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NR 439 Week 5 Assignment Clarifying Research

NR 439 Week 5 Assignment Clarifying Research

Clarifying Research Worksheet 
Criteria     Nursing research is needed to develop policies and procedures to help ensure safe patient care.  Practices should be based on proven research that has been proven to be affective in patient care.  BSN nurses should be able to understand how to develop research hypothesis and how to conduct research projects and to interpret them to use in practice.        This course is important for nurses to complete because learning how to conduct research practices can help develop nurses’ practice.  Nurses need to know how to develop practices to develop skills on how to predict outcomes of research in to order to develop practices to implement in their practices.   We as nurses need a foundation of what we can practice implementing safe practices.  Nurses also need to be able to practice research in order to incorporate new practices.  
Significance of Research
Use your own words to summarize: a) the need for nursing research.b) the significance for all professional nurses (BSN) to understand the basic principles of research.c) why this course is important to complete. 
Quantitative ResearchUse your own words to summarize:
a) quantitative research and what you learned about this type of research.b) one quantitative design that you learned; explain one important feature that helped you understand this design.c) the significance of this type of research and how it can be used to improve nursing practice problems.
          Quantitative research is when a study is used to determine a known outcome and relay the findings using a universal language like numerical data and bar graphs.  This type of research starts off with a known outcome like medications with the known cause and effect to prove that it will gain certain results in a population.This is important research because certain nursing interventions and medications need to be used in a trial to show that the expected outcome will occur if the patient is on a certain therapy.  For example, there is a new therapy used to combat hypertension.  There would be a study using a set population to test trail this regimen against a placebo population that shows the people who are on the therapy lowered the blood pressure by a certain number of points.  This information would be laid out in numerical values and can even be charted out on graphs for universal understanding.  This is called experimental design.  The researcher guides the study towards the expected outcome by giving the experimental group the medication and withholding it from the placebo group to compare and contrast the end results.This can help nurses see what works and at what rate at an easy to view the report. Before implementing a new practice in a facility, they are able to see the number of patients that had a success rate to those who did not use the therapy in the study.
Qualitative Research
Use your own words to summarize:a) qualitative research and what you learned about this type of research.b) one qualitative design that you learned; explain one important feature that helped you understand this design.c) the significance of this type of research and how it can be used to improve nursing practice problems.
            Qualitative research focuses on the patient’s clinical experiences.  “The three core approaches to data collection in qualitative research—interviews, focus groups and observation—provide researchers with rich and deep insights. All methods require skill on the part of the researcher, and all produce a large amount of raw data. However, with careful and systematic analysis the data yielded with these methods will allow researchers to develop a detailed understanding of patient experiences and the work of nurses” (Barrett, 2018).  The outcomes depend on how the participant feels, it is not dictated by numerical data but on the individual’s perception of the study. Therefore, there is no planned outcome.  This is only developed at the end of the research when information is gathered and collected from the participants.Descriptive qualitative research is used to gather information about the patient before the study begins.  It gives background information on the patient’s status before the study begins which can help determine the results of the outcome as if the patient’s health and/or life has improved while doing the study.Qualitative research helps improve nursing practice by giving information about the patient’s wants and needs.  This is a good way to establish a care plan for patients so they can receive better care based on the findings in the research.
Research SamplingUse your own words to summarize:a) what is sampling and why is sampling important.
b) one sampling strategy you learned that can be used in quantitative research. Include what you learned.
c) one other sampling strategy that you learned.
“Sample selection is a key factor in research design and can determine whether research questions will be answered before the study has even begun” (Shorten, 2014).  Sampling is when you take a sample of a group of people, objects or things that will be used to represent a larger population. The samples must meet the standards needed for the purpose of the study.  This information is important to gather because it will be used to perform a study on the smaller group with the intention to use on the larger population if the desired outcome is met.One sampling strategy used in quantitative research is a probability sampling technique.  It selects individuals from a population randomly without bias.   Each person in the set population has an equal chance of being selected for the study.  Another sampling strategy is purposeful sampling which is when the researcher chooses the participants using their judgment to choose the most credible participants.  For example, they may choose a person based on lifestyle, occupation, or current health status.   
Credible Nursing Profession
Use your own words summarize:
a) How does research help make nursing practice safe. b) Share a way you believe research has impacted nursing practice. c) Why is research critical for creating an evidence-based nursing profession.
Research can help make nursing practices safer by providing credibility and validity to programs before implementing them into their practices.  Studies can be reviewed to see what population was used in the study to compare if it may work with the practice population.  It can also be used to see what percentage of the study population benefited from the study intent and what the potential side effects may entail.  In order to ensure patient safety in the care of your patients, you should have credible proof that the care and treatment that you implement in your practice has been proven to be effective through research and a valid study.  Nurses are filled with knowledge from working on the floor and are a good source to get information to gather conduct and review research studies. 
UtilizationUse your own words summarize:a) how you plan to utilize your learning to make a difference in your practice. Use your current area of nursing or where you hope to work as a nurse.
b) how you believe this course is meant to help you practice as a BSN. c) what you learned from completing the clarifying research worksheet activity.
          I will try to help develop/add to the nursing procedures and policies to help improve patient care.  Attending conferences and reading journals are important in keeping up with my practice.  As new technology and medications keep coming out, we must research to see if it would be beneficial to our own practices.  As dialysis progresses, I need to keep current with new findings and new practice.  Home dialysis is being encouraged at a larger rate for patients to take a hands-on approach of their own care.              The purpose of this course is to learn how to interpret research findings and the starting point on how to develop a research plan and the different tools used to help conduct research.  I have a better knowledge of how to read research papers. The worksheet helped break down the information to better assess the information and understand the purpose of the research.  This class gave me the foundation and primary knowledge on what goes into developing research and the different types of research used to collect information and interpret it. 

NR 439 Week 5 Assignment Clarifying Research


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