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NURS 3100 Week 4 Utilizing Long-Acting Injectables to Minimize Psychiatric Readmissions


Frequent readmissions of psychiatric patients due to non-adherence to medication regimens pose financial burdens and highlight the need for improved care. Long-acting injectables (LAIs) have the potential to reduce psychiatric readmissions by ensuring medication adherence and enhancing patient outcomes.

Preventing Readmissions through Quality Indicators

Quality indicators, such as Prevention Quality Indicators (PQIs), offer evidence-based measures to track hospital performance and outcomes. PQIs assist healthcare organizations in identifying the necessary resources within communities to minimize hospital admissions. Identifying patients at risk of early readmission allows clinicians to initiate the use of LAIs, subsequently reducing the number of readmissions.

Advantages of Long-Acting Injectables

Determining which patients would benefit from LAIs early in their mental illness improves their overall quality of life. Simplifying medication administration to a single monthly or quarterly injection alleviates the confusion and challenges associated with daily pill regimens. By reducing medication-related stress, patients and their families experience improved care continuity. Consequently, the option of LAIs enhances the quality of life for patients and their families.

NURS 3100 Week 4 Utilizing Long-Acting Injectables to Minimize Psychiatric Readmissions Available Knowledge

Research suggests that LAIs can decrease the probability of readmission by 5% and are associated with a 20-30% lower hospitalization rate compared to oral medications. Furthermore, LAIs have demonstrated a reduced rate of treatment failure, supporting their efficacy in minimizing the risk of readmission. Emphasizing the early implementation of LAIs not only reduces readmissions but also mitigates the financial losses incurred through repeated hospitalizations.


As healthcare professionals, it is essential to consider the comprehensive well-being of our patients. Initiating LAIs early in treatment enhances the quality of care provided. Therefore, there is a pressing need to expand the utilization of LAIs as the primary treatment approach for psychiatric patients. By prioritizing long-acting injections, we can help patients regain control of their lives while simultaneously reducing readmission rates. This shift towards LAIs aligns with our mission of healing and providing optimal care to our patients.


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