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NHS FPX 6004 Dashboard Benchmark Evaluation Report


NHS FPX 6004 Dashboard Benchmark Evaluation Report

As the time is moving fast-paced, there are many professions that are working with the same pace and to get succeeded we need to be updated in medicine as well. (Harrington, 2010) So far to work in fast-paced world progress, there are some benchmarks that state or government decided to make for health care reforms. It was due to provide the best possible health care facilities to people of the state. Some of the rules in the healthcare organizations are generally for the people and many contribute to the organizational success overall. The benchmarks works as a milestone in the dashboard of metrics 

It is very important to provide quality medical facilities to modern health care organizations. For this purpose organizations need to promote the quality and standards of their health care facilities. In the era of health care reforms, health care organizations must take into account what quality health care brings about when it is provided and what are the essential parts the states’ laws and policies are playing behind. It is crucial to understand that those of benchmarks that are made because of the laws and policies from the state and regulatory standards. 

To maintain in the high paced industry like health care you really need to examine the states’ laws and policies and overall environment gradually and steadily. This will assist to stay aligned with the new standards of regulations in the healthcare industry. You have to make sure that all policies and laws are well cleared and understood by your staff in case to interpret various sides of the laws, ambiguity must not take place.

NHS FPX 6004 Dashboard Benchmark Evaluation Report

Evaluation of Dashboard Metrics

Evaluation of Dashboard Metrics Associated with Benchmarks Proposed by State

In the evaluation process of Mercy Medical Center’s Public Health of dashboard metrics, several elements were underperformance. From the benchmarks that complied there were only a few of the measures and prescribed procedures in the Mercy Medical Center following. In the case of diabetes, there were very few patients who came in by last quarter. There have been only 17% of African American, 13% of American Indian, 6% of Asians, and 63% of white patients were there, besides the other and declined patients whose percentage are 13% and 12%. In which 38% were male and 62% were females. The highest percentage among diabetes patients in the last quarter by age was 38% of those between 45-64 and second-highest were 32% in which 65 plus age of patients were there.

In response to the diabetes patients’ treatment, Mercy Medical Center has a very few number foot exams in the last quarter of 2019 as compared to the 2018 last quarter. This rate went the same for the HgbA1c test which has 87 exams in 2018 as for 2019 the exam rate fell to 6. Although in the region of Minnesota, Mercy Medical Center has been rated as one of the top health care centers. It also has the highest rating in safe surgeries according to Shakopee Ledger, Mercy Medical Center has been in the top 20 workplaces of 2018 and 2019.

NHS FPX 6004 Dashboard Benchmark Evaluation Report


Analyzes Challenges That Meeting Prescribed Benchmarks Can Pose For A Healthcare Organization or Interprofessional Team.

Benchmarks are those, which indicate whether an organization is moving upward or downward. The benchmarks are used often to help health care organizations develop their standards for quality care and improve the facilities they provide to satisfy their patients. So benchmarking in itself is an innovative rule that could bring out the most positive results from the organization. However, there are some of the side effects that come with this. If the health care organization is reaching the prescribed benchmarks, there would be a price that it has to pay. Following are the challenges that an organization has to face to meet the prescribed benchmarks.

NHS FPX 6004 Dashboard Benchmark Evaluation Report

Identifying Peers – Competitors

When it comes to competitors, hospitals were assumed to be an exemplars but in this epoch health care organizations do have the competitions. In the pursuit of meeting the benchmarks, health care centers need competitors with whom they can benchmark against. (Gamble, 2014)  In this race, the data they have to deal with must be updated since benchmarking is all about trusting the data. This is the most challenging part of meeting the benchmarks.

Evaluation of Underperformance

Evaluation of a Benchmark Underperformance in a Healthcare Organization 

Although there have been a lot of matters that need to be concerned and taken into consideration. However, the main criteria in this regard are to divide the priorities whether the situation for one specific problem is prioritized. There should be considerations that specifically depend upon the region and duration of time. Though there are four quarters a year, many seasonal infections arise that need to be taken care of accordingly and they depend on the seasons. So far, the considerations play the foundational role now comes the secondary key elements. 

If an organization is working with a fixed budget it is more likely to work at a steady pace but in the case of seasonal viral infection, the number of patients becomes large which can affect the benchmark underperformance. Mercy Medical Organization has multiple awards and is referred to as the best healthcare provider in 2018 and 2019 but there still has been a significant gap between diabetic treatments in this center.

Second is the financial impacts on the organization, though cost problems in hospitals are the most common ones. Nearly every health care center has to face the cost problem but how they cope with the matter is what defines their strategy to meet the benchmark. Mercy Medical Center has won the award for Health grades Outstanding Patient Experience. (Policies and Corporate Documents, 2018)

NHS FPX 6004 Dashboard Benchmark Evaluation Report

Advocates for ethical action

Advocates for Ethical Action to Address a Benchmark Underperformance

To address any action that has to be taken care of needs a clear evaluation. Then the gap must be found when the gap is known it is quite easy to muddle through with that. Since the above mentioned were some of the criteria on which the underperformance can be analyzed, but on this level where the underperformance needs to be muddled through. It is a requirement in my point of view that Mercy Medical Center should have a risk management and check and balance department.

However, there are a huge number of patients or the financial inter-cost, external and internal matters should be examined by the department and a thorough report should be made to challenge all the issues.

NHS FPX 6004 Dashboard Benchmark Evaluation Report


In the conclusion of my report, I will conclude that the health care organizations must be having a limit to follow the benchmarks, Since overemphasizing the benchmarks can lead the organization towards havoc. This can be overcome by following the benchmarks that are producing satisfying outcomes for the patients. All health care centers have different criteria for benchmarks and even the different benchmarks too, so far to meet the prescribed benchmarks, one of them has to go beyond their limits, Which in my point of view is totally unnecessary if the organization is working fine on a steady pace.

NHS FPX 6004 Dashboard Benchmark Evaluation Report


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