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NRS 493 Topic 1  Reflective Journal Entry 1 KR

NRS 493 Topic 1 Reflective Journal Entry 1 KR

Reflective Journal Entry 1- “New Practice Approaches”

This week, my preceptor and I had a terrific phone session in which we discussed a variety of subjects and potential topics for my change project, which will be worked on throughout the next 9 weeks of this semester. We considered three possible subjects that would be used for my Capstone Project and how we might be able to establish new methods to practice approaches. My preceptor told me that innovative practice strategies involve looking for new ways to solve problems in many areas of nursing practice (Patelarou et al., 2017). My preceptor offered excellent insight into what needed to be done and how to find appropriate evidence-based practice papers that had quality material and were peer reviewed. We spoke about tools to employ and what has to be addressed when I develop new practice methods to address various health-care concerns. We narrowed it down and identified the following three subjects as viable topics for my change project after thorough analysis:

NRS 493 Topic 1 Reflective Journal Entry 1 KR

  1. Ideas for quitting smoking: new techniques
  2. Evidence-based practice fall intervention strategies in the hospital setting
  3. Review of causes of suicide in young age and rehabilitation strategies 
  4. Patient Advocacy and Advanced Practice in Nursing: A Review

We feel that these three subjects have a lot of promise for developing novel practice methods because they are all in the top five of healthcare-associated infections in the US.


Patelarou, A. E., Kyriakoulis, K. G., Stamou, A. A., Laliotis, A., Sifaki-Pistolla, D., Matalliotakis, M., … & Patelarou, E. (2017). Approaches to teach evidence-based practice among health professionals: an overview of the existing evidence. Advances in Medical Education and Practice8, 455.

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