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NR 504 Week 5 a Reflection on Organizational Mission, Vision, Values, and Leadership


In this article, we reflect upon Calvary Hospital, a healthcare organization, and analyze how its mission, vision, values, organizational culture, and leadership practices contribute to a culture of excellence. We explore the alignment between the corporate mission, vision, and values and our nursing philosophy and core values. Additionally, we examine how the mission and values are reflected in the corporate culture and leadership practices. Finally, we recommend a leadership approach or strategy to support a culture of excellence in our future MSN role.

Organizational Mission, Vision, and Values:

Calvary’s mission is to bring the healing ministry of Jesus to those who are dying, sick, and in need through quality, compassionate health, community, and aged care services based on biblical values. The organization’s values include hospitality, healing, respect, stewardship, and excellence. The vision of Calvary is to excel as a Catholic health, community, and aged care provider and to be a source of healing, hope, and nurturing to the community.

NR 504 Week 5 A Reflection on Organizational Mission, Vision, Values, and Leadership

Culture of Excellence Reflected in Mission, Vision, and Values:

Calvary’s mission, vision, and values reflect a culture of excellence in several ways. Firstly, the commitment to providing quality, responsive, and compassionate care aligns with the pursuit of excellence. Calvary fosters a culture rooted in compassion, respect, and integrity by emphasizing biblical values. These values set a high standard for both patient care and the interactions among staff members. The vision to excel and be recognized as a source of healing and hope further reinforces the culture of excellence, driving continuous improvement and innovation within the organization.

Alignment with Personal Philosophy of Nursing and Core Values:

Calvary’s mission, vision, and values align with our nursing philosophy and core values. We believe in practicing with respect and hospitality and creating a welcoming environment for patients and their families. The emphasis on excellence resonates with our commitment to constantly evolving and expanding our knowledge and skills. Calvary and our philosophy prioritize patient-centered care, empathy, and continuous improvement, fostering a shared commitment to providing exceptional care to those in need.

NR 504 Week 5 A Reflection on Organizational Mission, Vision, Values, and Leadership

Reflection of Mission and Values in Organizational Culture and Leadership:

Calvary’s mission and values are deeply embedded in the organizational culture and leadership practices. The culture at Calvary emphasizes evidence-based practice, scholarly research, and a commitment to positive change. The leadership style is transformational, characterized by transparency, accessibility, and hands-on support. Leaders at Calvary exemplify authenticity and inspire empathy and compassion among employees. The organization’s focus on excellence is evident through establishing unit and hospital goals and initiatives. Overall, Calvary’s culture of excellence profoundly impacts the quality of care provided to patients and the supportive atmosphere among staff members.

Recommendation for Supporting a Culture of Excellence:

We recommend embracing a servant leadership approach to further support a culture of excellence in our future MSN role. Servant leaders prioritize the needs and well-being of their team members and foster a supportive work environment. By demonstrating empathy, active listening, and providing resources for personal and professional growth, servant leaders empower their teams to excel. This approach encourages collaboration, innovation, and a shared commitment to delivering exceptional care. By cultivating a culture of excellence through servant leadership, we can enhance the quality of patient care, promote staff satisfaction, and achieve organizational success.


The alignment between Calvary’s mission, vision, and values, our nursing philosophy, and core values sets the foundation for a culture of excellence. The organization’s commitment to compassion, integrity, and continuous improvement resonates with our values as healthcare professionals. Calvary’s culture and leadership practices reinforce the mission and values, promoting.


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