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NRS 493  Topic 1  Practice Experience Conference (Pre-Conference) KR

NRS 493 Topic 1 Practice Experience Conference (Pre-Conference) KR

Practice Experience Conference Form (Pre-Conference

Pre/mid-/ and post-conference or evaluation between students, faculty, and preceptors are mandatory for students enrolled in the RN-BSN Capstone and Practicum course. Conferences may be conducted face-to-face or via synchronous technology. 

Overall Course Objectives: This course provides students the opportunity to integrate what they have learned in the program in a practicum experience. Students are expected to integrate nursing knowledge, knowledge gained throughout the program, leadership, and advanced critical-thinking and problem-solving skills in the development of a comprehensive and professional capstone project change proposal. 

NRS 493 Topic 1 Practice Experience Conference (Pre-Conference) KR

Student Specific Objectives: Students are responsible for completing all experiences as mandated for program. 

A preconference will occur prior to the start of the clinical practice experience. This meeting is intended for the student and preceptor to review course and student-specific learning objectives: the roles, responsibilities, and expectations of student and preceptor during this practicum experience. All faculty and preceptor contact information will be given to each party per the student. Any course or program information requested by the preceptor will be provided by the student. Faculty will review submitted document. 

A midconference/evaluation will occur at the mid-point of the course. This meeting is intended for the student, faculty, and preceptor to discuss student progress toward meeting the competencies in the clinical evaluation tool (CET). Progress toward completing the written capstone project change proposal will also be discussed with faculty recommendations for project development 

A post-conference/evaluation will occur at the end of the practicum experience. This is intended for the student and preceptor to review and evaluate all competencies and validate that all areas are “at meets expectations” prior to progression. Faculty will provide final review and evaluation after conferring with preceptor. 

Proposed Practicum Experience (Brief Description of Experience Identified by Student), Practicum goals/objectives reviewed in pre-meeting. Preceptor contact information (email or phone): 

Preceptor Signature. 

Date: 119/21 

Student Signature


Date: 1/9/21 

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