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NSG 547 Assignment 3 Communication Infrastructure Strategy

Communication Infrastructure Strategy

Communication and employee relations are essential in every organization. Both assume essential part and distinguished as effective variables in hierarchical turn of events. The managerial activity that focuses on maintaining positive employee-employer relationships to maintain and increase productivity, boost motivation, and boost morale with the goal of maintaining a productive and unified work environment is known as the employee relationship. 

Communication is absolutely necessary for maintaining a relationship between an employer and employee. Employee-employer relations are known to improve when communication is of a higher quality, employee recognition programs are implemented, and disciplinary procedures are fair and predictable (Dessler, 2020).

Effective leadership and management in the healthcare organization are thought to be fundamentally based on effective communication strategies and positive employee-employer relationships. According to Shepherd (2016), successful information sharing and decision-making results from employing an efficient communication strategy. Since medical care association is absolutely collaboration, shared navigation can improve understanding and permits to settle on conceivable best activity plan. It is additionally made sense of that, a successful correspondence system includes social learning hypothesis that backings to learn new conduct by noticing others while being taken an interest (Literat and Chen, 2014). 

NSG 547 Assignment 3 Communication Infrastructure Strategy

It has also been determined that communication is an essential component because it enables employees to receive updates on policies, procedures, plans, safety, and quality, as well as gives the group the opportunity to listen to their feedback. Formal and informal communication between employees, within employees, and between employees and upper management make up organizational communication (Society for Human Resource Management, 2020). For this reason correspondence can be one way, the two different ways, top down or base up contingent on the setting of data gave.

Inova Fairfax Hospital’s organizational chart Inova Fairfax Hospital is one of the Inova network’s hospitals in Northern Virginia. Fairfax Medical clinic has its own hierarchical chart for data stream as per medical clinic needs and targets (Inova, 2020). Every employee contributes significantly to the success of the business. According to Saxena, Davies, & Philippon (2018), leadership plays a crucial role in ensuring that the right people are placed in the right places for stability and consistency, as well as establishing roles and responsibilities for the partners in the organization.

Hierarchy of leadership Outline: 

Top-Down and Bottom-Up Communication The chain-of-command diagram depicts the method by which information is passed from one level to another. Each facility’s chain of command structure may differ. Workers of those association ought to know on the most proficient method to make detailing process either base up or hierarchical when required according to their authoritative convention. 

NSG 547 Assignment 3 Communication Infrastructure Strategy

It is significant for all representatives to grasp hierarchy of leadership and make some noise when they are hazy or awkward. Performing a task without a clear understanding can jeopardize the professional practice of patients and employees. Furthermore, it is essential to safeguard the received documentation (AORN, 2019). 

The purpose of the chain of command is to transmit information to a higher level, whether it is top-down or bottom-up. The lower-level staff’s voice is protected in a bottom-up chain of command, whereas the lower-level staff’s voice is restricted in a top-down chain of command. However, the organization cannot function without either level of the chain of command.

Make a plan for the kinds of information that will be shared. Proper communication planning ensures that the right message gets to the right people at the right time. A compelling correspondence plan ought to illuminate, impact, abstain from misconception, present perspective and lessen imperatives. A successful correspondence plan generally ought to fit on authoritative objective, crowds and assets accessible inside the association (College of North Dakota, 2020). Depending on the subject at hand, communication can be formal or informal. 

NSG 547 Assignment 3 Communication Infrastructure Strategy

For instance, communicating a procedure change should be done in a formal manner. Healthcare today is more diverse than ever before. Healthcare communication is also becoming increasingly difficult and diverse. Healthcare workers must communicate, share, and manage communication strategies in order to provide patient care. Consequently, a variety of healthcare technologies and templates are currently being developed and utilized within the healthcare organization (Coiera, 2006).

In medical care industry, correspondence load is exceptionally high because of truly evolving innovation, sicknesses and strategies and methodology. Because of the consistent changes in correspondence, medical care laborers might get over-burden with measure of correspondence coming about unfit to adjust all gave data as planned. However, if an organization develops a plan of action that is appropriate for the type of information to be shared, it can guarantee that the information communicated is acknowledged and used (McNamara, 2020).

Policies and procedures Every company’s policies and procedures must be carefully communicated to ensure that every employee understands them. Over time, policies and procedures may change, and this information should be appropriately communicated. It’s also important to explain the reasons behind the changes. Representative criticism likewise assumes imperative part before change in arrangements and methods (Clear HR Counseling Inc, 2020). 

NSG 547 Assignment 3 Communication Infrastructure Strategy

The following steps should be taken to communicate policies and procedures: notice of progress front and center; solicit comments from employees; make the final adjustment; request feedback and a review of the change; execute preparing procedures whenever required; and get approval to ensure that policies and procedures are understood (Clear HR Consulting Inc., 2020).

In addition, policies and procedures ought to be included in the daily huddles as well as in formal and informal meetings, and they ought to be communicated. Additionally, if a procedure is applicable, it is preferable to train a small number of employees as superusers. For instance, if any procedures are upgraded, not all employees will be able to comprehend the process even after receiving one or two training sessions. If the company has superusers, they can stay on the front lines and help staff members when they need it. 

According to Yuan, Bradley, & Nembhard (2015), workplace superusers can facilitate implementation and enhance learning. In addition, super users are regarded as a role model for coworkers and may play a crucial role in establishing communication between developers and facilitating learning. According to Yuan, Bradley, & Nembhard (2015), super users also contribute to the acceptance of change in any health organization. In terms of procedures, a manual or handbook must also be made available for employees to refer to in order to encourage them to embrace true change (Clear HR Consulting Inc., 2020).

NSG 547 Assignment 3 Communication Infrastructure Strategy

Leadership shifts Healthcare organizations may undergo leadership shifts; however, these shifts should not engender uncertainty among employees or the organization as a whole. Changes might make uneasiness inside the association, nonetheless, having a successful correspondence methodology can defeat those vulnerability and nervousness. According to Waggener Edstrom Communications (2018), the new leader should listen, learn, and have a thorough understanding of the organization to ensure a smooth transition. 

According to Waggener Edstrom Communications (2018), a bidirectional feedback system can facilitate leadership change, as can listening to and learning about the organization’s culture, landscape, and influencers. In the healthcare industry, most leadership changes have been announced via formal communication or emails. However, employees may experience less anxiety and uncertainty if they are informed in advance of a leadership change and given a reason for the change. Employees will have an easier time adapting to their new role if they are informed about the new leader prior to their arrival.

Staffing changes

Since each medical services associations are confronting turnover rates, clearly medical services representatives face staffing changes all the more every now and again. Staffing changes might happen because of arranged change or because of unexpected conditions like current pandemic circumstance. In order for any organization to operate smoothly, staffing changes must be communicated. Staffing changes can bring new responsibilities to the current workforce that they may not be trained for. In that case, staff members should guarantee that training for the new position will be provided. 

NSG 547 Assignment 3 Communication Infrastructure Strategy

It is additionally known that assuming pioneers give center around techniques to convey change during any authoritative changes then it upgrades manageability and productivity of the association (Smith, 2017). Also, unit-based pioneer ought to impart to the workers face to face during the everyday groups, and through conventional gathering in the event that any progressions are expected ahead of time. In addition, a leader should demonstrate to workers the rationale behind and steps taken to implement the staffing shift. Emails, phone calls, and in-person meetings should all be used for communication.

Consistence and guidelines

Consistence and guidelines are extremely critical data for each association. Data in regards to consistence and guidelines ought to be both formal and casual. Employees are required to complete a variety of classes, certifications, and trainings, including security trainings, BLS and ACLS certification, RN license renewal, and others. 

Annual trainings ought to be assigned and notified via email by leaders and the organization. Besides, pioneers additionally need to address on yearly preparation stages to workers during cluster time giving cutoff time and clarification of results in the event that it are not followed up to prepare or guideline.

NSG 547 Assignment 3 Communication Infrastructure Strategy

For instance, an employee cannot work if they do not renew their BLS or ACLS certification. In the event that representatives are made mindful about the outcomes, it will be led on time. Consistence and guideline issues ought to be conveyed through email, face to face and by means of letter if necessary. It will be valuable in the event that banner or formats spread around the unit on customary consistence and guideline issues like HIPPA consistence, BLS and upper leg tendons reestablishment and so forth.

Division or unit objectives

Each division in the emergency clinic or medical care association might have changes on their unit-based objectives, for example, diminishing CAUTI, CALBSI, falls rate, expansion in medicine schooling rate and so on. As per the objectives of the unit, unit chief ought to inform their workers by means of day to day group. In the healthcare industry, daily huddle has been identified as a significant source of information exchange. Although it is brief, employees are actively engaged in direct communication.

Huddle is also known as a way to improve the unit’s quality and safety. It likewise permits to audit past exhibitions and look forward proactively (Foundation for Medical care Improvement, 2020). Additionally, a unit-based meeting can effectively convey unit-level goals to all employees.

Layouts to Use in Inova Fairfax Clinic:

Layouts and instruments are referred to facilitate the correspondence as well as hold data for the future use. In the workplace, having the right tool supports and enhances daily activities while also improving quality. The appropriate tool can assist in recognizing causes, processes, data collection and analysis, idea generation, and information tracking for continuous improvement (American Society for Quality, 2020).

Format for Meeting Minutes:

Simply leading a gathering isn’t the arrangement, dealing with issues raised during the gathering is the genuine arrangement. In gatherings, chiefs ought to dole out an individual to require moment of the gathering. To enhance the meeting’s purpose, a template for the minutes should be created ahead of time. Each meeting is crucial to the organization, and having the right tool can make it easier to record all of the issues discussed during the meeting so that they can be addressed in the future. 

NSG 547 Assignment 3 Communication Infrastructure Strategy

Having a gathering minutes will permit to take notes and record of the conversation so it very well may be followed back later to deal with. The primary functions of meeting minutes are; a specialized device, an authoritative report, noteworthy record and an instrument for the board practice (Smith, 2013). Additionally, meeting minutes are a useful tool for sharing important information; proof for lawful demeanor or trail if necessary; check device for rules and guideline consistence; record for notable use and follow up; and a device for conveying significant management practice (Smith, 2013).

Quantifiable Objectives Layout:

The SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely) goals that the healthcare industry must set are essential. Having a tool for objective measurement helps you meet your goals on time. The SMART goal templet communicates methods for achieving identified goals and provides a clear focus on objectives. In addition, the SMART goal framework is recognized as a component of the successor and provides a means of monitoring progress. 

NSG 547 Assignment 3 Communication Infrastructure Strategy

Having a right templet will help to direct on progress and right way too. Additionally, it makes it possible to identify missed goals and delivery bottlenecks. In addition, it provided a timetable for resolving issues and provides a path forward. According to Muslihat (2020), an appropriate SMART goal template is also a foundation for effective goal setting because it covers and ensures the goal’s specificity, identifies measurement strategies, ensures its attainment and relevance, and identifies a timetable for its accomplishment.


It has been demonstrated that successful information sharing and decision making can be achieved through effective communication strategies, good employee-employer relationships, and both (Shepherd, 2016). In order to facilitate communication and information flow, each organization has its own organizational chart. In a similar vein, both a top-down and a bottom-up chain of command have been identified for the sharing of communication. Additionally, the tools and techniques used in communication play a crucial role.


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