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NHS FPX 6008 Assessment 1 Proposing a New Initiative

Executive Brief: Proposal of a New Economic Opportunity

NHS FPX 6008 Assessment 1 Proposing a New Initiative

The role and function of Raulerson Hospital, like all other medical institutions, is to provide quality healthcare for patients. A factor that plays a part in the quality of the healthcare experience is the creation of separate departments for various healthcare services. Different hospitals have separate cardiac departments, liver centres, and urology centres etcetera. The healthcare services at Raulerson Hospital would be significantly improved if a specific Diabetes Care Unit is introduced within the premises.  A diabetes clinic is where the patients can meet experts to discuss and treat their condition viz. diabetes (Uk, n.d.). A diabetes center would serve well to help people check their blood sugar levels while simultaneously giving them a place to get in touch with specialists. An annexed diabetes care unit would help centralize the experts and specialists in one place, where they will be easily accessible and reachable by the patients. The reason why someone would choose to go to an actual specialist instead of their usual doctor or GP is the amount of knowledge the former would have about their condition (Uk, n.d.).  

Raulerson Hospital is located in Okeechobee, which has a population of 5,724 according to the 2019 census. In 2019, the total prevalence of diabetes worldwide was seen to be 9.3% (Saeedi et al., 2019). Going by that rate, it can be seen that around 530 people are diabetic in a city with a population of 5,724 people. Diabetes needs constant care and consultation, which leads us to understand that it can be highly useful for a specific department/clinic to be introduced in the complex. 

NHS FPX 6008 Assessment 1 Proposing a New Initiative

Outcomes of Starting a Diabetes Clinic

The six areas of healthcare quality are defined as timeliness, safety, patient-centeredness, efficiency, equity and effectiveness (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, 2016). By introducing a diabetes clinic in the Raulerson Hospital, we can focus on patient-centeredness, which will involve the provision of healthcare based on the patient’s history and personality etcetera. Furthermore, the efficiency and effectiveness can also be enhanced due to the fact that the diabetes clinic will work as a separate unit, and since it will be working to fulfil just the singular duty of providing healthcare for diabetes patients, it will do it more efficiently and proficiently as compared to a medical institute working to accommodate all types of patients and treatments.

The setting up of the diabetes unit will be useful for the residents of Okeechobee who have to regularly make trips to the hospital for their treatment. The dedicated diabetes unit will be beneficial since the professionals and the doctors will be able to forge connections with the patients and will be able to correspond and collaborate with them on a more intimate level. Furthermore, going to one doctor or specialist repeatedly helps them understand the personality, idiosyncrasies and history of the patient. 

NHS FPX 6008 Assessment 1 Proposing a New Initiative

The start-up cost of setting up a diabetes clinic will be significant. Aside from the building and the basic equipment, special equipment for blood tests will also be needed. Nowadays, there is a range of different technological equipment that aids in the various analyses and evaluations related to diabetes. 

The positive impact of setting up a diabetes unit is quite apparent and ostensible. However, there are some negative effects such as the burden it will place on the main hospital, and the extra workforce that will be required for its running.

NHS FPX 6008 Assessment 1 Proposing a New Initiative

Factors affecting the Setting up of a Separate Diabetes Unit

There are different factors that can play a part in the setting up of the clinic. The Raulerson Hospital is at the centre of the medical complex in Okeechobee. It is a large institution with no considerable competition. This leads us to believe that the environmental factors are in favour of the proposed project. There are several homes and residential units in the vicinity as well which can be a source of steady and regular clients.

The cost of this project in total is calculated to be $400,000. This cost will be solely for the construction of the new building and the new equipment. Since the existing premises of the hospital will be used for this project, there will not be any additional cost for land. The entire capital will be taken from the institution’s reserve. 

By looking at the data discussed earlier, an average of around 530 people can be suffering from diabetes in Okeechobee. In this number, there can be a majority of those who are suffering from type 2 diabetes, which needs to be constantly and regularly checked. According to a study, 90% of all diabetics suffer from type 2 (Santos-Longhurst, 2020). This shows that out of the 500 patients, 450 patients will be suffering from type 2 diabetes. With regular appointments, it can be calculated that 50 patients will visit the clinic every week. The consultation fee will be fixed at $100. Even if taken loosely, it can be seen that the clinic will be making a revenue of $5000 every week. Subtracting the expenses, it can be predicted that in the first four to six years, the clinic will break even and record a cash surplus.

Analysis of Supply and Demand for the Diabetes Clinic

From the total of 530 patients calculated from the population, 450 can be understood to be suffering from type 2 diabetes (Santos-Longhurst, 2020). Unlike ERs and UCCs (Urgent Care Centers), the diabetes clinic will not be a one-time treatment spot. Rather, due to the fact that 90% of all diabetics will be suffering from type 2 (which needs repeated consultation and treatment), the clinic will see a steady stream of patients who will regularly visit the premises.

NHS FPX 6008 Assessment 1 Proposing a New Initiative

Since the Raulerson Hospital is the only major general healthcare institution in the vicinity, the concept of competition or loss of clients can be mitigated. There are other medical centres in the vicinity such as the Okeechobee Eye Center and the Dentistry, but these do not deter the progress of the diabetic clinic.

Being the only available institution in the area, it can be predicted that there will be a positive demand for the diabetic healthcare service that is being proposed. 

The project is, however, not free of areas of uncertainty. The limited number of patients in a small place such as Okeechobee can pose a threat to the sustainability of the project. Similarly, unresponsiveness from the patient’s side or simple unawareness about the seriousness of their condition can pose similar threats to the success of the diabetes clinic.

NHS FPX 6008 Assessment 1 Proposing a New Initiative


The above-given economic and environmental data supports the viability of this project by illustrating the number of diabetes patients in the area, as well as the percentage of type 2 patients among said diabetics. The costs calculated for the project also point to the fact that this project will prove to be beneficial for the institution by breaking even quite early in its existence. All this data shows that setting up a diabetic department/clinic will be a lucrative idea. 


NHS FPX 6008 Assessment 1 Proposing a New Initiative

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