunity for reflection, problem solutions, and advice. 

 I am grateful for the assistance I received from the preceptor and instructor of my current MSN program and capstone project, as well as the progress I have made. Looking ahead, I plan to implement the mentioned tactics while also collaborating with my preceptor and teacher for ongoing support and advice.

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