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NR703-10033  Week 2 CV and action plans MP

NR703-10033 Week 2 CV and action plans MP

Curriculum Vitae, Strengths-to-Strategy Plan, & Action Plan for Leadership 

The purpose of this assignment is to prepare me for leadership. This assignment allows me to reflect on my good and bad leadership skills. It allows me to evaluate what I need to accomplish to be the best leader I can be. The first part of the paper will have a copy of the strengths and strategy plan interactive assignment from week one. I will then elaborate on that assignment and give an in depth look at how the qualities discussed  will help my leadership development. I will then discuss my feeling and acknowledgements that I encountered while putting my Curriculum Vitae (CV) together. Finally, I will discuss my action plan for leadership. This action plan will review my CV and discuss how to fill in the gaps for my CV. This paper will influence my future as a practice scholar and DNP leader. The process of doing this paper has given me a format of how to evaluate my shortcomings and come up with a plan to fix them. The CV will be my future professional guide to assure I am accomplishing at least the basics as a DNP leader. 

Strengths-to-Strategy Plan

Leadership Strengths

Motivated, positive, fair

Leadership Opportunities

needing to be liked, friendliness, lack authority

Turning Opportunities into Strengths

self-reflect, planning meetings to discuss what I expect, stick to what I expect 

Leveraging Others’ Strengths

continue to read and educate myself on best care as well as policies follow advice of my mentors

NR703-10033 Week 2 CV and action plans MP

Leadership Strengths

One of my biggest leadership strengths is that I am motivated. In being motivated I find it easy to motivate others. I am also positive and try to make the best out of every situation. I am fair and believe that this quality is valued by the people I lead. These qualities are important to my leadership development. Motivation is important to get things accomplished in a timely manner. In the medical field every minute of the day is not filled with uplifting scenarios, so positivity is important to continue best care to other patients and keep the moral going. Fairness is essential to keep motivation and positivity going.

Leadership Opportunities for Growth

One area in leadership that I may need growth in is wanting to be liked. Not all people are going to like me or my decisions.  Friendliness is necessary but being too close to the people you lead may make being a leader extremely difficult. Friendship causes lines to be blurred.  People may think because you are their friend that you will cut them slack. The last area that I can use improvement in would be becoming more authoritative. These three qualities are important to my development as a leader. Accepting that not everyone is going to like me will make it easier to make decisions that are not based on people’s feelings. It will allow me to focus on the best outcome for the patient and the company. Leaders should be authoritative because people like to follow someone who is confident in what they say and do.

Strategies for Turning Opportunities into Strengths

The strategies that I will use to turn these areas into leadership strength will be to self-reflect and understand why I am leading in this manner. I will give rationales for what I want and need.  I will be authoritative by coming up with a plan and sticking to it with confidence. Patients are the reason we are in this field so leading with them in mind is key. Self -reflection is important to my leadership development because it will give me the insight needed to really understand what my expectations are and why. Self-reflection will also give me the insight needed to be more authoritative. Having authority will let the people that you are leading know that you are serious and expect nothing less of them. 

NR703-10033 Week 2 CV and action plans MP

Strategies for Leveraging Others’ Strengths

To leverage other strengths, I will be well informed and educated. This will give me the confidence needed to lead and have people follow. I will also take advice and learn from other leaders in the company that have mentored me and have shown progress. Taking advice from mentors and being well informed is important for my leadership development because knowledge is power. 

Professional Curriculum Vitae

I used the CV template provided to complete my CV. My CV shows I have attended three colleges. I hold an RN license and a WHNP license. I am board certified as a WHNP.   I found that a CV is much more straight to the point than a resume. I realized I have a lot of holes in my resume that need to fill. I realized I have so much more to accomplish in my career. When completing my CV I also became aware of my minimal work experience. I have no Professional Associations, Activities, Awards /Honors, Research/ Grants, Publications, Presentations, Local Professional Development Presentations or Volunteer Activities. (see the Appendix)

Action Plan for Leadership Formation 

My current CV needs a lot of work. I am new to the medical field, so I know that I have so much to learn and accomplish. Unfortunately, the volunteer area was blank due to not having proper dates and organization names of places I volunteered at. This has taught me to keep a log of activities that I participate in. I am most proud of my education. I completed these programs while raising my children on my own. When I look at my CV I remember that I am the first college graduate in my family. In my career journey I am most proud of being a participant in Teen night at planned parenthood. 

In order to strengthen my CV I will join committees in and out of work. I will volunteer more and keep track of all I do. I will try to put myself out there and do presentations at work. I usually decline due to my fear of public speaking. I will join professional associations as soon as next week. All these steps will be the beginning of me building my CV. Hopefully I will eventually be involved in publications and research. Research is something I have always wanted to be involved in. 

To fill in the leadership gaps I will try to learn as much as I can about my field. I will read at least one scholarly article four days a week. I will attend two conferences a year. These things will keep me up to date with best patient care.  I will practice being more assertive. I will hold huddles before the start of my day where I will express expectations then debrief at the end of the day. This will allow me to hold people accountable. It also shows that I am a leader that is involved and cares about the work that is being done. 


In conclusion this paper has given me insight on my good and bad leadership skills. The ultimate outcome of this paper should be to prepare us to be great leaders. To prepare this paper I had to do the strengths and strategy plan activity, prepare, and evaluate my CV, then come up with action plan. This action plan will give me a guide to make changes needed in my skills and CV. Professional development is important to me as a future DNP leader because it will give me leadership consciousness. This will allow me to be proud of the work I have accomplished while helping and leading others.  


American Psychological Association. (2010). Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (6th ed.). 

FAAN, H.M.D.P.R.F.M.E.S.G.P.R.A. A. (2016). DNP Role Development for Doctoral Advanced Nursing Practice.


Maria Pillado MS, WHNP, BC

                  230 Grant Avenue
                  Mineola, NY 11501
                  Cell: 516 513-9997


Education December,2021

May, 2018

May, 2015


Doctor of Nursing Practice Scholarly Project Title: 

Master of ScienceWoman’s Health Nurse Practitioner
Bachelor of ScienceNursing
Associate of ScienceNursing

Chamberlain College of NursingDowners Grove, IL
Suny Downstate Medical CenterBrooklyn, NY
Chamberlain College of NursingDowners Grove, IL
Nassau Community College

Licensure as Registered Nurse: NY

Licensure as Advanced Practice Registered Nurse: NY

National Professional Certifications

WHNP Board CerificationNational Certification CorporationOctober 2018

Professional Work History 

Mrach 2014-PresentOctober 2014-August 2016September 2014-August 2015WHNP/RN/CA
Pediatric RN
School RN
Planned ParenthoodCaring Hands
Winston Staffing
Jamaica, NY
Westbury, NY

Professional Associations and Activities None

Awards/Honors None

Research and Grants None

Publications None

Presentations None

Local Professional Development Presentations None

Volunteer Activities None

References Available Upon Request

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