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NR706-10056 Week 7 NR706 Reflection on Learning MP

NR706-10056 Week 7 NR706 Reflection on Learning MP

Reflection on Essentials and Competencies

Week 1

  1. I achieved my weekly objectives of learning and boosting knowledge by focusing on weekly module. I identified my knowledge level from the previous weeks and created an objective to check my improvement. I had to repeat the process again until I gained a thorough understanding of my weekly learning goals related to informatics skills. I looked deeper into my goals’ settings and found how long it took me to complete particular tasks. I made my goals realistic and followed through them 
  2. As a DNP scholar, I enjoyed improving my informatics competencies by reading more evidence-based resources from the Internet and watched several You Tube videos to learn informatics skills. Through continuous learning and reading, I was able to gain significant knowledge which helped me to enhance the level of my safety skills and quality of care understanding. 
  3. This week’s learning was full of enthusiasm because the first week was exciting for me to start a new journey of improving myself. I value the understanding of implementation of informatics in my profession and how it can help me to become a leading professional.  

Week 2

  1. In week 2, I was able to further enhance my knowledge and increase my understanding of informatics in the nursing profession to get closer to its implementation. Since I obtained information for a specific career purpose, I assessed my weekly goals by tracking my learning of remote collaboration tools and compared my learning with the previous week. I realized that I was achieving the course outcomes steadily. I asked myself the question: If someone else has reached this goal? This helped me realize my own progress. 
  2. Promoting collaborative relationships can include understanding my skills, strengths, and weaknesses first. I focused on improving my own communication skills and collaborated with patients on a regular basis. I also learned how to value diversity and treat every stakeholder from a diverse background with respect and dignity to promote inter-disciplinary and remote collaboration relationships. 
  3. I truly value gaining confidence of communicating with diverse patients and staff members using my knowledge of IT tools and equipment. I believe this week’s learning taught me the importance of respecting people’s feelings and viewpoints and viewing them empathetically. That improved my counselling skills. 

Week 3

  1. Since the cases of depression and anxiety were increasing in the hospital, I observed the signs of restlessness in patients before their surgeries. I developed a plan to indentify that problem in the hospital’s settings and that helped me to form a PICTO question for the week 4. I researched online and consulted the higher management who suggested me the use of informatics for improved patient care outcomes. I kept track of my progress by using a calendar tool and viewed the colourful checklist each day to see my progress. 
  2. The learning opportunities in week 3 were brilliant. Using evidence-based practices and resources, I planned to go through a database of credible and high-quality journals to explore the viewpoint of researchers. I found several credible researches that advocate the use of information technology tools and software to improve the nursing practices. 
  3. This week taught me to research several scholarly databases. For instance, I loved researching Oxford Journals where I found many related publications with a high score. 

NR706-10056 Week 7 NR706 Reflection on Learning MP

Week 4 

  1. As a DNP nurse week 4 was also challenging that challenged me to explore and assess my leadership skills to enhance the patient security and quality of care. I learned new tools to improve my research skills to improve effective workplace planning and collected data to improve information structure of the organization. I developed a PICOT question to understand the depression problem in pre-surgery patients. I created SMART goals by creating a checklist to remember my goals and the steps I had to follow towards its accomplishment 
  2. Week 4 has been an incredibly beneficial week in terms of learning and leveraging skills. For instance, I learned the importance of using informatics in nursing profession to suit hospital settings. I learned the Theory of Planned Behavior and learned to explore Oxford Journals. I also learned about remote collaboration tools such as Skype and WhatsApp calls.
  3. This week’s best learning opportunity has been developing a PICOT question to raise the attention of healthcare professionals and leaders to implement the use of information technology in our current settings. 

Week 5

  1. After conducting the evidence-based research and presenting my PICOT question to the management, my next goal was to convince them regarding the quality of my research. I performed an appraisal of the evidence and justified the level, quality, and sustainability of my evidences to incorporate informatics to enhance patient safety and care outcomes. I presented potential internal and external factors that played an important part in ensuring the feasibility and fitness of IT tools. My change model was ready that suggested the use of Skype, iPads, and EHR (electronic health records) to improve performance. Achieving the weekly objectives was easy as I clearly wrote my goals. 
  2. My knowledge and findings for this week helped the hospital to embrace the use of information technology to effectively collect and analyze patient data to improve outcomes. This will also improve my own DNP practice in the future by enabling me to harness the power of automation to facilitate my patient knowledge and nursing roles. 
  3. I value the evaluation of effectiveness of IT and EHR systems implementation and persuasion to the management. My persuasive arguments and evidences allow the management to create an action plan to incorporate informatics. 

NR706-10056 Week 7 NR706 Reflection on Learning MP

Week 6

  1. Week 6 involved taking my goal to a next level by presenting my overall findings and gained knowledge to the management. I believe I gained progress towards my weekly goals by creating an FMEA Diagram (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis). This model helped to find Risk Profile Number to mitigate risks related to incorporating informatics in the hospital. I also used the Fishbone Diagram, a graphic tool to identify causes of particular effects such as increasing depression in patients
  2. I needed critical thinking, brainstorming, research, and analytical thinking skills to perform the tasks of week 6. I developed those skills by asking guidance from our respected head of psychotherapy that benefitted me with his experience and knowledge to improve my professional and thinking skills. I also referred to online articles to gain understanding of learning new models and frameworks and explored nursing frameworks on the Internet. 
  3.   This week’s learning improved my MS PowerPoint skills in addition to training my brain to think critically and analytically. This can benefit me significantly as a DNP-enabled nurse. 

NR706-10056 Week 7 NR706 Reflection on Learning MP

Week 7

  1. Week 7 involved training other nurses and administrative staff to implement and use technology that promoted organizational change and improved patient care outcomes. My goal this week was to reflect on my findings for the previous all weeks and ensure that IT-based techniques and methods can be sustained within the organization to benefit nurses and patients. I created SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, timely, and realistic. I applied time management skills to break down tasks into manageable tasks 
  2.  I needed critical thinking, critical analysis, time management, communication, and creativity. I improved these skills by overcoming thinking block and fighting fear of failure to become an expert in learning and management. 
  3. This week taught me the highest value of overcoming my negative thoughts and achieving goals through setting SMART goals. My informatics knowledge was significantly better than the previous weeks with hard work and determination. 

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