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NR501-63233 Week 4 Importance of Nursing Theory Worksheet LT

NR501-63233 Week 4 Importance of Nursing Theory Worksheet LT

Importance of Theory Worksheet

The nursing theory I chose and brief summary of the nursing theory I chose including key concepts:

I have two nurses’ theorists to guide my practice. The first theory is most essential to me is the unique role of a nurse in helping the sick population or an individual to regain his/her independence physical and mentally through Virginia Henderson’s Need Theory of fourteen fundamental of needs (Alligood, M. R., 2017). Henderson’s Fourteen Needs have divided into four major components: 

Physiological component: 1- breathes normally, 2- Eat and drink adequately, 3- Eliminate body wastes, 4- Mobility, 5- Sleep and rest. 6- Dressing, 7- maintain body temperature, 8- grooming, and 9- avoid dangers in the environment. 

Psychological: 10- proper communications with others, 14- learn and discover or satisfy curiosity.

Spiritual logical: 11-Worship one’s faith

Sociological- 12-Sense of accomplishment and 13-participate in recreation

(Alligood, M. R., 2017)

NR501-63233 Week 4 Importance of Nursing Theory Worksheet LT

The second theory is the Behavioral System Model proposed in 1968 by Dorothy Johnson. Her theory focused on a person as behavioral system tries to achieve equilibrium by adjustments and adaptations that are successful for efficient and effective functioning in preventing illness. These seven subsystems are flexible enough to accommodate the impacts affecting it (Alligood, M. R., 2017). Here are Johnson’s seventh behavioral subsystems and keywords. 

Attachment-Affiliate Subsystem: the basis of social organization- inclusion, intimacy, and formation

Dependency: promotes approval, attention or recognition for nurturing response as its consequences

Ingestive: serve as when, how, what, and how much and under what conditions we eat

Eliminative: addresses the eliminate wastes process of when, how and when we go

Sexual: dual functions of procreation and gratification of courting and mating begins with gender role identity of sex role behaviors

Achievement: manipulate the environment to some standard of excellence behavior include intellectual, physical, creative, mechanical, and social skills

NR501-63233 Week 4 Importance of Nursing Theory Worksheet LT

Aggressive-Protective: function as protection and preservation. Aggressive behavior is not only learned but also intends to harm others therefore society needs to place in self-protected mode

Equilibrium- the biological and psychological forces are in balance to impinge sociological balance

(Alligood, M. R., 2017)

Why did I choose my selected nursing theory?

I choose my selected nursing theories because of two reasons. One, I think we all choose this profession because of the compassion to help people to get better one day. Virginia Henderson’s Need Theory emphasized on the importance of focusing of basic human needs to regain independence from illness (Gonzalo. A., 2019). Once we learn to focus on individual weakness and single it out to fix it, we can fix a person as a whole. Sometimes a broken car is only called broken because the car needs its break to be fixed. After we replace the brake, it’s a whole new car again. 

Second, I think how we act and think contribute to our health as mention in Dorothy Johnson Behavioral System Model. As her nursing model mention each individual has a patterned and repetitive ways of acting that form a behavioral system for that individual specifically (Gonzalo. A., 2019). Therefore, understanding each individual acts and behavior can modify one’s though process and way of living to improve health outcomes. If we want to fix something, we have to get to their root or bottom of theirs problems. I think same theory applies in healthcare. 

NR501-63233 Week 4 Importance of Nursing Theory Worksheet LT

How does the selected nursing theory address or identify the concepts of the nursing metaparadigm?

Nursing – Johnson have envisioned nurses to serve as external regulatory force to balance the patient’s behavior threat by physical or social health. Henderson thinks nurse as a unique role to assist the sick population to perform certain tasks that they are limited to perform in order to restore their health (Gonzalo. A., 2019). 

Person- Johnson views the behavioral system as primary nursing focus and the concepts of human are to achieve maintain and regain balance of its homeostasis stage. Johnson states the basic needs are component of health to achieve physiological emotional independence (Gonzalo. A., 2019). 

Health- Health is being seen as the enemy of illness where adjustments and adaptations take place for human to function efficient and effectively. Health to Henderson means to restore balance in all realms of human life (Gonzalo. A., 2019).

Environment- For Johnson, environment views as external stressor to behavioral health system. To Henderson, maintain a supportive environment conductive for health is one of her fourteen activities (Gonzalo. A., 2019).  

How is this nursing theory useful to the nursing profession?

Henderson- The fourteen components of Henderson’s Theory of need encompass all aspects of human needs – physiological, psychological, sociological, and spiritual. Nurses can also use the fourteen components of needs as goal or guidelines for patient so they can improve their health.  

Johnson- The Johnson’ Behavioral System Model is significant because once the physician make the diagnoses on the patient. The interdisciplinary team comes together for a nursing care plan or interventions. The results and evaluation determine by the balance of the subsystems. Care plan would be individualized to help patient to achieve equilibrium in the subsystem that patient has trouble with.  

How would I apply this nursing theory to my chosen MSN specialty (educator, leadership/executive, nursing informatics, healthcare policy, nurse practitioner, population health, etc.)

NR501-63233 Week 4 Importance of Nursing Theory Worksheet LT

My chosen MSN specialty track is nursing informatics. The Henderson’s Theory of Need will help guide me in building a meaningful use of the electronic charting system. Nurses can use the Need Theory as a guide to build the necessary components for the nurse to chart. For instance: I can add one of the needs- breaths normally under respiratory assessment. Mobility would under fall. These are the essential components in charting so when a nurse hand off the report the chart will show if this person needs assistance with his/her ADLs/ambulation or not. 

Johnson’s Theory- Nurse informatics can collect digital data from patient to formulate a nursing plan to help patient equalize their subsystem. For instance: If the patient is imbalance in the ingestive subsystem from the digital data collected by nurse informatics. A nursing plan on system focuses on this component include eating disorder E-education, support group through media, and dietary plans with balanced sustenance meals will help this patient improves his/her weight. 

Self-Reflection: What did I learn from completing this assignment?

Overall, I have learned to demonstrate logical and creative thinking in the analysis and provided examples of how Theory of Need and Behavioral Model System Theories will be applied in nursing practice. I also learned to apply Henderson and Johnson’s nursing theories as a framework to guide the development of new knowledge implementation of evidence-based practice. In addition, these theories would help improve patient outcomes in current and future nursing practice as my nurse informatics role in advance practice nurse in near future. 

NR501-63233 Week 4 Importance of Nursing Theory Worksheet LT

I think it is an interesting assignment that we all have learned with this week theory assignment. Nursing has come a long way with the contribution from each of these theorists during their journey, as a nurse when nursing was still an undeveloped career. 


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