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NR506-63140 Week 7 Summary of Healthcare Concern Presentation LT

NR506-63140 Week 7 Summary of Healthcare Concern Presentation LT

Communicable diseases are contagious in nature and they are external. A person can contract the illness and then transmit the pathogen to other people. Based on the severity of the spread, it can be an isolated, small, or pandemic outbreak. The novel Coronavirus has highlighted the problems in our health care services, and the effectiveness of policies at both national and global levels.

Impact on Nursing
Increase morbidity and mortality
Economic damage and job loss
Individual behavior changes
How healthcare policy can impact the nursing profession?

Pandemics are large-scale outbreaks of infectious disease that can greatly increase morbidity and mortality over a wide geographic area and that can crash the health care system as if it will impact the nursing profession. Pandemics can cause economic damage through multiple channels, including short-term fiscal shocks and longer-term negative shocks to economic growth. Some pandemic mitigation measures can cause significant social and economic disruption (Madhav, Oppenheim,& Gallivan, 2017).


Significant of advocacy
Facilitating open dialogue and discussion
Increase patient knowledge
Discuss and report problems.
Create new policies, guidelines, and standards

why advocacy is considered an essential component of the advance practice nurse’s role?

At the micro-level, the advocacy helps in facilitating open dialogue and discussions where nurses, other health care professionals, patient’s family, and patients can discuss about symptoms, treatment, and outcomes to increase the knowledge so that patient can make the right choice (Tíscar-González, Sánchez, Blanco, Moreno-Casbas & Peter, 2019).

It also includes collaborating with other nurses and advanced nurse practitioners (ANPs) to increase knowledge and improve skills. At the mesa level, it includes discussing and reporting on outcomes of different treatments, practice problems, and finances to create action plans to mitigate the problem.

This is where the role of policy nurses is high. At the macro level, the implications of advocacy include the creation of new policies, new guidelines, and standards (Akın & Kurşun, 2020). Overall, advocacy aids in improving the quality of care provided, providing holistic culture and patient-based ethical and evidence-based care, increasing competency levels, and understanding the effects of policies on health care (Kalaitzidis & Jewell, 2020).


Healthcare Concern
A comprehensive description of the healthcare concern

The main health care policy concern is the spread of infectious disease and inadequate preparedness in handling infection disease outbreak including global pandemics such as influenza, measles, COVID-19, and SARS. The current policy that governs this concern was developed and amended many times, but still failed to address the rapid spread of communicable infectious diseases. Sections 264-272 of USC address the policy concern but not completely (CDC, 2020).

NR506-63140 Week 7 Summary of Healthcare Concern Presentation LT

Who is infected by COVID-19?
Describe the impact of the concern upon the population group and community

The vulnerable population are people with co-morbidities with heart and lungs condition. As of 16th July 2020, Coronavirus cases in the USA were 3,699,307, and the death rate was 141,168 (Worldometers, 2020). Approximately 1 month later as of August 20th, 2020, there are 173, 000 reported deaths related to COVID-19. As these diseases affect everyone, the whole population is vulnerable. On top of that, elders and people with chronic conditions are at higher risk due to their lower levels of immunity.


First solution
Keep stock of resources
A unite keep track of global health care issues
Apply aviation rules
Educate citizens on the issues
Collaborate with origin country
These are my proposed solution to healthcare concern

The solution has three steps in it. The very first step is to create a preparedness and prevention plan where health care services keep stock of resources, a unit keeps track of global healthcare issues, apply aviation rules, educate citizens on global healthcare issues and ways to protect self, and collaborate with origin country to study the infectious disease (Mahmood, Hasan, Colder Carras & Labrique, 2020).


2nd Solution
Develop vaccine
3rd Solution
The second solution is the treatment and vaccine development by funding the research at a global level by collaborating with other countries.
The third step is protecting the patients, nurses, and citizens through a quarantine plan (CDC, 2020).

NR506-63140 Week 7 Summary of Healthcare Concern Presentation LT

Selected Official

Katie Porter
The name and position of the elected official that I addressed my health care policy concern to is

Congresswoman Katie Porter is selected, as she was the one who was vocal about free testing in the COVID-19 situation. Katie Porter represents California’s 45th congressional district.

Why Katie Porter?

  1. Secured free COVID-19 testing
  2. Knowledge about COVID-19
  3. Experience in SALT and American politics
    The first reason is she secured free COVID-19 testing for all Americans and as a result, she has knowledge about the COVID-19 crisis and the needs of the public. The second reason is she has worked on the credit card act in 2009 and state and local tax (SALT). The third reason is she has two decades of experience in American politics (Porter, 2020).

Q and A
Q: As the COVID-19 cases continue to escalate; do you think mask and quarantine are enough to keep the American citizens safe?
Q: The social media and news may have overwhelmed American with a little bit of too much information or misinformation about COVID-19, and many people are really scared right now. How are you feeling about the media during this pandemic?
Q: Now, we have secured free testing as part of the Families First Act. If we would have better relationship with the rest of the world whom are in different phase now in the pandemic, Do you think we would have the vaccine for COVID-19 manufactured by now?

To amid the spread of COVID-19 pandemic, face-to-face interview with Senator Katie Porter is not permitted. I have attempted for a virtual meeting through Zoom, however due to Senator Katie Porter packed schedule, and the timeline constricted for this assignment, I was not able to schedule a virtual interview either. Fortunately, Katie Porter’s assistance was able to answer some of the questions I have prepared for the meeting.

Q: As the COVID-19 cases continue to escalate; do you think mask and quarantine are enough to keep the American citizens safe?

A: We are doing the best we could to protect everyone safe. The citizens have to do their parts such as staying home and follow orders; wear your mask in public and common area, stay 6 feet away from each other, and avoid large group gathering. If everyone is able to follow the exact orders as the CDC have recommended then yes, I think the American citizens would be safe, and we will slowly see a flat line on the number of COVID-19 cases (Porter, 2020).

Q: The social media and news may have overwhelmed American with a little bit of too much information or misinformation about COVID-19, and many people are really scared right now. How are you feeling about the media during this pandemic?

A: I can tell you that I am tired of the media as much as other people do. For someone not know much about medicine and how statistics work they can gabble all day and deliver misinformation. I have to I work 18-or19-hour each day now. On top of that, I am a single mother; I need to cook for my children and play date with them on my days off. I think this is the time people should be focused on family instead the media. Let the authority do our parts to handle this pandemic. You can do your part as to take care your family and stay-home (Porter, 2020).

Q: Now, we have secured free testing as part of the Families First Act. If we would have better relationship with the rest of the world who are in different phase now in the pandemic, Do you think we would have the vaccine for COVID-19 manufactured by now?

A: Maybe, if we would have collaborated and shared our research and data with the rest of the world, then yes, that would increase our chances of creating the vaccine by now. Keep in mind; The AIDS vaccine has been worked on for 20 years or more. Even with the collaboration, creating a new vaccine could take up years (Porter, 2020).

Q: Do you think our quarantine plan is effective as the rest of the world?

A: No, our government system and culture are very different than the rest of the world. When China had to shut down Wuhan, the whole city was “shut down” that means nothing was moving in or out. I don’t think a fly was escaped from that shut down. If the American citizens had followed the exact order as the government and CDC have enforced, our quarantine plan would help amid the spread of the COVID-19 (Porter, 2020).


Continues global concern
Re-focus policy at hand
Build preparedness & Health capacity
Different government system and culture.

Some of the new insights I have gained regarding from my selected healthcare concern

My selected healthcare concern is going to be an on going concern globally. Evidence suggests that the likelihood of pandemics has increased over the past century because of increased global travel and integration, urbanization, changes in land use, and greater exploitation of the natural environment. These trends likely will continue and will intensify. Significant policy has to re-focus on the need to identify and limit emerging outbreaks that might lead to bigger pandemics than COVID-19 and to expand and sustain investment to build preparedness and health capacity (Madhav, Oppenheim,& Gallivan, 2017).

Some of the new insights I have gained regarding my proposed solution to healthcare concern

I think my proposed solution to the health care concern would work if we live in different part of the world. Even though my proposed solutions are enacted on the current pandemic, only some citizens are following such order such as quarantine and wearing mask.


More Insights
Lack of personal tough
Public behaviors > impact nursing profession

Identify the revisions you would make regarding your presentation to the elected official

I think if I would have done my presentation differently if I would have knew my selected official is not available. I think would have selected someone more involve in community level. Their insight would have been different, but I think that person would have time for a virtual meeting. Email as part of the media which is great, but there is a lack of personal touch, it’s very corporate interaction.

NR506-63140 Week 7 Summary of Healthcare Concern Presentation LT

Identify the insights you have gained regarding healthcare policy and the importance to the nursing profession

I have realized during the pandemic, the public behaviors depict the nursing profession and health care system operational. Hypothetically, if the public would have followed the executive order by CDC and health officials, the COVID-19 cases would have been flatten by now. Increasing population every year is going to be a challenge for authority to carry out any orders and to find any obedience to follow those orders. Increasing population is going to be increasing problems.

Future Plans
Act fast- Quarantine
Shut down border for global entry
Collaborate with origin country

Possible future opportunities to be an advocate for your selected healthcare concern and proposed solution

If I would be advocated for my selected health care concern, I would recommend for everyone to listen to what the official said. Stay-home. Quarantine and we will get through this at no time.
Identify the revisions you would make in the proposed solution

NR506-63140 Week 7 Summary of Healthcare Concern Presentation LT

Revisions I would make in the proposed solution is shut the border down as soon as new virus circulate globally. We have learned from this pandemic globally traveling increase pandemic occurrence. Second, I would proposed to have a better relationship with the origin country where the virus first discover.


A professional nursing organization which is Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) is helpful in fostering and supporting my proposed solution. I have been a member for this organization for two years, and during this pandemic, ENA has provided evidence based emergency nursing resources to help deliver safe practice and care. ENA has support movement to get those on the frontlines the proper PPE equipment they need to protect themselves from exposure to the virus they fight to save every live.



Policies- affect nursing profession, changes economic and interventions
Advocacy-empowering other with knowledge and support
Needs action plan and be prepared.
Quarantine and quarantine!
Health care policies act as a set of rules or guidelines that affect the nursing profession and nursing practice as it changes the economics, interventions, care provided, and procedures in nursing. Advocacy includes knowledge, information, and support, which can influence health care policies. As a result, advocacy is an important part of the responsibilities of a nurse in providing care. Inadequate preparedness in preventing and managing communicable infectious diseases, which lead to the global pandemic, was the policy concern. It included failure to predict the infection spread, poor resource and human management, delay in vaccine development, and poor public health literacy. By creating an action plan that addresses all these problems and incorporating it as a policy draft by collaborating with an elected official result in the prevention of infectious diseases. The Q&A from Congressman, Katie Porter, helped gained some insights as part of the authority duty during the pandemic. One of the most relevant information I have learned most from the Q&A is you are powerless if people don’t want to listen.


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Thank you for listening to my presentation and here are my references for my presentation.


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