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NRS FPX 6218 Planning for Community and Organizational Change


NURS FPX 6218 Assessment 3 Planning for Community and Organizational Change

From the perspective of unavailability of healthcare centers, it is further discussed here that what implementations and changes should be brought in and how they will benefit the Jordan community. There is a strict need to have healthcare centers and facilities that would be equally provided to everyone in the area. It may be a big challenge for the community and the authorities to bring such a huge change in a short period of time. Hence, this is also not a single problem that is related to health, but poverty is also in the list of issues. Which is also restraining many citizens from getting full health insurance and medical treatment. 

Additionally, the significant issue in the community is poor mental health, which is the core reason for other health issues. Along with multiple healthcare issues, some are taking place because of the opioid crisis andsome are due to the poor mental health which results in rising cases of suicide in young people.

NURS FPX 6218 Assessment 3 Planning for Community and Organizational Change

All these problems and many more related to health care are mainly taking place because of the restricted approach towards the healthcare centers. It is reported that this issue is because of the economic standard of people and negligence of authorities. It is proposed for a change that communities must have frequent and smooth access to the healthcare centers and on the other hand, healthcare centers should use telemedicine and have advanced technology for community’s affordable treatment.

Benefits and Implications

To propose a change here, I suggest we have to have telemedicine infrastructure to provide healthcare services to facilitate people and treat them from a distance. Using this facility, people from different corners, who have to travel or are afraid to get the treatment because of cost, can also be eligible to take the treatment online. By taking this initiative, people can use online portals and ask healthcare service providers about their healthcare concerns. 

Using several tech-based techniques physicians and health care service providers can easily listen to the heartbeats and check the blood pressure level and even check the chest-breathing too, which is quite efficient and effective in this pandemic where individuals have to stay at distance. (Kadir, 2020) Patients are open to making appointments online and there they can contact the healthcare service provider online face to face. 

NURS FPX 6218 Assessment 3 Planning for Community and Organizational Change

Potential Barriers to Change

In this perspective, the implementation of this policy requires a good sense of understanding before they get to have this system in healthcare. Plus they require funds as well, in this way, things will not be as smooth and accessible as they seem. However, when people have less understanding because of low literacy levels, it will be somehow hard for them to go for this option when they encounter any healthcare problem.

When there is less understanding of things, people feel restrained when they have a new system, and many feel reluctant to accept it. Therefore, here comes the second major potential barrier, and that is the difference in languages of the same society. Where people from different states have come as immigrants and speak Spanish and etc. 

This can be our most challenging part, as the minorities have different origins and languages. Somehow, these may be affecting the smooth functioning of the telemedicine infrastructure but these are not the permanent solutions and can be sorted out by the implementation of effective policies and strategies.

NURS FPX 6218 Assessment 3 Planning for Community and Organizational Change

Stakeholder Communications

Stakeholder communication can be a potential way to strategies for breaking the barriers. Since the community is having communication and literacy problems that will make them reluctant to utilize the newly implemented system. (Neville, 2018) Here the engagement in the community and their involvement with the interaction can make a way for solving these problems. 

By developing effective communication strategies, these barriers of the community will be solved, including the policies for interdisciplinary collaborative teams that will be working in the care delivery department (Serper & Volk, 2018). Not only the community but the healthcare service providers also have to get through the training where they will learn how to actually ensure the care and medical services for patients. 

All stakeholders including nurses (healthcare service providers), community physicians are equally responsible for the implementation of this system. And for all of them to realize this responsibility training should be provided more often.


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NURS FPX 6218 Assessment 3 Planning for Community and Organizational Change

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Appendix A: Grant Proposal

Need Statement and Program Description

Since the community is having severe economic issues it would be a common fact that the provision of basic healthcare services is neglected and even people of the community are having this impact on their health and lifestyles. In this way, the multiple diseases are spreading at full velocity and pace. To provide them with a basic facility, we need to start by educating them about the need of the healthcare centers and how important their health is to the economy and development of society (Miller, 2007). 

NURS FPX 6218 Assessment 3 Planning for Community and Organizational Change

The telemedicine infrastructure although will be relatively new for them but to provide them a complete workshop and understanding beforehand will make it easy for them to accept. All the relevant barriers will be sorted out by providing training sessions and effective communication plus community engagement of all stakeholders. Whereas the funding of around $90000 will be required for the Vila health community to take an initiative for this proposed plan.

Goals and description

Here is the list of the potential goals by implementing the telemedicine infrastructure

1. Best health of the patient 

2. Equal health service provision

3. Affordable medical treatment for everyone

4. Easy and open accessible healthcare service at home (online)

NURS FPX 6218 Assessment 3 Planning for Community and Organizational Change

Program Evaluation 

Anyhow in the implementation of this telemedicine infrastructure, the total evaluation would be based on the KPIs. for example how many patients are submitted and how many have been treated and the rate of those people who are diagnosed. By indicating these values, the evaluation can be conducted (STARREN et al., 2005).

Appendix B: Project Budget 

Categories  Startup  1st Year funds  Funds from other sources Over all estimation

Project Manager 
Staff for salary $10000 $5000 $1500

Support Staff for training
Staff for salary $6000 $4000 $10000

Website fee $10000 $6000 $16000

Paid to the vendor of telemedicine $25000 $15000 $40000

Staff for salary $8000 $5000 $13000
Expenses Staff for salary $3000 $3000 $6000
Travel Budget per year $2400 $3000 $5400

For teaching and communication $12000 $6000 $18000
Total Expenses    $76,000 $47,000 $91,900
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